My First Ever Empties Post

Hey girls..
After seeing so many fellow bloggers doing an empty post I thought I should do one too. After all, we get to finish so many products in no time and some run for months together.
Well, I am going summarize all those products that I could manage to finish completely almost completely.
The first picture is of the makeup products.
1. Maybelline Colossal Kajal.
This is one kajal I finished completely. I was really happy that I bought it and right now I am using the Lakme Eyeconic kajal. Once I finish that, I might come back to the 12hr version of this kajal.
2. Burt's Bees Lipbalm in Mango
I loved it (Read my review here)One lip balm that must be in every girl's kitty. I may repurchase it. Feelunique here I come.
3. Maybelline Lip Bloom in Peach.
This is kind of average product. True that it gives a glossy finish with a tint of peach but I feel its drying my already dry lips. Im not buying it again.
4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Honey Beige.
The best foundation I have ever used. Gives medium coverage which means, you can wear it to your work place lol. It can be mixed easily. Used even more easily. Doesn't try out my oily skin. Stays on for easily 6-8 hours. The only con is the tub package which is slightly unhealthy.I am going to buy it again. 
All these products were used almost daily.

Appu.. Wake up..!! - My Korean Culture, KPOP, KDRAMA Obsession

June 20th 2013:
My friend Priya got me a DVD. It is a Korean Drama Series named "Boys Over Flowers". My first dialogue was "are you kidding me ?" lol I wish I was a part of the Korean Drama so that I would be able to make out what their dramas meant.
She assured me to watch at least the first 10mins of the first episode and I just watched it for the sake of her.With least interest. 10 mins passed, "Appu..Wake up..!!" yelled Priya.. #$@#$@#$@ I said her "I can't watch these weird serials Pri, I feel sleepy :( " She said, "#$@#$@#$@%^^ ... #$#$%#%#.. Shut up and watch!!!"
After sometime, the boy group F4 appeared. I was killed ! not literally but mentally I was just smitten by their looks and their dressing style.
The rest is history lol I was just went crazy with the serial and literally cried and laughed.. ADDICTED!
During these days, 
One morning.. I was with Kim Hyun Joong(One guy from the F4 group). I was dressed up in a white wedding gown and he was dressed in a tuxedo. I could see my parents and friends having mixed expressions(you know why..). On the other side Kim Hyun Joong's family who were looking super happy. I had my best friends(Pri and few blogger friends) as my bridesmaids. It is the time and I was called out by the priest. Dad took me and I walked super slowly but jumping inside my brain to the podium, where Mr.Kim Hyun Joong was waiting for me. I slowly stood beside him blushing. He smiled at me and we were looking at the priest for the go ahead lol (I was super excited) After much anticipation, I said "I do" only after hearing the same from Kim Hyun Joong. The priest said "you may now kiss the bride" I was juuust waiting for this moment and looked at him I was setting myself for the kiss..and then, someone poked me. I looked back and that's my

Amazing Vegan Home Made Hair Packs to work best for Hairfall

Hey ladies,
How many of you suffering from severe hairfall?
Since two months or so, I am under stress on the work front and crazily losing sleep and hair. When checking for some unique hair packs on line I found few very packs made very unique and claimed to give the best results.
Everybody out there, likes vegetables right ?
And I am specifically talking to all the vegans out there who hate to use egg/yogurt or any other product to their hair.
Well, this one is for you.

Just Herbs Instagram Contest

Hey people
Just when we are all high over makeup and the new luanches, there is Just Herbs which has its own way to reach out to us.
They have a fun contest running on instagram and you can participate right away. Cool move eh!?
Just follow the below steps and you are ready to win some cool JustHerbs goodies.

Rihanna's MAC Cosmetics Promo Look Inspired Eye makeup - Tutorial

Hey people..
As the title says.. It is the eye makeup post and unfortunately it is my first ever inspired eye makeup. Rihanna has always been my favourite artist and I love all her songs and I can sing most of her songs without looking at the lyrics. lol (exaggerating eh :P)
Apart from her voice and songs, I loove her life style and I don't care attitude. That attitude is clearly seen in her makeup,hair styles and her dressing.
When MAC Cosmetics paired up Rihanna and the whole collection is like a fairy tale. but way too raunchy and hot. The colours were chosen to be bold reds/maroons just like her.
Last week, MAC Cosmetics posted a picture of Rihanna and I was totally smitten by the smokey eyes.
Sadly, I do not own a brown eye pencil.
So, I ended up using the brown eye shadow from the SLEEK's Storm palette.
Whatsoever, it is a TOTAL FAIL!!! :D

