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Fab Bag March 2016 Review - The More Power To You

Dear Fab Bag, you are awesome. This women’s day, give yourself more power with March Fab Bag. It has exciting products like always and is a complete package of surprise. This month’s Fab Bag is a fancy silver/ metallic pouch and looks amazing. Let’s unveil this month’s Fab Bag.

Colorbar Cosmetics - Mad for Matte!!

Colorbar Launches Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer, the first ever India launch of Matte Glitter in top coats from the house of Colorbar
Celebrate ‘Black is Beautiful’ with Colorbar’s latest new launch! Innovation and art both come together, as Colorbar launches a matte glitter top coat for the very first time in India. Join in on the fun, excitement and fanfare, as the ‘Colorbar Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer’. Let your imagination and creativity go wild and bring out the artist in you with this nail lacquer. Let your nails be a canvas for this top coat, which lets you break all the rules and make some of your own. It is so easy to do, and gets you party ready with just a few simple strokes. Think beyond the regular nail art at salons and get into a new genre of nail art with this revolutionary new launch from Colorbar.
Colorbar’s Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer is a next generation nail art lacquer, which fuses matte glitter particles in assorted shapes and sizes for a paint splatter effect. Play around with the fun shades of black with green, blue, black and a multi-color option to create vivid graffiti top coats.  Choose from funky to sophisticated looks with this nail lacquer. The coverage is buildable, so you can experiment with layers, use on top of other colors, or on its own to keep creating endless new forms of expression for your nails. The application is so easy, you can use this anywhere, anytime, to create your very own nail art matching your many moods and moments. The Colorbar Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer comes in four exciting shades - Green Holiday, a wicked splatter of green matte glitters; the very festive, Red Fete; a happy-go-luck shade Merry Blue; or many shades of joy in one bottle with Masquerade.

Colorbar Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer is priced at Rs. 500 for 15 ml glass bottle
Colorbar Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer is available at any Colorbar Exclusive Store or leading beauty outlets in India.
Ahmedabad: Alpha One Mall
Bangalore: Garuda Mall; Phoenix Market City, Whitefield
Delhi: Khan Market; SelectCitywalk Mall, Saket; Rajouri Garden; DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj
Hyderabad: Inorbit Mall
Jalandhar: MBD Neopolis Mall
Mumbai:  Infiniti 2 Mall, Malad; Phoenix Market City, Kurla; Lokhandwala, Andheri (West); R City, Ghatkopar
Noida: The Great India Place Mall
Pune: Amanora Town centre, Hadapsar; Koregaon Park Plaza, Koregaon
You can also shop online at

About Colorbar:
Colorbar is a leading color cosmetics and make-up brand that adds glamour to women’s avant-garde beauty needs. Its exclusive, high-end formulations and product lines are manufactured at prestigious manufacturing facilities across Greece, Italy, France and Germany. Colorbar formulations are benchmarked against the leading prestige brands of the world. Colorbar considers every woman as unique - with a distinct personality and style, who uses an exclusive selection of colors to express her individuality. This inspiration lies at the heart of Colorbar’s interesting and contemporary color palette.

Skin Food Milk Shake Nails in PK01 - Review,Swatches

Woohooo.. Korean Nail Polish is here to say hi to you all.. Haha..I know it sounds little cheesy. But sometime back I was in love with the Milk Shake nails. I mean the pastel cake kind of Nail Paints with loads of glitter. This particular post was in drafts since last year lol
I am trying to get some time to post this but some how I kept skipping it.
Skin Food Milk Shake Nails in PK01 - Review,Swatches
Skin Food Milk Shake Nails in PK01 - Review,Swatches

My HG Top Coat-Essence Gel-Look Top Coat Review, Swatches

Hey people.. Happy Monday :) (coz I am sure most of you might be reading this tomorrow and not yesterday/today :P)
These days I am not having much of the Monday morning blues.. May be because I am liking my work :D Anyway coming to nails and nail art.. I am bad at it. Okay not to complain, whatever I did nothing really used to look great at the end. After watching so many tutorials on YouTube,I have come to a conclusion that no nail art is complete without a proper topcoat. That too, when you have an option of getting a gel look topcoat.. Please go ahead and get it. I just did the same.
When Essence launched their products in India, I was really happy. It was known to be a budget friendly brand with amazing nail paints and eye makeup. *Never really a fan of their lip products*
I have bought the ESSENCE GEL-LOOK TOP COAT 
My HG Top Coat-Essence Gel-Look Top Coat Review, Swatches

Colorbar Pro Mini Collection in Truly Madly Deeply-Nails,My Nailart

Hey Girlies
Appu signing in from @Gurgaon ! yesh... Got some office work. I am here for 3 days and Never planned to blog this time. Somehow, I got little time to blog.
Anyway, I had these pics and I have already painted my nails with these last week. Well, whenever I see my nails I felt like completing the blogpost. I guess I am going to do that now.
The packaging is a hit!I have already introduced them here
But what their website says about these?

