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Body Acne Care Kit by

Wishtrend is proud to introduce to you our newest Wish Exclusive,

MD'S PICK - just as the name suggests, is a set that is carefully tailored by our MDs through a rigorous selection of products that they highly recommend to customers. The special offer will only last for a week and each week, you can find a new set with a new promotion.

So, definitely check back every week and share this awesome offer!

Current MD'S PICK:

Body Acne Care Kit 
with triple benefits until the 25th!

to receive the FREE KLAIRS Manuka Honey & Choco Body Soap

50.4USD 30% 35.28 USD + FREE Standard shipping + Free Gift(KLAIRS Body Soap)

MD says,

"Body skincare routine is as important as facial skincare. Especially because I have been struggling with body acne, these two products helped me experience that smooth body everyone wants. During my showers, I use the JUNGLE BOTANICS Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub to gently exfoliate my dead skin cells. The nutshell granules may seem a little rough at first, but mildly massaging it with water, I definitely experienced my skin becoming smoother. After the shower, I use the KLAIRS Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion to moisturize my skin. I usually apply when there is a bit of moisture left on my body. Especially because this lotion has a light finish, it instantly hydrates the body without leaving any stickiness."

Don't forget to use my referral to register to 
 See more details here - Where to buy Korean Cosmetics in India

Top 5 Korean Beauty Standards ft Indian Beauty Standards

It's been long time that I have posted about Korean Makeup Trends after the very famous 3 popular Korean Makeup Trends 2013
I am back again with some interesting comparison between Indian beauty standards and Korean beauty standards.

1. The Eyes

I have observed that Indians prefer natural eye color or we use some colored contact lenses. But definitely not the circle lens.

I do not see a single K-Pop artist or an actress sporting the natural contact lenses. All they want is the circle lens. I actually love their eyes more when they wear the circle lens. If the circle lens is colored, then it is a huge plus.  

I am the affiliate of the month on WISHTREND - June 2016

I am the affiliate of the month and I am quite excited to be a part of the WISHTREND affiliate Team.

This is my 555th blogpost!!!

I am quite excited to share my interview on the website and I can't thank enough my readers who constantly believed me and supported me in this phase. Google for Korean skincare in India, you will find me :D I am so happy to see my page in there. Love you all. Keep supporting me.

Q. How did it feel receiving your first commission?

A.It felt great. I was one of the top bloggers in India who share Korean skincare related stuff and a huge K-Drama fan. I know many people got to register using my information about the Korean skincare but I was really happy knowing somebody actually bought some Korean skincare from Wishtrend.

BTS tops the charts with FIRE & BTS meme - KPOP! 방탄소년단

Original Post URL-
BTS (Bangtan Boys / 방탄소년단), my favorite K-POP group released their comeback album ( The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever) 's song - FIRE and it is smoking hot! The boys, their choreography, the music - simply DOPE! :D 

This album has been creating wonders since it's release in every music charts including Billboard and iTunes. 

BTS-Kpop- ARMY-Bangtan boys-music video-album-fire-dope-Rap Monster-Suga-Jin-JHope-Jungkook-V-Jimin-Kim Taehyun- Tae Tae- Chim Chim-Min Yoongi-Kim Namjoon

Li Sil Dual Effect Oriental Herb Face Mask - Get Radiant Skin Instantly!

Heelllooo Ladies! I am back with a bang! The product which I am reviewing is my most favorite favorite favorite approach for that instant lightening and brightening face with less effort!As you all know, I am so obsessed with Korea and most importantly their skin care regime. The major focus of their skin care is giving intense hydration to the skin which automatically gives the soft, supple and luminous face.
Saimdang Cosmetics Co.,Ltd is an extremely renowned South Korean company which produces cosmetics and skin care products company  based on oriental medicine and is planning to enter Indian Cosmetic Market (Yayy!). Their thirst for providing the best in class dermatological tested product is endless. They always combine innovation with tradition in their products.

C20-Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum Review

How much ever I want to talk about this serum it's just so less. I am not knowing how to express my opinion in words with you regarding this serum. This has been a delayed review and I apologize about that. This is one of the best serums I have come across. Read on to know more about the same.

