Blood Network you can depend upon !!!

Create a Blood Network you can depend upon..!!

"Every 2 seconds, someone in India needs blood.
That someone can be you."

This post is dedicated to all the people in the WORLD.
And please do share the info.

This is An initiative by L&T Insurance
MY BLOODCONNECT is a website that provides you the safest and quickest way to get blood through people you already know, using a platform that you can completely trust.

My Blood Connect

  • Create a strong & dependable network of friends & family who share your blood group
  • Reduce the 'search time for blood' when you are in dire need
  • Send & receive blood alerts through emails & SMS

How it Works?

  1. Register on
  2. Choose 5 trusted people as your Blood Emergency Contacts ( BECs ) who will have access to your account and can send emergency alert messages.
  3. Create a network of people with the same Blood Group as you.
  4. In case of a medical emergency, log in and select an option to send out a blood alert. An email and SMS will be sent to people you select.
Save your life by creating a dependable network of friends and family who share blood group.Register

Hope it helps you or anyone related to you.
Kudos to the  
Keep up the good work.
we are with you.


Awards, Well, they make you feel special :)

Okey appu.. Chill!
People know you are excited, but still you need to know how to control :P
As I said,
today has been wonderful to me.!
I have been featured. And received awards.
Oh my gosh!
what else I want as a new bee here :)

Hurray..!! I am a naive here. Well, that is not a point.! I'm happy that I have been given awards for my blog. Thank you so much for everyone who influenced me and still inspiring me to write more.
More useful stuff I can say.
Just a nice feeling and I feel I should be more responsible and careful about what I put here.
Award means U r being watched. And lot more postive energy. Thanks for the award.And I promise to deliver genuine stuff as much as possible :)
coming to my award.

Sunshine Blogger Award given by a beautiful co blogger, Samannita.

Thank you so much Samannita.. I would take this as a token of love from you and a responsibility to move ahead with valuable information.

As part of this award I need to answer the following questions:-

 1. What do you feel your purpose is in life? -
To become a perfect woman by overcoming all my imperfections.
2.What is your favorite book? -
All the love stories which have a happy ending :)
3. Who or what inspires you most in life?
My dad, I have learnt a lot from him.
4. Would your rather donate time or money?
 5. What are your best qualities? -
I'm a good speaker, a better listener,an awesome friend(trust me in this,Il always be there for you through thicks and thins :))
6. If you were an organ in the body which would you be and why? -
The feet, which carries the entire body effortlessly.
7. Why do you blog? -
I want people to notice me saying,there she is who told us how to change our lifestyle
8. What is your greatest accomplishment? -
Yet to experience
9. Who is your role model/ hero and why?
My dad!! I believe every girl's first hero would be her dad. coz none can ever teach so much about life than him.
10. If you could be anything or anyone in the world,what would it be and why?
I want to be the girl,whom Robert Pattinson marries :P
I love him :D

And let me pass the Sunshine Blogger award to few of my fellow bloggers. I picked randomly from stylecraze community :)

Please note the rules below and pass on this award to other bloggers whom you feel deserve the Sunshine!
1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog page. 
2. Answer (10) questions about yourself. (highlighted above.)
3. Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers. 
4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award. 
5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you. 
6. Leave a link with your answers in comment section.

And this award from Niesha and Amee Ansari :)

Thanks a lot girls for this Award. It means a lot to me.

All you beautiful ladies' comments and your blogs just fill me with loads of positive energy and lots of enthusiasm.


Ps: couldn't stop adding color to the words :D was a bit excited :P

Want Glowing Smooth Skin? Use A Night-Cream : My post on Pepperfry

Hey people,
Love you guys for all the love and you inspire me :)
My post on Pepperfry,
Here is the post :

It says:

Want Glowing Smooth Skin? Use A Night-Cream
By Guest Blogger Apoorva Neeloji

You might have heard about the creams which make your face look fairer instantly or keeps you oil free for longer time during the day.

