How to Style-Ways to Wear Statement Necklace

Hey girlies..We all love jewellery and every one of us have a personal favorite. It may stay as our favorite piece of jewel for a long time or it may change according to the fashion trends or dress. I fall in the second genre where I think we should always have a quick look on the latest fashion trends. I do not say that you should follow them blindly but then you always have your creative side working for this. You may add your style to the ongoing fashion trends or simply skip them.
Here in this post I am going to tell you that How To – is a new feature on where I share my share of little knowledge on the things which I know and hoping that these tips would help you., my lovely readers.
Today’s how to segment has a topic that is the much raved and most loved “Statement Necklace”
How to Style-Ways to wear Statement Necklace
How to Style-Ways to wear Statement Necklace
You have them all these under one section like bib necklace, collar necklace, a choker and many others.
I would like to pick each from one category and would tell you how you can actually make it work. - Website Review

Hey guys.. You may be a bit anxious on why College has come in between the world of beauty and fashion. Well..Most of you know the answer. For those who don't you keep reading.
Choosing a career or what you want to be in the next few years is very important as a teenager or as an adult. I am talking about the UG,PG etc Learning should never stop in anybody's life but you should always trust upon your education institution to make your dreams come true. That is when Collegedunia comes to our rescue. - Website Review

Sand for Soapaholics Face Puree - Face Cleanser Review

Ever heard of tomatoes for skincare.? Because, I knew the fact that using tomato juice would help take away the tan and give some healthy glow. But never really used as a cleanser.
But when the brand SAND for Soapaholics launched their new line of facial cleansers, I couldn't stop thinking of getting my hands on them. Here I go..with one of my very favourite cleansers I've ever used.
They gave caption for each of their products and for my new love.. Face Puree
They say "Tomatoes - Indispensable to every kitchen, Indispensable for great skin!"
Sand for Soapaholics Face Puree - Face Cleanser Review
Sand for Soapaholics Face Puree - Face Cleanser Review

Indian Fashion Jewellery - Please Wish me Good Luck on my New Venture

Heyya Girlies..
I am so excited to share a news with you. First is first, I am thankful to all my readers and friends who supported me through out and always encouraged in anything and everything I do. This Diwali I want to start a new Venture and it is my facebook page exclusive to the Indian Fashion Jewellery.
I tried a bit more than usual to get in touch with people and selected each piece carefully before putting it up on the page.
I have mentioned the prices..shipping cost (INR 50 all over India) and some cool ear rings as of now.
How to Order:
Comment below the image to book and inbox to confirm your order and address.
Once you do, we will share our bank details and would expect you to transfer money in 1-2 days.
Once we get the amount, we will ship the goods to you. (we will provide you the tracking number)
You see, so simple it is..
As of now, we have some ethnic Oxidized Ear rings and more to be added tomorrow.
Please do order asap so that you can flaunt the Jewellery on the Diwali Day.
The page:
Indian Fashion Jewellery
Few Ear rings from the collection.

Acne Care-Nexcare Acne Patch Review

Helloo beauties..I have a quick confession to make. Just like a teenage girl, I sometimes suffer from acne..Err..I ain't a teenager but still :( I know it sounds weird but I have oily skin which at times troubles me a lot  by causing some tiny volcanoes on my cheek or chin.! I HATE them the most !!! I am talking about acne and the scars that they leave once they are gone .Even before you get there in detail..let me tell you some simple facts about acne:
Pimples are commonly used to describe different types of acne.
The medical term for pimple is Acne Vulgaris. It occurs when oily and dead skin cells mix together and clog the skin pores. There are many types of acne.
Now the point.. How does Nexcare ™ come into the picture?
Well.. I have an answer..or you may say that the brand has an answer.
Acne Care-Nexcare Acne Patch Review

Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Eye Shadow Trio in Silent Treatment - Review, Swatches

Heyya People.. I think there is eye shadow fest going on my blog lol  I have recently reviewed the Sleek Makeup LE eye shadow palette here and I'm here again with a Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio review. Well.. to start off, this is my most used eye shadow palette now. I mean, I am really liking the colors that look great on my skin.
Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Eye Shadow Trio in Silent Treatment - Review, Swatches

The Luxe Café - One Destination for all Things Luxury

Have you ever thought of having all the information on luxury goods in one website? So that a single click can make you own your dream luxury goods? Well, what do you say when I say that it is for real now! - India’s very own B2C e-platform dedicated to the global luxury market. How does that sound? I am one of those women who always dream of getting the global brands to India to start their service in India as well. But you know the complications.I think TheLuxeCafe team heard us saying this. They got all our wish list sorted out and put it in one place.
The Luxe Café - One Destination for all Things Luxury

Sleek Makeup I-DIVINE IN ARABIAN NIGHTS Eye Shadow Palette-Review,Swatches,EOTD

Heyya Girlies.. Most of you might have already seen my Sleek Makeup Haul which I posted last week(If you haven't checked it yet..please do check it here ) I was in love with the whole theme of this one.You know,mystic..dreamy..all those dramatic feelings in one palette.Let's get into more pictures and the detailed review.
What does the Sleek Makeup say about this palette:
This exclusive i-Divine Palette* is inspired by Arabian fantasy,seduction and warm rich colors. The deep tones of green, blue and gold melt together,forming beautiful smoky effects, suited to all skin tones.
This exquisite palette is perfect for summer nights, there are endless possibilities for striking looks, sure to turn heads and make you look and feel incredible.
Each shade is highly pigmented with unique shade names such as Gold Souk, Valley of Diamonds and Sorcerer.