Shopping Experience from And a Note

Hey people..
I have been wanting to write about some of my recent shopping experiences and share some haul posts. But I am unable to do that. But as of now, please welcome a new online shopping website
This website is unique in its own way.
Check their about section: It says- is a platform that helps consumers discover new and exciting products through samples. Products like Gourmet Teas, Delicious Nutrition Bars/Breakfast cereals and Revitalizing Cosmetics.
Isn't it cool?
I wanted to try out their choice of products. Me along with a friend ordered some products (actually, samples).
Check what I got from them.
I have placed a pre paid order on 15th July 2013. Their shipping policy is proportional to the number of products you buy.
The standard shipping is 30INR for 3 products and with the increase of one product, your shipping charge increases by 3 INR. Interesting right ;)
We have ordered the below stuff.

VIVO Cosmetics Colour Stain Lip Crayon in Thing Called Love - Review, Swatches,LOTD

Hey girls
I am in love with the lip products these days. Gone are the days when I was head over heels in love with eye shadows and pencils. Now it is the lips which making me want more and more. When I am in this phase, that's when the sale hits the town..err..the internet. I couldn't control myself but pamper myself with the self gifting scheme. lol.
I along with a friend, ordered some VIVO cosmetics and here I am with the first review of one of those products.
ie. VIVO Lip Crayon in Thing called Love.
VIVO Cosmetics Colour Stain Lip Crayon in Thing Called Love - Review, Swatches,LOTD
What the website says about this:
Available in six shades the NEW VIVO Colour Stain Lip Crayons bring both moisture and colour to your lips! Relieve the dryness of your lips with the easy to apply sheer soft lip colour.

Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick in 358 - Review,Swatch,LOTD

Hey people.. 
I am pretty excited about writing this post. That's because this is my first ever lakme enrich lipstick. I know that this is the basic lipstick and may be the first lipstick that you girls started off with. But for me, I took so long to get one(blame on colorbar and other brands for distracting me ).
And another reason on why I am excited is because this is a RED lipstick.
I could see myself changing my taste in lipsticks these days. I am loving the RED colour so much! So much that I already got 4 lipsticks in the same red family. I will be reviewing them pretty soon.
After so much of dilemma, I got this shade 358.
What the website says about this:

Ebay Waterproof Eyeliner gel in Black - Review, Swatch

Hey people..
This was one such a review that has been pending since too long. I bought this gel eye liner a while ago just for the sake of practising. I don't know how to use a liquid eye liner so I had to buy this so that I can practise with this and buy a good one later on. If you are interested in what all I did with my liquid eye liner, do check this post: My experiments with liquid eye liner
Coming back, lets read about the cheapest gel eye liner available online.
What does the product claim?
Specially designed tip of the eyeliner glides on smoothly for the most precise control.
The eyeliner lines and defines with smooth, even colour that looks fresh all day
To enhance the shape and colour of your eyes by using eyeliner.
Easy to colour, waterproof, long lasting, your eyes will looks larger and nicer.
Easy to precise, perfect decoration and long lasting.
Come with a box, easy to carry and store.
Price and quantity:0.18oz/5g and the price varies from $0.95 to $1.25.

Revayur Foot Cream Review

Hey people..
Happy Sunday. Now that the monsoon is here and our super stressed feet needs more care. In the process of protecting my feet from all the monsoon effects, I started collecting some products which are exclusive for the foot care.
I am going to introduce a foot cream from Revayur.
What does the website says about this ?
-Keeps your feet deodorized and hydrated.
-Helps relieve dry, chapped heels.
-Fresh pleasant Lavender aroma refreshes & relaxes. - Gentle enough for daily use.