But what if you have an option of getting a brighter and flawless skin that too with a simple trick every day?

The answer is…Night Cream. Don’t use one yet? Then you must know that using a night cream regularly actually makes your skin bright, beautiful and wrinkle free.

Now that we have your complete attention here is what you need to know.

What does a night cream do exactly?

A night cream is typically a thick cream which is supposed to be applied on the face before you sleep. The ingredients repair your skin cells internally since we all know, our body repairs itself when we sleep. During night, we have the highest metabolic rate and which applies to the repairing of skin cells too. And these nights creams work on the skin and gives all the essential nutrients needed to make the skin healthier by morning.

Simply put, there are two reasons why a night cream is important:

  • TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) is greatest at night. A night cream can prevent that kind of dehydration.
  • The body’s cells are replenished with nutrients and are being regenerated at night, so this is the time to optimize the delivery of the raw materials the skin needs.

Should you use one?

Yes, that is if you want brighter, even toned skin every day. And also if you can’t spend too much time or money on parlors and skin treatments, a night cream is the best solution. Simply pick a night cream according to your skin type and requirement and you are ready to a skin makeover.

We recommend: Skin care range from Votre.

When is the ideal time to apply nigh cream?

Read the complete article HERE

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share some of my views.
Will surely stay in touck with you.

Appu :)

A Day With Sponge :D Aka Sponge Nail Art

Hey people... 
This is picture only post. 
I have tried my hand at sponge technique and here is the outcome. Applied two kinds on my nails and one on my sister. So.. please check the pix and comment :D

On my sister :)


I hope I made it okey, except for the forefinger. I messed it up.!

Please do comment on this and yeah,open to Any advice/Suggestion. :) 

Appu :)

Foods to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

This post is dedicated to all the people who want to reduce weight.

I want to put forth few foods to reduce your weight.
Maintating a proper diet and few exercise will make you lose weight with less effort.
Well, I would write about the exercises in the next post.
As of now,
I want to give a list of foods which would result in losing weight without hampering your health or cause any side effects.

1.Green Tea:

A Herbal tea which can be bought from the store or can be made at home helps a lot in reducing the weight. It indeed helps in providing all the nutrients needed for the body to eliminate toxins.Have green tea thrice a day to have the best results.

Apples are low in calories. 100g of apple provide only 50 calories. The fruits doesn’t contain saturated fats or cholesterol; but rich in dietary fiber, which helps, prevent absorption of bad cholesterol.
3.Dry fruits
These are dried fruits like Amlonds,Raisins, Dates.Dry fruits can be added in small quantities to fresh fruits in diets. These fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, and they complement the deficiency of minerals and vitamins in fresh fruits. Dry fruits along with fresh fruits in diets are effective in burning excess fat and reducing cholesterol, thus promoting healthy weight loss. They also improve the immune system and aid in detoxification.
Eating mushrooms in large quantities can help prevent or treat obesity, says a new study.
According to the study, which was led by Dr. Cheskin, suggests that increasing intake of low-energy density foods, specifically mushrooms, in place of high-energy-density foods, like lean ground beef, is a strategy for preventing or treating obesity.
Oatmeal is the perfect meal to start your day because it boosts your energy and has plenty of fiber to keep you full and satisfied. Oatmeal breaks down slowly in the stomach, giving you long-lasting energy. It is also full of water-soluble fibers, which play a crucial role in making you feel full over a longer period of time. Studies have also shown that oatmeal reduces cholesterol, maintains blood sugar levels and fights against heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and obesity

6.Olive Oil
Health benefits of Olive oil can be attributed to the presence of nutrients such as omega-3, oleocanthal, phenolic compounds, selenium and vitamins.
It is known to provide protection against cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and even cancer. Olive oil has proved useful in skin and hair care, and if used in food instead of saturated fats, it may aid in weight loss as well.
Olive oil is also very high in anti-oxidant content. Anti-oxidants help prevent cell damage through free radical scavenging and also help repair cell damage. Increased anti-oxidants in the body slow down the process of aging and may even increase longevity.

