Vcare Hair Growth Vitalizer Review

Appu and I were forced to go for shopping on a sunny day because of Vodafone customer care.(I know, quite weird but we girls when we have to wait, we prefer shopping than just sitting idle :P)
As I love long hair, this product ‘Vcare Hair Growth Vitalizer’ caught my eye and I just gave it a try.

INR 95/- for 100 ml

It comes in white color non-transparent bottle with a spray dispenser attached to it.It has a white color transparent cap attached to it.

You can find the other ingredients  in the Image below.

My Experience:
It’s a pale yellow color liquid. It has a different smell may be of some herbs used in it (can’t explain it), but it’s not that pungent. It has to be just sprayed on the scalp and hair and massage gently. It is not oily and doest makes your hands or hair greasy (No residue left on my hands). When you spray on scalp its gives a cooling sensation (Like when you touch nail polish remover), may be because of the sprit /alcohol mixed in ingredients. I don’t say it completely stopped or controlled hair fall but at least the hair fall is less when compared to the hair fall that I had after applying hair oil. May be longer use may still reduce hair fall and promote hair growth (I am using It probably from past one month twice a week).I felt it’s a bit tough to spray especially if the hair is long and density of hair is more. It is difficult to make sure if the liquid is completely and evenly spread or not.

Its oil free non sticky
Controls hair fall
It might be bit tough to use for people with long hair as they might face difficulties in applying the liquid evenly.
My Rating:
If you have fine hair and lazy to apply oil every week, this can help you in controlling the excess hairfall with continuous usage.
Guest Post by Haani

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