Colorbar Pro Mini Collection - Pictures, Price & Details


Shades of Grey - With a Twist on my Nails

I know the name sounds weird. But you know, it's catchy :D Heard about the book ??
Anyway, coming to the point.. This was done a while ago. Read two months ago.
I started using my nail art brushes 

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Colors - Swatches and Review

I know I am the last one show you the Glitter Side of me :)
Let your nails dazzle and shine with MNY Color Show Glitter Mania nail color range.
Priding itself as India's first-ever textured nail paint, the Color Show Glitter Mania range is every nail-art lover's dream! When applied, these sparkling nail colors deliver a 3D shimmering effect, adding oodles of style to your tips. They also have a unique sand-textured effect that looks and feels great on your nails. With 8 glittering nail color shades to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect shade for every mood.

Pink and Silver Glitter Nails - French Style Glitter Nail Art

After my try on the leopard print nails I have taken some inspiration from the other nail art lovers and created this. The below mentioned pic is the enhanced version of what I created in the original post. I mean, my idea was not this at first but it is the last pic of this blogpost.

Animal Print Shimmery Nude Nails

Hey people,
I am completely new to this feature. I mean, the nail art section.I am a naive in the sponge nail art, you can see my work here 
Okay, I always tried it out most of the times,I fail. I was and I am still unsuccessful in creating marble nails, stamping! However if you are following me on instagram, you must have known that I recently bought a set of nail art brushes. I have used one brush from the lot to create this look.
I have used the New U nail paint in Sienna which I reviewed here 
Used the black polish from Maybelline Colorshow Nail Paints.
The chunky glitters from bornprettystore.
I have used the easy peel off base coat and it is from Etude House.
The top coat is from Essence Gel Finish Top Coat. 
Hallographic Top coat from Health n Glow Store

1. Apply the base coat.
2. Apply the base colour which is a skin colour here.
3. Apply the hallographic top coat on all the nails.
4. Take the brush and mark semi circles with the black nail paint.
5. Take glitters and apply on the ring finger.
6. End up with applying the Top Coat.
I do not have long nails unlike the other nail art enthusiasts. My thumb nail is broken :(
I like to keep my ring finger special and hence it always has some sort of shimmers.

My Haircut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon -Store Tour - Before and After Pictures

Hey people
Happy Sunday! How was your saturday and mine was just as perfect as it can ever be!
Most of you,who are following me on Instagram might have already known that I had a haircut (If you haven't following me as yet, please feel free to follow @itsapoorva)
I was invited by the Juice Salon team few days back and I booked an appointment on Saturday. Once I was there,it was all magic.You know the VIP feeling!It was nothing less than that.
For those who are not really aware what the Juice Salon is all about,
Here is something they say in their own words:
Juice is one of the trendiest salon chain with branches across metros and mini-metros catering to the beauty needs of ardent fashion followers,trendsetters and celebrities. Juice has been in existence for the past decade and has now became a leader and benchmark in the Hair and Nail Care industry.
Hair Stylists at Juice believer that perfect beauty is different for every person which is why they do not mass produce but tailor a look keeping in mind an individual's features when conceiving their cut and colour.
As a brand Juice is extremely stylish,funky, international and has experienced a period of unprecedented growth over the last decade and continues to keep the art of hairdressing fresh and alive.
The Store Tour:
I have visited the Juice Salon located in Jubilee Hill,Hyderabad. They have an other branch at Banjara Hills too. I will soon visit the other branch also may be for my next hair care session.
Okay, coming to the store.. The whole of Juice Salon is compacted in one huge hall where all the different sections have been separated with some wall partitions and glass.
The area is completely based on white/offwhite,blackish brown and magenta pink theme. Overall a very classy store with good ambiance.
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon

Holika Holika Sand Nails in 06 Review and Swatches

Hey know how much I love the Korean Makeup and Skincare, I am slowly shifting my basic needs to the Korean brands. Recently I found love in nail paints and I really wanted to try the texture ones. There are many brands which recently launched their own textured nail paints but they not really impressed me.May be because they didn't have many colours or the glitters(which I didn't want in my textured paint). I knew my requirement was clear. I wanted a light shade and a normal paint with no chunks of glitter. When I ran out of my foot masks,I wanted to shop for them and suddenly I found this textured nail paint from the brand "Holika Holika"

