Day 1 - The 30 Day Lip Swatch Challenge

Hey people..
To make the beauty blogging little more interesting, I have come up with the concept of a 30 day lip swatch challenge.
I am already a part of a weekly eye makeup challenge.
I am starting off today with the lip swatch with a pretty RED.
These days I am obsessed with the red lipstick or anything related red. I want everything that belongs to the colour red.
So, here I am with my Day 1 of the challenge.
I have used the Lakme Enrich Lipstick in 427.
About the lipstick:
This is a lipstick from the Red and maroon family of the Lakme Enrich Range.
Here are the swatches:

The shade:This particular shade is pinky red. In the pictures, I have tried to capture the original colour. But it seemed more like a pink than a red.
If anybody is doing the lip swatch challenge, feel free to post in the links below in the comments. Would love to check them out :)
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  1. I like you lip swatches Apoorva.. I don't have a single Lakme Enrich Satin lippie.. I should look for one soonn.. :)

    1. Hey Dipti.. thank you so much :)
      and about the lpistick
      hmmm.. just buy one and try it out..If you like them then go for more.
      I bought 4 of them in rage.. But I kinda regret it.
      I didn't like the smell and they bleed :(

    2. they bleed.. :( I think I'd check some hot pinks.. I'll try one and see if I like it

    3. yo..they have beautiful hot pinks.. and im sure they suit you. try with one :)

  2. wow!! what a pretty shade and your lip swatches are even prettier.:)

  3. pretty shade and appu..ur lip swatches are amazing :) luvd it :)
    i really wanted to do this challenge..but no time :(


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