VAADI Herbals Amla-Shikakai Shampoo Review

Hey girls..
I am here with one more review. This time it is a shampoo from
Vaadi Herbals Amla-Shikakai with Reetha Extract.
What is it?
Its a Shampoo for Hairfall & Damage Control.
54 INR for 110ml

What it says:
An expert remedy for hair-fall condition, this shampoo follows a triple-action plan– promoting healthy scalp, strengthening hair roots and deep-conditioning hair. Shikakai and Reetha keep the scalp free of infections. Amla, here, strengthens and stimulates hair follicles, thus controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth.

What made me buy it?
Firstly, It is a herbal product. I have been longing for a herbal shampoo which would tame my highlighted hair.also which reduces the hair fall and cleans my oily scalp.
The ingredients made me buy it. :D :D

Active Ingredients: 
Amla:  Strengthens hair. Prevents Hair-Fall.
Shikakai: Effective conditioner and softens hair.
Reetha: Adds shine and bounce to the hair

The look:
The product comes in a thick plastic container in off white color. It has a flip type cap with a small hole to let the liquid come out.

My Take on the product:
The shampoo is transparent.It has deep yellow tint which I guess resembles the Amla.And has strong odour which is because of the external fragrance they used in the shampoo.
Now leave about the look and smell.
The first time when I used this,I had to wash my hair twice as I applied oil to my hair the other day.
It did lather well.
Later I used the conditioner from Biotique.

*Surprise Surprise* 
"There was no hairfall at all or can I say that I couldn't see my hair coming out when I applied conditioner". After drying my hair,my hair was soft as usual but with a bit of volume added to it.
That was the best part.

This was how the shampoo looked like.
And I used it at least 8 times till now. The results were the same.
It doesn't dry out my streaked hair.\m/
This is for you, A true herbal shampoo with no side effects at all!!
This is one of the good herbal shampoos
  • Effectively cleans the hair without leaving residues.
  • Reduces the hair fall from the first wash itself.Gives visible results.
  • Reasonably priced :D
  • I heard transparent shampoos are good for oily scalp.So all you oily scalped people are you listening?? ;)
  • Except the weird smell, I found everything good.
4.5/5 :-bd :D


  1. woww..for the price..nice review

  2. wowww i so want to try it now
    will get it
    thanks for the review
    the swatch luks similar to lotus herbals shampoo :)

    1. thank u so much :)
      I don't know about the lotus products. I didn't use their shampoos till now. How are they ?

  3. Nice too have oily scalp..will try this...:)

    1. Thank u puja :)
      Its good for oily scalp :)

  4. affordable..nice review Appu

  5. Hmmmm seems like a nice product for my hair too.... I earlier had bad experiences with herbal shampoos... they make hair soo frizzy... :(

    1. They do if you apply it directly to the hair. you can alway use them on oiled hair or use a very proper conditioner after shampooing.

  6. finally a mild shampoo... nice discovery apoorva.. ;)

    1. haha.. thanks.. I was just curious about the herbal shampoos. so gave it a try. Most of them proved to be false acclaims except this one :)

  7. Thanks a lot Appu. I too was looking forward to buy this. Have hairfall problem too. But got scared since its a newly launched product. Moreover I can't dare to experiment with my hair. This review really helped me a lot. Next time i'll definitly try this.
    You left a comment in my blog n so I tried to put all of the necklaces in one place but due to bad internet connection, I couldn't do this time also. But I'll keep trying. For now have a look at them in my FB page here. I posted them here as well.

    1. Heyy thanks for minding my words..
      Will surely check the pics there :)

  8. Lack of a complete ingredient list on bottle makes me sceptical.

    1. well.. Its been a really long time.. and my hairfall revisited me after finishing this bottle but somehow never turned back to this product.


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