7.Chilli Peppers:
This is the one thing which I wanted to share the most. We indians love spices.

All peppers are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, but red peppers are simply bursting with them. Antioxidant vitamins A and C help to prevent cell damage, cancer, and diseases related to aging, and they support immune function.
Capsaicin, the ingredient responsible for making peppers hot, as the reason why they have a fat burning ability. This potent ingredient triggers the pain receptors in your mouth to become activated. Therefore, after you consume a spicy dish, your pain receptors send a message to your brain that relief is needed and pronto! Your brain responds to this cry for help by speeding up your metabolism and heart rate, in order for your body to sweat and cool off.
As a result, your body experiences an increased calorie burn and engages in a fight against fat. Basically, your body has a similar experience as it does during a workout. However, this doesn’t mean that you can forgo the gym! (Unfortunately, not that many calories are burned.)

I guess I didn't bore you guys. Just wanted to share some useful information with you people.

I am done. Don't scold me if I made you waste your time. haha

Ps: Images are from google.

Keep Rocking
Appu :)

Craftsvilla And A Small Haul

Hey people..
We all might have heard of the online shopping site CRAFTSVILLA
I wanted to give it try after reading so many positive reviews about it.
So,look what I got from them. I have bought a Tropical Island Lip Balm by Nyassa (READ THE REVIEW HERE)
Beeswax Lip Balm in Vanila :) 
Each costing INR 150 and INR 85 respectively.
Tropical Island Lip Balm by Nyassa
Beeswax Lip Balm in Vanila
But got for a lesser price. I bought these on sale :D
Now I want to share something special :)
These craftsvilla people are so sweet to me, They have sent a thank you note and a gift.
I take it as a token of  their love :)
A hand made Elephant key chain

Love you guys for all the love and the keychain.. My mom loved it so much saying "we got a golden elephant to our home, treat it nice"

And about the lipbalms, I will review soon :)

HAUL from Stylecraze!!!

Hey All.. Its been a while that I bought something from stylecraze.
I  ordered few things, this time only for the trial and error process.
So let me show you what I bought! 
Its a BIG box :D
Once I opened it, these are the things that have seen with loads of thermocol sheets
Love the way they take care of each product
I quickly took off the covers and here I am with the products.

1.Ponds Oil Control Orange Peel Extract & Sun Protection Talc
2.Boots Hair Spa Kaew Shampoo
3.RevAyur Deep Cleansing & Volumnizing Shampoo
4.Dr.Jain's Grow Hair Gel
5.Lacto Calamine Deep Cleaning Face wash
I always wanted to try this just because it has a lovely cute package and thats a single pic soley dedicated to it :D
6. VOV Water Shine Lip Gloss in shades Red Wine and Sparkle Red 
These were so cute to miss :D
7.Streax Hair Vitalizer
I bought it to try.
8.BR Trendsetter Color Book 48 Colors
I agree it is not so costly, this is my first eye shadow book. And I bought it just to practice!
Hope you like my simple silly haul.

Monsoon & MEN !!

Hey people..

For a Change I want to write a post for Men. Don't ask me why but my instincts making me do so. haha.

Now that I have started the post. I want to divide the post into 2 sections. Beauty and Fashion.

1. Beauty: Do's and Dont's

Cleanse: YES! please wash your face twice a day with a face cleanser and not that body soap.!

Face- Kinis !!! LOL :D

Face kinis!!!
This was the reaction when I got to know this.

People in china covered their faces with some thing the body suits which entirely covered their face just giving gaps to eat..
Oh yeah.. to breath!!

This is called heights of protecting themselves from getting tanned.

The news:
CHINA, QINGDAO : This picture taken on August 16, 2012 shows Chinese beachgoers wearing body suits and protective head masks, dubbed "face-kinis" by Chinese netizens, on a crowded public beach in Qingdao, northeast China's Shandong province. The face masks were initially designed to protect from sunburn but it turns out they are also quite handy at repelling insects and jellyfish, as many people in China dislike getting a tan, especially on the face.

