Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap

The story of this soap is not a long but not that short either. As I told you guys earlier that I had acne and since two months I am fighting on the marks and tiny scars left by them. This soap was one of those prescribed list to be used and I must say that this sure has a place on my blog and a review so as to help my readers regarding the Skin Lightening Soaps that are available in Indian Market.
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
Price and Quantity:
INR 150 for 75gms
What does it claim:
Derma Dew Lite Soap contains vegetable oils with gentle sulphosuccinate base cleanser combined with skin lightening actives of natural origin and fortified with specific emollients, moisturizers and skin nourishers. Derma Dew Lite Soap gives smooth, soft, supple and fresh feeling to the skin. For better results use Derma Dew Lite Soap as adjuvant along with skin lightening medications.
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
I could notice most of them are natural ingredients like Palm & Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Extract etc. Sounds interesting eh
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
My Take:
This was prescribed by my dermatologist and I can blindly trust on this. I run to her even if I find any tiny problem with my skin. Anyway coming to the review, I already told you that I am currently dealing with my old acne spots and a bit tanning. I mean I have uneven skin tone.I have been using this soap for two months only to my face and neck. I kind of use it directly or at times I use a cleansing pad to work with. It smells nice and feels nice on the skin. I mean it lathers well and shape is good to hold.
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
When I started using it..One thing was clear. My skin was clean and no sign of dryness or stretch. My skin left squeaky clean without getting dry. I have Oily/Combination skin which in winter makes my cheeks dry.But this soap took care of it and now I see no sign of dryness at all. It lightened my skintone. Trust me. I was NC 45 and now I am NC 42.(Thanks to my office for hiding me from the Sun most of the days) I do not say that this soap solely made my skin light but I feel this even helped me. Also,it never got me any more pimples. I don't suggest you this soap if you are only looking for skin lightening. Because this is a prescribed soap and not everyone can use it. Also you have to use it along with some topical creams. My acne spots are almost light and may be in a month I think I can say that I have Clean & Clear Skin. After that, I am going to stop using this product. May be I will be bored or may be I will be done with the necessity of using this soap but you are not supposed to use this soap or any other medicinal soaps for long span of time.
1. Works well on Acne Marks/Spots
2. Helps to lighten your skintone
3. Affordable.
4. Maximum vegetable oils as ingredients.
5. Smells nice
My Rating:
Final Words & Recommendations:
Dermadew Soap is one of the very good soaps for acne available in the market. It is mild enough to sooth your skin and gentle enough to make it look clean and soft. It may not lighten your skin but definitely makes your acne spots lighter. If you are looking for an ideal soap to use you may want to try this. Also, this is good for people with sensitive skin. Overall,one of the very good products for Acne Prone Skin. 


  1. This looks so interesting and what a good rating, looks awesome :)

  2. so finally you got hold of it... it's good that u mentioned we should not use it just to lighten the skin :)


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