Skin Food Milk Shake Nails in PK01 - Review,Swatches

Woohooo.. Korean Nail Polish is here to say hi to you all.. Haha..I know it sounds little cheesy. But sometime back I was in love with the Milk Shake nails. I mean the pastel cake kind of Nail Paints with loads of glitter. This particular post was in drafts since last year lol
I am trying to get some time to post this but some how I kept skipping it.
Skin Food Milk Shake Nails in PK01 - Review,Swatches
Skin Food Milk Shake Nails in PK01 - Review,Swatches

Wish Trend - Website Introduction

I am sure you people might have known about my love for Korean SkinCare and Makeup. Infact, I just love anything about Korea. When I came across my search for a website that can provide easy access to Korean Products, I have known Wish Trend. I was so excited that I had to introduce the website to my readers.
What is Wish Trend?
Wish Trend works with a single motto and that is "HELP YOU TO BE MORE BEAUTIFUL"
About Wish Trend
We are believing that as long as you ‘WISH’ 
to be beautiful, you will be beautiful.
We explore all over the world to find the best cosmetics and introduce them to the beauty inspiring explorers.
Of course, those amazing stuff which we discover will be delivered to your front door.
Yes, they offer Free Shipping.
Wish Trend - Website Introduction
Wish Trend - Website Introduction

Memebox #53 Superbox My Honey Box-Unboxing,Mini Reviews

Bigger, better, and sweeter than Honey Box #1, My Honey Box oozes with all things honey to enhance your natural beauty. Sweet! Honey is a pretty amazing substance and there is a lot more to it than just a sweet tasting treat. Hailed as the queen of natural beauty enhancers, honey is rich in natural sugars and minerals that work to nourish and repair damaged skin. Its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties stop bacterial growth and heal infections, while its antioxidant-rich formula creates a youth-preserving veil over the face to protect against wrinkle-causing free radical and improve the skin’s radiance! Take this one-of-a-kind honey challenge with Memebox to visibly see and feel an improvement in your skin!
This is what Memebox says about their #53 Superbox Honey Box 
Memebox #53 Superbox My Honey Box-Unboxing,Mini Reviews
Memebox #53 Superbox My Honey Box-Unboxing,Mini Reviews
Price and Availability:
29 USD + 6.99 USD as shipping
You can get it here

Taste Japan November / December Box - Unboxing

Yes..I am eating while typing this blog post. I am super happy that I am eating so tasty snacks after a long time that too from Japan :D My Asian Addiction just reached the next level.Read on to know more on what I am talking about.
£15 ~ 1400 INR apprx Per Month – Shipping is Free!
Ships directly from Japan
Taste Japan is a monthly box of mouthwatering Japanese treats delivered to your doorstep for only £15/month!
July was their introductory box and so far they’re making a pretty big. Taste Japan guys were kind enough to send me a box for review <3 This is a sampler box which means there is no guarantee of the number of products or the size of the products. Whatever it is, I am super excited to show you what I got in this month.
Taste Japan November / December Box - Unboxing
Taste Japan November / December Box - Unboxing 
That's what my box contained and as you can see, they already filled up my tummy haha
Coming to their individual things..

Kawaii Box - November 2014 Unboxing in Pictures-Review

Hey Girlies.. Happy Weekend. I must say this year has been The Year of Subscription Boxes.Going with the flow, there is this Cutesy Box all the way from Japan and Korea. Did you just read Asian ? Well.. you know my love for Korea ! and Anything related to Korea. Mind me telling you that I recently started admiring Japanese Stuff? Well, yes! I'm totally addicted to Asian Stuff. Coming to the present box..Read on
Kawaii Box-November 2014 Edition
Kawaii Box - November Month Unboxing in Pictures-Review
Kawaii Box - November Month Unboxing in Pictures-Review
$ 18.90 / Month
♥  Free shipping worldwide  
♥  Cancel your subscription any time  
♥  All items are 100% original & licensed  
♥  100% Safe & Secure payments by Paypal  
What is a Kawaii Box:
Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items.
 Kawaii means Cute in Japanese   

Holika Holika Sand Nails in 06 Review and Swatches

Hey know how much I love the Korean Makeup and Skincare, I am slowly shifting my basic needs to the Korean brands. Recently I found love in nail paints and I really wanted to try the texture ones. There are many brands which recently launched their own textured nail paints but they not really impressed me.May be because they didn't have many colours or the glitters(which I didn't want in my textured paint). I knew my requirement was clear. I wanted a light shade and a normal paint with no chunks of glitter. When I ran out of my foot masks,I wanted to shop for them and suddenly I found this textured nail paint from the brand "Holika Holika"

