Day 2 - The 30 Day Lip Swatch Challenge

Hey people, you all know that I took up a 30 day lip swatch challenge.
Check day 1 here
Today, My lips are dressed in one of my favourite lipstick brand, Colorbar Cosmetics.
About the Shade:
I have chose the Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Pretty Please. It is a bright coral shade and it suits anybody with dusky to fair skin tone.
Check the swatches below :)
On my lips:
This particular shade is a warm coral and it has slight neonish look. It is a creamy lipstick which makes the application easy and it gives a matte finish which I love.
I tried my best to capture the original shade and in some pictures, it seems baby pink because of the lighting.
I would loove checking your lip pouts and lip swatches, if you are taking part in the challenge, please do leave me your blogpost links in the comments below.
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  1. Lovely Shade loved it on you Apoo... :)

  2. Replies
    1. hey thank you so much Asmitha :)
      seems like you are visiting this place for the first time. Can I have your blog link plz :)

  3. This is a pretty color Apoorva... I thought it'd wash me out and hence purchased peach crush instead.. but it's way to drying for my lips and crumbles badly.. don't know if it's just my lipstick cuz I know people who have it and it works absolutely fine for them..

    1. It is drying on my super dry lips too.
      I always apply a lipbalm underneath the lipsticks of this range.
      I am dusky and I feel this looks good on me if i dont overdo it.
      I am sure it will suit you perfectly :)

    2. I vl try this color next.. :D :D

  4. howcome I missed this from colorbar.. beautiful shade

    1. hehe..
      Nids Gautam selected this for me :D
      and that's how I got it.Else I wouldn't have tried it even :D

  5. Lovely shade. Reminds me of 'pinken' from elle 18


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