Asus #divasmeet Mumbai
After the amazing launch of ASUS FIRST Zenfone in New Delhi, the phone was an instant hit among the Indian youngsters. They were all going gaga over the new phone which has the features worth more than the price of the phone itself.
ASUS had a meetup exclusive to ladies and that's us knows as #DIVASMEET in Mumbai few days back. I was more than happy to attend the event. Frankly, I wasn't really aware of what was going to happen because I remember they launched the new phone already so, it was like a surprise to all of us.
The venue being ITC Grand , Parel the event was planned really BIG! The cute Mascot Zenny welcomed us at the entrance 
The event started around 8PM and the sweet Krati took over the stage and then we got to know that there are three more phones to be launched which were exclusive to the girls who love taking selfies. YES!
I still remember the pink phone which was a love at first sight for me. Had I not owned an IPhone, I am sure that I would have got the phone. So, what's the name of the pink phone lol I know I am delaying..but the phone series is called "SELFIE"

Nautica launches its 4th store in Hyderabad

Nautica, a leading global lifestyle brand, launched its 4th store in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. 
The store is spread across an area of 1500sqft, and offers Men’s, Women’s, and Kids apparel and accessories. The store reflects the brand’s iconic style of refined casual classics inspired and energized by the water that are always crisp, clean and distinct.
Under the Arvind Lifestyle Brands, Nautica launched its first store in Hyderabad in 2013. Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Sumit Dhingra, Country Business Director- Nautica and GANT at Arvind Lifestyle Brands added, “We are extremely excited to launch our 4th Nautica store in Hyderabad. We are delighted to provide the best to our customers, who have helped us grow immensely over the years in the city of Hyderabad. We have excellent customer loyalty which has given us a tremendous push to open our 4th store. We will dedicate and provide the best to our customers”.
The store launched on August 23, 2015 with the new Fall ’15 collection which is quintessential Nautica, incorporating classic silhouettes with updated and modern touches.
Well.. Let's check the collection at the store..
I really loved the new colorful collection which totally made me go to the beach.. :D Fall and beach doesn't really go well together but I totally want to just dream of visiting a beach now. I loved the bright tshirts from the men's collection.

Triveni Ethnics-Destination for Indian Ethnic Clothing

Triveni Ethnics-Destination for Indian Ethnic Clothing

Saree.. The name spells magic. Not only this is the most favorite of Indian women but also loved by women from western countries as well. Looks like just a 6yard cloth but is known to be so comfortable,elegant and considered so beautiful.If you live in India and if you are a girl, I am sure you own at least one saree in your wardrobe because the wardrobe feels so incomplete without a saree. There are many kinds of sarees which I mean the material and design.
Triveni Ethnics-Destination for Indian Ethnic Clothing
Triveni Ethnics-Destination for Indian Ethnic Clothing

How I cook Del Monte Pasta - My Style

I have always loved Italian food and every time I have the dish, it never fails to surprise me with the goodness of cheese and the sophisticated aroma. However, I like the pasta with red sauce more than the white sauce. I prefer pasta for my supper and I totally feel content with my preparation. My mother can't really cook pasta so this gives out the opportunity for me to experiment with my own recipe.
I am a south Indian and I prefer anything to be a BIIIIITTTT Spicy (well you know how spicy).
I am thankful to the Del Monte India guys for sending me the Pasta and thus making me work it out easily. I loved the fact that the Del Monte Pasta is made of whole wheat and I am certainly health conscious and calorie conscious,so this one just fits me so well.

Gillette Announces the Arrival of a Razor Far Ahead of its Time: The Gillette FlexBall

Gillette Invents A Razor that Moves to Meet Men’s Faces to Get Virtually Every Hair
Gillette®, the leader in global shave care unveiled its latest product innovation to change the face of shaving yet again: The Gillette FlexBall, a razor that has been specially designed to move to meet the contours of a man’s face and result in maximum contact.
For as long as men have been shaving, they have been moving their face to meet the blade. But, the Gillette FlexBall has truly rebuilt shaving. The unique Flexball allows the blade to pivot, for better adherence to the contours resulting in an effortless shave. The Gillette FlexBall also takes care of your skin by ensuring lesser pressure on the shave.

Get hands on 4G! The Wait is Over

Being a beauty blogger I am in continuous need of internet and I cannot thank enough if I can get hold of a high speed one. I use 3G and it works kind of cool but not every time I like it. I always reach out for my WIFI connection. Given a chance, I would permanently shift to a network or a phone which can provide me the fastest Internet on device because I cannot carry my WIFI along with me but I can always carry a phone.

I think Airtel guys heard my prayers and they have launched the 4G nation wide today and I can't wait to experience it. I remember the excitement which 3G brought to me and now the feeling is even better. 
So what to expect from New Airtel 4G
HIGH SPEED internet.
You may want to check their commercial on why you want to shift to 4G! Check the video below

What you need?
You only need a 4G ready device, a 4G SIM (home delivered free of charge) & a 3G data pack. You can request for a SIM on the website.
How Much?
Well.. For the entire list of services you have to pay 10000INR per month LOL! Not really. If you are already using a 3G plan, then it is the same plan. If not, just simply migrate. No extra Cost. Do you need even more reasons to shift to 4G? 
Airtel 4G is not expensive! Trust me!
YESSSS!!! India is not far behind the other nations in getting the 4G and it is proved by Airtel 4G ! I am so excited to try this that I already applied for a new sim hehe.
When are you getting yours??

Button up! Or tie it down! – Designer Blouses are in Vogue This Season

I don’t think anyone would want to argue if I said that women look gorgeous wearing a saree. That five yard fabric draped perfectly could make anyone look as feminine as it is humanly possible. What adds to its elegance is a beautifully paired designer blouse.
Gone are the days when they would cut a piece of the saree and make a blouse out of it. Designer blouses today have become almost another accessory, adding on to the whole shebang!
Some of the celebrities have sported the finest looking blouses as they look super sensuous in their Indian wear. Here are some ideas from the celeb wardrobe to make sure you get this absolutely right!
Go backless!
Button up! Or tie it down! – Designer Blouses are in Vogue This Season
For a very long time, we’ve been hiding our backs and almost ignoring their existence. Not anymore! Backless blouses are a perfect opportunity to expose and add that extra oomph to your attire. With strings to tie at the back and some latkan hanging off them is the go-to thing for a sangeet or a glamorous night party! Pick a shiny one, with a solid monochrome sari and you’re all set to rock the desi girl avatar!

Richfeel Hair Nourisher - Does it Help Reduce Hairfall?

If I need to start my hair story, all I can say is that I am not happy with my hair. I already have very fine thin hair and is prone to breakage. I know the reasons too. I am not really taking good food,neither rest nor reducing the stress levels. So, these things took a troll on my hair and my already weak hair started to fall apart really badly.
I was in search of a good product which would provide me the required care and nourishment to my hair. I have already found the topical solution for hair growth which I will review in later days.
About the product:
Richfeel Hair Nourisher - Does it Help Reduce Hairfall
Richfeel Hair Nourisher combines the goodness of almonds with an inbuilt vitalizer thereby taking care of various problems like dandruff and hair loss.
This pioneering product of Richfeel conditions and nourishes the hair to keep it strong and healthy.
A truly wonderful product, tried and trusted by hundreds around the world.
It is extremely effective on Alopecia and hair fall.