Korean SkinCare and Makeup Shopping from

Holla Cupcakes
This was in my drafts since so long. I got a package from Alice of
For all those who are aware of Alice and her website, can simply proceed to the next line. For those, who don't know much about this, read on.
About is an online shopping website that stocks almost all the Korean Skincare,Makeup,bath and body products. It is like a candyland where you can not come out without owning them. The website has over 10000 products and cover almost all the major Korean Brands. It has separate section for men as well. The website has a super easy navigation and it loads super quick.
They offer free international shipping and if you are doubtful about the loss of package(which never happens) you can go for an extra $2.5 for a tracking number.

Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet Review and Samples I got from

Hey people
I am super excited to show this product to you. I would like to dedicate this post to all the women out there who work real hard to satisfy each and every little person in her house. I don't know about the world but Indian women have too much work in kitchen and they can spend entire day in the daily household chores. It is more like their duty and there is no chance of skipping it.
Well when we get to talk about the work in kitchen, no part of the body is damaged like the hands. Our hands are prone to have become rough and dry.
Now that we modern women never care much about the hands by spending the valuable time and money in hand spa, We have a Korean brand to offer us the same sort of pampering right in our home!
You might have already seen the picture of my hands after using this mask on Instagram and Facebook.
Excited enough to know what is the product ?
Its the Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet
Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet Review and Samples I got from

3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty Trends that Ruled 2013

Hey people
I am back again with my Korean Obsession Post. I have always loved their flawless skin and glowy makeup. Now that I researched on this so much that I can tell you what was a hit and a miss in 2013 in the Korean Makeup. They prefer a natural look which means no loud lipsticks or no extravagant eyes (Okay, please exclude the Kpop girls under this section) KPOP girls are more into flashy eye makeup and not so crazy lipcolors. The lipsticks I have seen them wearing is the soft pinks and corals the most. Apart from very few who prefer wearing bright neons and reds.
Now coming the popular trends that prevailed in the Korean Makeup world for the year 2013 are as follows.
1. Puppy eyes
Yeah yeah.. now you must be wondering what it is all about. We Indians looove dramatic application of kohl or kajal. The winged eyeliner was a popular trend in 80's and now it came back and took us all by storm. We now can not think of anything else but the wing..when it comes to the eye liner. (I am one crazy who is still struggling to get a wing)
Okay, now coming back to the puppy eyes, it is a technique that creates the wing downwards or straight but not angular. It is made slightly thick to enhance the shape of the eye.
3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty trends that ruled 2013 's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch

Hey people.. Happy Monday 

By the title you could have guessed that this is a product review and I felt it has been really long that I kept particular product review pending.

To start off, you know how much I love Korean cosmetics and cosmetic-love has been real generous in sending out their new launches to me. Well, if you are wondering on what they sent me check the package of goodies here

When I saw them, this product just caught my eyes,lips everything lol that is because I could read the name and when it said Makeup Remover Pen, I was excited to try it out as I am super good at applying liquid eye liner. I have tried enough to apply a winged eye liner which I feel impossible without this. I scribble the liner on my eye lid and then clear the mess out to form the wing using this pen.

Read the review of the other products they sent me here 's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch

3 Concept Eyes -Korean Makeup- Lip Gloss -Review, Swatches

Hey people
How was the new year and how did you celebrate it ? Today I would like to write a review on a popular Korean brand  "3 Concept Eyes"
I picked up the Lip gloss from this brand and here goes my rants about the product.
3 Concept Eyes - A Korean Makeup- Lip Gloss-Review, Swatches
About the brand:
3 Concept Eyes is a Korean makeup brand started up as a small sector but later grew into the professional firm which has the amazing lipsticks in its kitty. The best product of the brand is the 3 Concept Lip/Eye pigment. The pigment can be used as a lip color, eye shadow and the blush. These come in great colors including white,yellow etc. These are meant to be mixed with other pigments in order to achieve the desired shade. These are the Korean version of the popular Lip Tars.

