Miss Claire Lip Pencils-Review and Swatches

If I have to tell you that I found a cheap brand that delivers amazing results in my new location is the brand Miss Claire. I have seen many bloggers raving about the Miss Claire's Lip Creams which are known to be exact dupes of the coveted NYX Matte Lip Creams, so I am not really new to this brand. So, when I found these at a local beauty center, I couldn't stop myself but pick few.
Price and Quantity:
I have bought each one for 80INR - 100INR
I am unable to recollect the exact amount but I remember I paid something less than 100 but more than 80.
My Take:
These are amazingly pigmented and settle as matte finish. I have bought 4 of these.Carrot Red, Sense Red, Maroon and Kiss Rose. I have totally loved these colours and I think  they have at least 10 more shades to choose from. For the price, they are amazing in quality. I am using the Maroon one so much these days and I top it with a clear gloss for a glossy finish. They stay put for 4hours and they do stain the lips a bit. Availability can be a big issue but these days almost all the e-com sites are stocking these up, so you can grab few :)
The Swatches:
These are just the swatches taken with and without the flash. These are just a single swipe of the pencils. Can you see the pigmentation..
Overall, I am totally loving the combo of these lip pencils with my current favourite lipsticks. I am so happy that they do not make my lipstick go away soon. I love the fact that these are matte. The colours are loud enough to wear them alone or with a gloss. Given a chance, you can have them all and adorn your lip pencil collection :D


  1. Mine did cost 50 bucks each, n these r awesome, these r my fav lip liners, even i have those reds, they go well with my red lipsticks :) nice one

  2. nice review on vcare, will try out.

  3. 50 is way too less. I didnt know if I could get these for that low price. Next time, I will try :D

  4. Nice review and swatches have come out well.

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    See ya.

  5. Thank you for this review! I just bought this lipstick and wasn't too sure about it, but after reading your review I can't wait for it to come!



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  7. Hey i am interestedbin buying some the lipstick shades..can you mail me the pics of whatever lipshades are left and swatches too if possible..
    mail me at aliyanaaz_21@ymail.com


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