How important is Beauty Sleep?

Dormitorio : Modern bedroom by ESTER SANCHEZ LASTRA
How important is beauty sleep?
Basically beauty sleep is nothing but the sleep that is needed to make you look beautiful. There is no time totally fixed on how much time you may sleep but the ideal time is around 10.30PM till 5.30-6AM
Being the working woman I understand the fact that I don’t have the habit of sleeping early and the blogging is something which I put my interest in. I will only blog in the late nights when I see no disturbance or no work pressure. I would like to write my blogpost when I have enough time and not in hurry. The worst thing is that when I say enough time, I only refer to late nights.
Anyway, I am into a new job now and I am actually getting some time extra to chill and that’s when I decided to change my sleeping habits.

FAB BAG November 2015 Review - Up Your Game

November 2015 Fab Bag Review, Unboxing, Price, Products, Fab bag November 2015

\Hey Girlies.. Now that you guys might have known that every month, I get surprised by the Fab Bag crew. If you have missed the previous posts, here they are October ,
September , AugustJuly Bag,June Bag,May Bag and April Bag .

3 Beauty And Jewelry Combos To Try in 2015

3 Beauty And Jewelry Combos To Try in 2015

A lot goes into creating the perfect look. First, you need the outfit—a top, bottoms and shoes. Then come the accessories: You latch on a belt, entertain a hat and begin to decide upon jewelry. The finishing touch, of course, is a stunning beauty look that not only flatters your features, but also complements the rest of your ensemble.
Lyst bracelet ring
When it comes to your look, it can be difficult to decide which elements you should play up and which elements are better off with minimal attention. With that said, there are some simple tips as to how you can go about coordinating your makeup and jewelry so that every look can be stellar!

Huge Haul ft Shop Miss A - EVERYTHING'S $1 - SERIOUSLY

When someone say a HUGE HAUL, you can easily imagine that I might have spent at least 5000INR or some 100USD but can you believe that I have spent only 25USD and got 25 products. Do the math.Got the answer?
Everything I bought was one dollar each!! Not kidding. If you don't believe this, kindly check Shop Miss A Website. I am sure you can never stop drooling over their amazing accessories,cosmetics and many more. When I got a chance to shop from them, I was excited but at the same time confused as I have to pick my 25 favorites out of a paradise of zillion options.
I must say something really impressing about this shopping website. The brand is located at USA and offers free shipping to the USA addresses and how much do they charge to ship to India or rest of the world? Just $9.95 for all the orders under 40$ Which means, you are going to get 40 products for $49.95. How cool is that ?
So what I bought from Shop Miss A?
I have always loved ear rings and I picked the following ear rings from Miss A.
Sparkling Square Earrings - Gold
Trio Butterfly Ear Jacket - Gold
Regal Crown, Bow, Pearl Mix Earrings (6 Piece) - Silver
Pearl & Crystal Jacket Earrings - Gold
Rhinestone Wheel Earrings with Pearl - Gold
Huge Haul ft Shop Miss A - EVERYTHING'S $1 - SERIOUSLY
Huge Haul ft Shop Miss A - EVERYTHING'S $1 - SERIOUSLY

Fall/Autumn Fashion Trends 2015 - Dresses

FALL/AUTUMN Fashion Trends 2015 - Dresses
When we talk about Fashion on getsetblush, I will always have something really exciting to share. I want to share the current fashion trends that will hit us this year's Fall.
Fall reminds us of hoodies,blazer,jackets,coats bu also we have some cute dresses to wear for the indoor parties that happen during this time. Be it Christmas or the new year or even a simple gathering. You always want to look good and feel great in your outfit.
So without wasting much time let’s get into the colors of the FALL.

My Experience with Kosmoderma - Jet Peels,Medifacials and More

Kosmoderma - Known to be the best dermatologist in Bangalore has recently started their services in Hyderabad. That's my home :D and I have one more reason to smile and stay not worried about my already troubled skin.
We are in Hyderabad - Kosmoderma