Look at the poor kid :(

LOL desgner facekinis :P
Okey,I get it! You get tanned on your body but not on faces :D

One more LOL :P

No offence!

If you don't want to get tanned stop scaring people with these masks..go to an indoor pool.
Some times I wonder, What all people run behind.

The tan is the simplest thing to get rid off.
What is the fun when you dont have that natural tan when you enjoy in the beach.

Ps: Images from google.

Appu :) :)

Fabindia Tea Tree Soap Review

Hey ladies :)
How was your weekend? I hope you had lots of fun.
I have been to the Inorbit mall,here in Hyderabad and ended up buying few handmade soaps from the FabIndia store.

I had a tough time choosing the soap as there were too many to pen down here. I heard tea tree essence are good for oil skin. As I have an oily skin, I preferred it.

Here it says Tea Tree - Cleansing and Rejuvenating.

65 INR for 100 gms.

What it claims:
Cleansing and rejuvenating soap with tea tree oil which helps remove excess oil and prevent acne and pimples. Ideal for oily skin.

Ready Mix Combi Bar Flakes, Purified Water, Sodium Peg 7 Olive Oil Carboxylate, Olive Oil Peg 7 Ester, Poly Ethylene Glycol 7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Tea tree Oil, Sodium PCA.

It comes a transparent hard plastic sheet wrapped around it. It has a paper cover with the Fabindia logo and all the information printed on the other side. It is packed in such a way that you can actually see the soap.

Life Expectancy:
2 years.
With the plastic shield on

My experience with the soap:
I like transparent soaps with little of smell added to it. And this soap is what actually I'm referring to.
Its mild on my oily skin. As soon as I finished shower, before I apply a  moisturiser it turned little dry( like any other soap) but the dryness left me in sometime even when I don't apply a moisturiser(I forgot to apply actually :P )
It moisturised my skin so much that I need not apply any moisturiser later.
I loved this quality of this product.
It lathers well.
The smell. It has the typical tea tree smell. Not so strong. Though it stays once you are done with shower it goes off in sometime.
Without the plastic cover(I can see my fingers here :D)
A Fab product from FabIndia.

  • Awesome on oily skin.
  • Smells nice.
  • Moisturises skin so well.
  • love the transparency (my personal likes).
  • Worth the money.
  • None as of now.


VAADI Herbals Amla-Shikakai Shampoo Review

Hey girls..
I am here with one more review. This time it is a shampoo from
Vaadi Herbals Amla-Shikakai with Reetha Extract.
What is it?
Its a Shampoo for Hairfall & Damage Control.
54 INR for 110ml

5 Awards and A Dedication Post to my 5 fellow bloggers.

Hey all.. YAY YAY !! HAPPY DANCE ^_^ Thank you so much ^_^
With immense pleasure I am writing this post.I have been awarded the LIEBSTER AWARD 6 times! I already wrote THE POST on my 1st award by Dolon of
And here I go with answering rest of the 5 sweet blogger's even more 55(5*11,I hope you remember the rule :P) questions.
And this Award has been given by these beautiful ladies. I dedicate this post to you girls.
  • Arpita of
  • Prachi of
  • Shilpa of
  • Shourima of
  • Swati of
And my answers to the questions given by ARPITA :)

Favourite Eyeliner? I use the Eye Pencil Always.
Music or Television? Music Any Day
Fruits or vegetables? Fruits :D
Blue or white? BLACK
Name of your favorite teacher in High School? Subhashini,My science teacher.
Dog or cats? DOG
Favorite face-wash? LAKME Fruit Burst in Strawberry
Shopping or sleeping? SHOPPING :D :D
Oily, Normal or Dry skin? OILY :P
Gold or silver? SILVER :D :D
Singing or Dancing? DANCING WITH FRIENDS ^_^

Thanks ARPITA for the award. I loved you questions more like a rapid fire round :D