Where to buy Korean Cosmetics and Skincare Online-India

Hey people
I know many of you must be wondering why this post now, but after using some Korean skincare products I just fell in love with them. I am a dusky girl so, I don't go much towards their BB creams, though the pink skin79(reviewed here) also check my KOREAN Products REVIEWS HERE is absolutely a boon to my skin this winter. Apart from that, I have used their masks and creams which did wonders to my skin. Their hair masks are amazing. I am planning to place a super big order in the coming month :) and that's going to be my treat for New year :D
Anyway coming to the post,
Being a KDRAMA Addict, I had a chance to check the Korean Culture which includes their food habits and skincare which made me search vigorously for a super website that could get me my most desired Korean stuff to my doorstep.
Here is my list of the websites/ebay stores that are pretty reliable and genuine.
Recently, a Korean skincare brand, "Innisfree" launched a store in New Delhi and it happens to be the only store in India. I envy you, girls living in Delhi.
So the question is ,
Where to buy them online ???
3. cosmetic love
5. beautynetkorea
6. rubyrubyshop
8. cosmeticmarket2012 
10. ibuybeauti
11. etude house shop 
12. cosme-de

When you are shopping from,w2beauty ,cosmetic love and feel free to use my id to avail extra discounts.

1. Wishtrend - One of my very favourite brand for the greatest skincare collection and that delivery in 10-15 days.
use my code for instant discount on your shopping bag - 243364010 

you can use this link to register to get 5USD off of your order
Also, if you are a blogger and would want to join Wishtrend as an affiliate partner, you can join by filling your details here

2. W2 Beauty
This is the best for cheaper prices for makeup,skincare.
You can use my code for instant discount by entering my email id or your sponsor code 18197007 in the registration form.

So, these are the stores that I prefer shopping from for the Korean and Asian skincare and cosmetics. This is a random list that I prepared by searching all over the ebay stores and google. Many other bloggers might have noted some more great stores to shop from. Do check them out.

This particular list is completely mine. I shopped from few and the others are taken from the good testimonials on other blogs.

These stores offer free shipping and additional benefits of sending out free samples etc. All of them are reputed to deliver goods in less time.
You may find better deals in ebay and do compare the prices before you shop coz you never know the products can be priced at less in different stores.
Please don't forget to check my youtube channel for the Korean Related Updates.

If you got anything to share please feel free to email me at Hand Creams in Cherry Blossom and Peach-Review,Swatches

Hey people
How is the week going?
I see too many skincare posts these days and it makes me realize how cold it is out there. Winter makes the skin so lifeless and scaly. I always thought mine was oily skin but then this year winter made me realize that mine is in fact combination skin type. I had my skin getting super dry all the time. I had to take regular oil massages to get rid of the flaking and dry skin. Now I am doing it at home on weekends.
Well, we can work with oil on a holiday but ever wonder what can happen if we go out with it? Creepy eh.
That is when all these body butters,moisturizers came into existance.
Talking about the body lotions, we kind of worry about the arms,fore arms and that's it. Not many take proper care of their fingers or palms. I am pretty sure about this because I am one among those lazy girls who frequently ignore to moisturize the palms.
When I got to know that there are hand creams I was surprised and excited because my fingers are always dry and that make them look masculine err
You all know that I have been sent a gift box by
You can read my post here
Karadium Hand Cream #1 Peach #2 Cherry Blossom
This post is about the review of these beauties.
Price and Quantity:
It is of 40gms and I couldn't find the price of this product as it is not yet launched officially.

Skin79 Super Plus BB Creams - All 3 BB Creams Comparison with Swatches and Review - Korean SkinCare

Hey people
You know the drastic transformations I'm going through. Firstly a tomboy, then a kid, then girl who likes lip gloss, then the girl started to like lipsticks now it reached the peaks and now
This girl turned into a huge Korean Skin Care fan and ever since I found that they actually work!
Anyway, this is not regarding the skincare but the ever famous BB cream.
I always knew that the BB creams are the only/main makeup the Koreans wear. Usually, the BB creams are not so very good at covering the spots etc. But in recent times, they could develop a BB cream with high coverage and many variants are available.
As of now I am going to show you the swatches and my review of the SKIN79 Super Plus BB Creams.
I was quite unsure of buying the full sizes as I wasn't sure of the shade. I'm dusky and not every bb cream suit me. So, I opted for the samples.