Colorbar Just Smoky Eye Pencil Swatches - Swatch Check

Helloo pretties.. Happy Weekend.. Eye pencils are something which I can impress me so quickly. I mean, I can't handle the liquid eye liner properly and if you can check my eye makeup
10 lessons learnt from my first ever eye makeup
 I went to the colorbar counter few days ago to get something for my friend and then I happened to see this. Couldn't resist myself from swatching and here are the pictures.
What does the brand say about these:
Just Smoky Kajal gets you Glam ready in just 50 seconds. This long-lasting, multi-tasking eye pencil gives you 3-in-1 benefits of an Eyeliner, Kajal and an Eye Shadow. It helps you to achieve the mysterious smoky-eyed look which will last for up to 12 hours. It comes with a built-in smudger that is as soft as a cushion which can be used to demystify the art of smoky eyes. The intense color and matte texture of the pencil adds definition and drama to your eyes. It has waterproof property and does not transfer
From left to Right : Just Black,Just Grey,Just Green,Just Teal,Just Blue

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks in Fuchsia Flare and Crushed Candy-Review,Swatches,LOTD

Maybelline recently launched their Colorshow Glitter Mania Nail Paints. They were such a big hit. I own them too. you can check the review and swatches of the Glitter Mania nail paints here
Anyway I was not really sure about the Colorshow Lipsticks Launch. I mean, there was no publicity from the brand and the lipsticks are still not available in all the stores. I only got to know when I accidentally checked the Maybelline counter few days back in a near by Health N Glow Store.
I am surprised to find that, HnG stores are the only one to have these Lipsticks. I guess, by August end..Every maybelline counter is expected to stock these lipsticks throughout India.
Can I call myself Lucky O:)
As I got a chance to own them before many of you girls :) :D

My HG Top Coat-Essence Gel-Look Top Coat Review, Swatches

Hey people.. Happy Monday :) (coz I am sure most of you might be reading this tomorrow and not yesterday/today :P)
These days I am not having much of the Monday morning blues.. May be because I am liking my work :D Anyway coming to nails and nail art.. I am bad at it. Okay not to complain, whatever I did nothing really used to look great at the end. After watching so many tutorials on YouTube,I have come to a conclusion that no nail art is complete without a proper topcoat. That too, when you have an option of getting a gel look topcoat.. Please go ahead and get it. I just did the same.
When Essence launched their products in India, I was really happy. It was known to be a budget friendly brand with amazing nail paints and eye makeup. *Never really a fan of their lip products*
I have bought the ESSENCE GEL-LOOK TOP COAT 
My HG Top Coat-Essence Gel-Look Top Coat Review, Swatches

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick in Mystic Mauve-Review,Swatches-Dupe Alert

Heyya girls.. Back after a small gap. I am slowly developing an addiction for lipsticks. Let it be Maybelline, Chambor silk touch or Colorbar range.. I am in love with everything :)
So after the first lipstick from streetwear impressed me so much.. I went ahead and bought a colour which is usually not my kind. I have never tried this colour before and hence I bought this one. You may want to check this one
Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick in Mystic Mauve-Review,Swatches

Nature's Essence Glow and Bridal Pack with Rose and Sandalwood Oil Review

Hey people.. Festive season is here and everybody want to look great. We all check our makeup and the usual skincare products but these days I am checking out many face packs. Not because they are going to give any immediate results but I am in love with the feeling of application and relaxing for sometime. Else, I can never sit at a place for long time. I can forecast that you guys will be reading more face pack reviews in coming days. This is a new post. But I have few more in my drafts and many others on my trial table.
Nature's Essence Glow and Bridal Pack with Rose and Sandalwood Oil Review 

Where to buy the Perfect Prom Dress or a Wedding Dress?