New U Nail Paints in ShowStopper and Burnt Sienna - Review, Swatches

Hey girlies
On my recent visit to New U store, I picked up few things out of which I have already reviewed the Beauty Formulas Cucumber Invigorating Scrub which totally impressed me. While I was paying the bill, I saw these cuties neatly arranged near the counter and I had to pick these after all, they retailed at 49 INR per piece.
New U Nail Paints in ShowStopper and Burnt Sienna - Review, Swatches

Estée Lauder Nail Lacquer in Nouveau Riche and Love Bites - Review,Swatches

Hey Girlies
This post is a bit special to me coz these are the first ever high end brand Nail Paints that I am reviewing here on getsetblush.
To start off, I would like to know how many of you ask your friends/cousins/boyfriend/husband to get some makeup goodies when they are coming home from abroad.?
Notice that I was referring to only guys.
Well I asked my friend to get SOME nail paints and he got me these. He was complaining that "I thought nail paint is what you asked and not the brand nor the colour ".
I admit the fact that I didn't give a hint coz we both forgot talking about what exactly I wanted.
So, he got these two which he felt that I would like them coz he knows that I paint my ring finger with some shimmery nail paint and rest the plain or something not so bold.
Look what he got me.. !!
  Estée Lauder !!! I have never thought I would ever buy these at least not this year. But he got me and I'm so happy seeing these babies.
Price and Quantity:
$21 (around 1200 INR) for 0.3 oz *Pricey*
Estée Lauder Nail Lacquer in Nouveau Riche and Love Bites - Review,Swatches

New Additions to My Nail Paint Collection

Hey people
I have shown you my nail polish collection a while ago(read an year back) 
You may want to see my old post My nail polish collection
This post is more like showing the recent additions to my already existing nail paints I got nothing much to talk but just to show and tell what are they and why are they in my collection. So I welcome you to my tiny collection of nail paints.
First is first..
These are newest addition which I loved the most. The Maybelline Colorshow Nail paints are definitely a hit and they are just too fabulous to skip. I have right now 3 and I guess I will be getting few more. But the best ones, I already own :)
These are priced at 75 INR and these are the amazing colours I own.
Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish in Bold Gold,Orange Fix,Denim Dash

Shopping Experience with - Website Review-HAUL post

Hey people
After a really long time, I am posting a website review. This time, I am going to tell you my shopping experience with
Basically, is an online store that stocks too many varieties of nail polishes, nail art supplies, false eye lashes,wigs and cosmetics. This particular website has a huge collection of nail art stuff and false eye lashes. They have worldwide shipping. The goods get deliver in 14-20days anywhere in the world. Isn't it cool?

3 Avon Simply Pretty Suede Nail Enamel - Review, Swatches

Hey girls..
I have always loved the matte finish nail polish. Somehow, I wanted the non shine ones. I was eyeing the matte turn top coat for quite sometime now :D
This post is about one such a nail polish which would turn non shine and gives the perfect matte finish.
The last last week.. we(me and Renji of Makeupholicworld) went to meet Jyoti of ETM at her place. We had superb fun together. We also met Nids and while leaving Jyoti gifted us with these nail enamels saying they are new in the collection.
Here are they...
Avon Simply Pretty Suede Nail Enamels in Sumptuous Rose,Touch of Taupe and Fuchsia Feel.
Check my video review here
These are at 99INR or so. You can always get for cheaper prices in monthly offers.
They come in the usual simply pretty range design with the sturdy glass bottle with a pink twist cap. The brush is small but enough to give a clean finish.

Contest Entry 36 by Ria Marri

Hey girls..
Here is the last but one entry for my contest.
This is from Ria Marri of Brush Me Blush
Her entry name is Y1.
She chose the theme: Party.
Check her entry...

Contest Entry 34 by Alessandra

Hey girls.. 
here is one more nail art entry by Alessandra Ramos.
She has the blog named..Diva Every Day
She chose the theme as Valentines Day
Her entry going to be X1
what she says about the nail art:
I made a good romantic nail art with gradient white and two shades of pink, and as a final touch, I used a handcrafted enamel with micro-sparkles beautiful and delicate ...
Lets see what she sent me..

Contest Entry 31 by Demi

Hey Girls..
Here is a nail art entry from Demi of Beauty And The Mist
Her Entry name is going to be V1
She chose the theme Valentine's Day.
Look what she did...