And my answers to the questions given by PRACHI :)

1.Who inspired you for writing blog? Style Craze and the content posted there by other bloggers.
2.The name of your favorite nail paint and lipstick/lip gloss : I love any lipstick in matte and nudes.
3.The name of your favorite brand (in cosmetics/outfits/or anything) :I love lancome
4.What is the most important session for you in parlor : facial, haircut/hair coloring or mani & pedi?Pedicure !! OMG ! the foot massage makes me so relaxed.
5.Your favorite type of footwear : heels, shoes or it? I love high heels since I can’t walk in them, I prefer my converse/flats most of the time.
6.Best prank which you played on anyone? Well, it is not a prank but something really funny.Throwing a bucket full of water from first floor on my best friends on the eve of holi
7.Your favorite celebrity?Robert Pattinson and Arjun
8.The most memorable, romantic movie of all times according to you is: Love, actually
9.What would you prefer the most : eye makeup or lip color?Eye make up
10.What is your secret nick name which your parents call and you never disclosed it to anyone about it? Kannalu
11.What would you love to have : a cat or a dog? a Dog, a puppy indeed !!

Thanks Prachi for the award.

And my answers to the questions given by SHILPA :)

1. Favourite skin-care product: An Oil Free Moisturiser and Oil Free Sun Screen.
2. Most prized possession: MY Diamond Pendant and My TATTOO
3. Dancing in the rain or sitting inside having hot snacks? Dancing in Rain
4. Dolls or stuffed bears? None of them :D
5. Scared of lizards? EWWW!!! YES!
6. Home cooked food or take-out? Home cooked food.
7. Favourite cuisine? South Indian
8. Red lips or red nails? Red Nails.
9. Eye glasses or lenses? Glasses.
10. Heels or flats? Flats as I am comfortable in them.

Thanks Shilpa for the Award.

And my answers to the questions given by Shourima :)

1.Your favorite social networking site? FACEBOOK
2.You like men in formals or casuals? CASUALS
3.Aviators/ Over sized glasses?AVIATORS for the stylish look that gives :D
4.Sheer or Sequins? SHEER
5.Choose between going out without mascara or blush? I don’t use blush at all.
6.Vintage jewellery/ Statement jewellery? Statement Jewellery
7.I love giving free beauty advise to my friends: yes. And good at following their advices too.
8.Tell me your 1 weakness? Chocolates, Chicken,Lip Gloss
9.Your style icon? MySelf!!! :P
10.1 piece of clothing from your closet you can’t get enough off? Blue Jeans :D
11.Most stylish person you have ever met? One of my friend,Swagatika

Thanks Shourima for the award.

And my answers to questions asked by SWATI
1. What motivated you to have your own blog? Style craze and its contents by other bloggers.
2. Lipgloss or Lipstick?? Lipgloss Any day!
3. If you could steal one thing from your best friends closet what would it be?Metal jewelry
4. One thing you still regret purchasing.?A compact which is lighter than my skin tone :/
5. Do you still sleep with a soft toy??nah..I sleep with a pillow
6. Your daily makeup includes…?Kajal,Lip gloss that is all.
7. Tell us the thing you are craving for right now (anything makeup/clothes/food).?Eye shadow palette!!!!
8. If you were to choose between Kajal or Lip color… what would you chose?Lip color. Kajal is always black and I have a stock of them
9. What’s your worst/best memory of childhood and why?I was not good at hindi. When i was in 5th STD, I been chased many times by my hindi teacher in my dreams. That is my worst and funny memory.
10. We all make mistakes… so which was the biggest blunder you did with your makeup and how you covered it? I am very bad at applying eye liner(even now).whenever I apply it I end up covering it with a concealer
11. Are you a bathroom singer or dancer???A Dancer

Thanks Swati for the Award.

Thanks girls for the award. I am overwhelmed. This award boosted up my energy and I strive hard to keep up the standard.

Thanks a tonn !! 
You rock!

Appu :)