Yes yes
I am again talking about the dresses. I gave up my idea of a Christian Wedding but then I realized that there are many other variants to try in the "Dresses". Whenever you think of wearing a dress, I am sure that most of you end up only checking the available variants. I mean, there are too many types of dresses to suit your body shape. No matter how much you spend on a dress, it loses its charm if it has an ill fit.Okay,let's not get into the topic of body shape but  we sure discuss about the types of dresses.
Prom Dress:
Prom is one big event for all the students in their final year in the western countries. No wonder, every girl wants to look great on that day. Aviva Dress is an online store that has the maximum collection of dresses and in which the major share is taken by the prom dress section. Given a chance, I would love to wear few of them and I chose the below ones.
A-Line Sleeveless Floor-Length Tulle Prom Dress:
Sleeve Length:Sleeveless
Back Details:Zipper

Colorbar Pro Mini Collection in Truly Madly Deeply-Nails,My Nailart

Hey Girlies
Appu signing in from @Gurgaon ! yesh... Got some office work. I am here for 3 days and Never planned to blog this time. Somehow, I got little time to blog.
Anyway, I had these pics and I have already painted my nails with these last week. Well, whenever I see my nails I felt like completing the blogpost. I guess I am going to do that now.
The packaging is a hit!I have already introduced them here
But what their website says about these?

Haul - Maybelline,Fabindia,

Helloo Girlies
I have been more into skincare these days and less makeup. When I say makeup, it includes only lipsticks and nothing much really :P I am out of the base makeup thingy. I have one very good foundation that I could rely upon. A few blushes which I hardly touch. A compact I use whenever I feel that I need to look better. I totally forgot about eye makeup :( *forgive eye shadow palettes*
Actually the reason behind this is, the season! Monsoon.. ! My skin is turning out much oily than ever and using any foundation etc only make my skin weird. Apart from these, I have few acne spots to deal. So all this monsoon I am working on the marks.
By the time, I come up with my solution to erase the acne/pimple marks, you can check my recent haul.
I visited the Fabindia Store for teatree oil and ended up getting all these.
1. Teatree Facial Toner
2. Clove Gel Face Pack
3. Vitamin e Hydrating Cream
4. Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel
5. Plum Passion Lipbalm

Latest in Bollywood - The Midriff Trend

Hey Girls.. It's been a long time, that I posted something related to the BOLLYWOOD and the actress/celebrities fashion.
I have been seeing these ladies sporting all kind of clothes and few things totally impressed me and those are the Jumpsuits, Sarees and the Gowns.
To wear them, nobody needs to have a perfect toned tummy but the dress/pants which I am going to share now is one very good example that you should have a perfect well toned tummy.
Yes, I agree that all of our bollywood bombshells have an awesome figure. I no deny.
But when it comes to clothes that would reveal the midriff, you got to check twice before you step out.
And these ladies just did that and no doubt, they were all looking amazing!
My number one on the list would be, none other than
Deepika Padukone
With the body like hers, she can carry anything. Literally anything.
Priyanka Chopra

Colorbar Launches the 2nd collection of Retro Diva

Mesmerizing, Exotic, Mysterious, Behold your breath as Colorbar Launches its second collection- Retro Diva. After all old is gold. The collection is a textured fusion of the old world charm enhanced with intoxicating and mysterious spirit of modern earthiness. The dramatic signature collection has 3 looks “Polka Princess”, the “Diva lace “and “Drama Queen”

My Journey in Blogging - Happy Friendship Day-The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

I really doubt if I spent so much time on my blog and socialising coz it's already 2 yrs that I started my blog. All thanks to my fellow bloggers and some other girls who always encouraged me to blog in some way or other.
I would like to share this post(I have these words to scream since so long) with you on this day. Yeah, I know It's a friendship day. But here, in the blogging world.. Friendship can be defined in a good way, a bad way or a cruel way.
Out of all the experiences I would like to confess what all I have gone through during this time.
I am 20+ old but I only had grown up so much in the last year. Thanks to people.Certain People!
There are few people whom I can thank a million times because talking to you, is just so fab and I loved talking to you and thanks for understanding and thanks for staying with me during my hard times. I don't want to name these beautiful ladies with golden heart. Because I am afraid that negative people can spit their venom on these angels. *Nazar nahi lagana chahiye un logon ko*
Confession 1:
I am like any other girls, used to talk so much and that includes gossipping, bitching. I have never thought that they would come back haunting me.LESSON LEARNT!

Colorbar Pro Mini Collection - Pictures, Price & Details


How to Use Teatree Oil for Skin - Skincare DIY

Although I heard a lot about the benifits of TeaTree Oil, I never tried it in real. But since three months my skin is going under a real bad phase. Severe breakouts and cystic acne what the doc termed them.
I have used up the medicines for a month and they gave a good result too. I was somehow drawn towards the herbal ways of treating my skin for good though. So, the first thing came in to my mind was this!