Eye Brow Cake from - Review, Swatches, EOTD

Hey people..
I am in total high. This festive mood makes me feel alive. The season of festivals, I find it nice to get ready the every other day. You know, lot many relatives and friends visit home than usual and there will be way too many gatherings. Yes, you gotta look special and nice.
When it comes to beauty, I feel the Eyes play a major role. Dressing up the eyes  the Indian way, which means the kajal/kohl and mascara is not really called a perfect festival eyes. 
Now that you got to know what I am going to review,
let me present you my first ever eyebrow cake.
Frankly, I never knew that we can make the eyebrows look thick. After I started writing a blog and started creating eye makeup looks, never I felt that there is any need to make the eye brows thick or give a better shape and look.

And The Winner Is..

Hey people
As you all know that I hosted a giveaway a month back(check it here)
I really want to thank each and every single one of you who took out time and entered my giveaway. It means not only winning but the support you guys gave me all through.
And though it was a bit difficult checking the entries and picking the winner, Rafflecopter made it easy by choosing one winner.
To the ones who didn't win this giveaway, I'm really sorry but I have more giveaways to come on your way. Please don't get disheartened.

Go Glam this Festive Season With Designer Shilpa Reddy

Go Glam this Festive Season

15th October 2013: India is known as a land of festivals. Indians celebrate all the festivities with joy and fervor  With the festive fervor on, young and doue designer Shilpa Reddy unleashes her festive collection. The collection adds glamour with the bright colors like red, and yellow along with pastel colors.

Shilpa believes in designing with comfort and class without 
excluding the glamour and style part. The collection has a unique style that will definitely charm and revitalize your soul as you will rock through the evening with delight.

So add some drama and fashion to your wardrobe with designer Shilpa Reddy’s festive collection.

Availability: AMARA, 3-3-5 Kemps Boulevard, Kwality House, Kemps Corner, Near Crossword Bookstore, Mumbai- 400036
Please find few pictures from her collection below..
Designer Shilpa Reddy LFW WF 2013 (25)

Maybelline WaterShine Lipstick - Rhum Cake Review, Swatch , On my lips

Hey People
how is it going. As I am sitting here to write a blog post which is been pending since so long, I keep thinking about all the stuff I could do in the free time and during the weekend. Most of the days, I sit and  browse the blogs or some window shopping in most of the famous online shopping websites(windows and window shopping lol) I don't know what I am trying to say. Call me crazy but what to do, it is still Thursday. It will take one more day to get the life back to my soul. Let me stop my ramblings and directly hit the post.
I don't really remember when Maybelline launched and discontinued this range of lipsticks.
This range is called the Watershine LipColor.
This was gifted by Shylu of Sweet N Shy Blog few months back. She was in Pondi when she sent me and due to the super hot summer, the lipstick melted in transit and I kept it that way without making it a mess.
MAYBELLINE Watershine Lipstick in Rhum Cake

Patanjali Aloevera Kanti Body Cleanser Review

Hey people
This has been in my drafts since too long. Few months back I unexpectedly visited a Patanjali store. Though I was looking for their body scrub I never really tried to get one. I found this store when I was out with mamma in my area(yay I have this store just a mile away from my home). I have picked up quite a lot of stuff from the store except the body scrub aka ubtan.
This post details the teeny weeny soap nah the body cleanser. Let me dig into the details and my experience with the product.
The product comes in a regular paper cover which is in white Base and mint green letters. The packaging is cheap. But you know, the paper is organic and eco friendly than the usual plastic covers.

Blue Ombre Eye Makeup

Hey People
How is it going ? Btw, the Monday is just ended :D just 4 more days for the coveted weekend. yay
Rambling time: lol
I am going crazy. I am experimenting too much these days. The other day, I changed my hair style. Yesterday I have checked upon the very famous Korean style Gradient lips (check the post here)
Today, I have created an eye makeup purely based on blue.
I have never thought of creating an entire eye makeup with a single colour family. 
Well, today I just did it.
I have used some 4 shades of blues to complete the look.
Check what I made with such a cool aqua bold colour.