Korean Style Gradient Lips aka Bitten Lips Easy Ombre Lips- Indian way of achieving the look

Hey people..
Headed to my blog after a really long time. Most of you(all of you by now) may be knowing that I am being obsessed over Korea (specifically south Korea). It is like my latest obsession. I love everything about them. The people, the language, their skincare routine,KDRAMA,KPOP,food, culture.. like EVERYTHING about them just amazes me.
Coming to the point, 
I have slowly started copying their styles and to my surprise, I could carry them off too. I started off with chopping my hair and I now have thick bangs which is the basic style statement of koreans. Please tell me how I look. HERE is the picture
In this post, I am going to show how I created their quick bitten lips look.
Look at the pictures below, It is the latest trend.
Also, this has been incorporated by models and some kdrama actresses who actually made this gradient lips popular.
Though this style has been there for a very long time, It was created using two shades of the same lipstick colour which created an ombre effect. But Koreans in particular made it different. They lightened the outer corners of the lips and darkened the center so as it make it look as if its bitten. Well, in technical terms it is called the gradient effect.
Now that I have introduced you guys to this style, please check the way how I created mine.
Any tips and tricks are most welcome.

E.L.F. Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint in Rose - Review, Swatches

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Sorry for being MIA. I have been given truck load of work at office and yes, I am partly dead.(I dont know why I am feeling this way but I want to write a post on how the work culture in software industry actually is, I'll write it real soon )
Coming to the present post, this is a review of my first ever elf product. This is gifted by Renji (actually I took it lol )
                           It is the ELF Mineral Moisturizing Lip tint in Rose.
Price and Quanitity:
$3.00 for 0.1oz/2.8g
What they say about this lip tint: source
Nourish, pamper and treat lips with this super emollient, lip quenching color. Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E impart serious moisture while SPF 8 protects lips from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This just-bitten tint of color provides immediate soothing relief to irritated chapped lips while also diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lip area. Like all our mineral makeup this item is mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.

VIVO Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pucker Red - Review, Swatches

Hey girls..
I feel like its Tuesday today after the long weekend. I wanted to write something which would interest me and you as well. By now, most of you must be knowing that I am in the RED Lips phase and I am picking up any lipstick which has red written on it or which gives any shade related to red. Call me crazy but I'm loving this new found interest.
This post is a product review post which of course is a lipstick.
I hauled quite a bit when the VIVO Cosmetics had their sale and free shipping.
So, this lipstick is from that bundle. It is called the MATTE LIPSTICK. It has 5 variants ranging from natural to red,coral,pink.
I picked up PUCKER RED which is their only red in the collection.
Vivo cosmetics is known for its affordable yet super quality products came up with the concept of matte lipsticks and I had to pick one :D
Check my review on their Lip Crayon in A Thing Called Love here

Swatch Check : Maybelline Bold Matte by Color Sensational LipColor

Hey girls..
I always wanted to get these swatches for you and here I am with my current favourite lipcolor.
Here I present you the swatches of all the Maybelline Bold Matte Lipsticks.
What the brand says about these:
o Hydrating matte with honey nectar 
o Moisturising agents like rosa canina oil and jojoba oil 
o Powderless matte pigments ensure true vivid shades 
There are classy 5 trendy vibrant shades in a brilliant matte texture
Check the swatches:

Giveaway - Open Internationally

Hey pretties...
It's been so long that I had a giveaway on my blog. Well, frankly I do not have much reasons to celebrate except for the fact of getting my own domain,bike(Honda Activa I) aand a phone(Sony Xperia). I am totally bankrupt. I am saving on money for this giveaway. Please make it a success.
The good news:

One lucky winner will win a Sleek Makeup I-Divine Eyeshadow palette of their choice.
The giveaway starts on 08/09/2013 00:00 IST and ends on 12/10/2013 00:00 IST.
The winner will be announced on 13/10/2013 ie on Second Sunday of October 2013.
Things you have to do:
Just fill in the form and blush :)

Anna Andre Signature Seduction Lipstick in shade 19 Review, Lip Swatches

Hey girls
Many of you know(if you are in friends list on facebook) that I have won the poutpretty contest conducted by purplle.com last month and it was sponsored  by Anna Andre Paris. Even though they said the winner would get gift of worth 5k, they gave me some weird not so popular stuff not even they belong to AnnaAndre.(weww... that's a different story. If possible, I will write a separate post on that.)
I was given some products from Anna Andre's Signature range. Today I am going to review their signature seduction lipstick in shade number 19.
About the lipstick from a Website:
Keep that pout ever-glossy and smooth all day long with its special formula that stays true and doesn't transfer or feather for hours. This shade belongs to the copper family.
Details of Anna Andre - Signature Seduction Lipstick 19

-Anna Andre - Signature Seduction Lipstick 19 is an ultra-luxurious creamy lip colour that delivers beautiful, lightweight colour
-Long lasting and moisturising this lipstick is sure to add a touch of seduction to any pout
-Its unique formula ensures no caking or dryness all day long

Tag : This or That and the Tag continues

Hey girls.. After a really long time, I am writing a tag post.
This is a random tag which is named "This or That".
It is quite interesting tag. I was tagged by my blogging friend, Sandhya of Sandhya's Blog
Thank you so much Sandhya :) :*
and here are my answers for the same.

Lotus Herbals Absolute Anti-Tan Gel Review

Hey people..
I don't know if its a good time to write a review about a SunScreen Lotion or an anti tan gel. It is a mixed climate here in Hyderabad,India. At times it is sunny and I plan to wear some light cotton kurti before I leave home but I return home getting drenched because of the heavy rain.
But the truth is, these days I am only interested in writing the lipstick reviews or any makeup related posts and skin care posts have been lagging behind.
This time, I made up my mind to post it anyway. Here it is the review of one of the best matte sunscreens available in the Indian market.
It is from the house of the Lotus Herbals.
It is their Absolute Anti-Tan Gel SAFE SUN PA ++ SPF-30
About the Product:
A unique sunblock crème exclusively formulated to lighten skin and provide a healthy shield against skin tan / darkening caused by Sun’s UVA rays. Protect against all forms of UV damage: Sun Burn, Pre-mature ageing and skin cancer.

Swatch Check : 8 Chambor SILK TOUCH Lipsticks

Hey girls..
Here I am with a swatch check post again.
I present you the swatches of the amazing,creamiest lipsticks from Chambor,Geneva.
These are their Silk Touch Lipsticks.
About the lipstick:
Chambor now releases its latest 'HAUTE' Lipstick: the Classic Silk Touch in a dreamy avatar that dresses your lips with an array of looks: from daring to delicate, innocent to sexy for all moods and for all occasions.
A perfect basic lipstick which is a must have for all CHAMBOR loyalists. Chambor introduced this lipstick, with its captivating sheer luminosity & feather light feel.
These are priced at 645 INR for 4.5gms