DIY: Make Youself a DRY SHAMPOO

Heyya pretty ladies..

Phew.. After so much of research and trying it out myself. I am here to share the recipes for your hair.
Dry shampoo has become a popular time-saver and saves us from a bad hair day.
And price of it may make you scream but this home made shampoo comes for dead cheap.

First of all, you may want to know what is your scalp type.To know your scalp type click me


I have an oily scalp which becomes oily the very evening or the next day after shampooing.
And dry shampoo is formulated for the oily scalps.

What it is:
Basically it is a powdered shampoo to be used on hair in order to absorb excess sebum and give the hair a fresh look. It comes in a spray bottle.

Now that we want to make a shampoo on our own. So here is the process :)

The Recipe:

Common Ingredients:
        Baking soda
        Ground oats
        Cocoa powder
        Essential Oils

  1. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda, corn starch,ground oats on your hair (whichever one you happen to have handy).
  2. Use your fingers to spread the powder on the scalp.
  3. Work on the scalp for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Leave it for another 2-3 minutes.
  5. Brush off the powder from your hair.

How does it work:
The dry shampoo absorbs all the excess sebum from your scalp leaving your hair naturally oil free.

  • If you wish to have any kind of scent, you can use baby powder.(I would suggest you to opt for johnson and johnson baby powder).You can also add dried flowers such as lavender, rose petals.Then put it in a jar with a tight lid.
  • To make your hair smell nice,put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a clean spray bottle filled with water. After you do the dry shampoo routine, spritz some of the scented water on your hair.
  • For dark hair, you may want a darker powder base instead, simply replace any of the white powder bases mentioned in the recipes above with cocoa powder.
  • For little extra volume,try using flour as a dry shampoo for your hair. There are lots of different types of flour. Each gives slightly different results.Wheat flour and oat flour may be the best ones for those with dark hair.

Hope you like it..
Do share the results.

Till my next post
Stay stylish..
Stay Happy..

Appu :)

These are not my own tips. I wanted to try it on myself first and then spread to people. So is the post.


Hi ladies

This post is useful to know what is your scalp type.
Basically we have 4 types:
  1. OILY
  3. DRY

  • The center of your face (T-zone) gets greasy by midday.
  • Even with volumizing products, your roots limp cut before the day is over.
  • Hair strands tend to stick to each other.
  • Needs to be shampooed frequently.
  • May look good for a day or two after shampooing, but then begins to look oily very quickly.
  • Scalp may become oily more quickly, especially in times of stress, anger or illness.
  • Seasonal changes make your facial skin more oily or dry, but generally it’s somewhere in between.
  • Your hair doesn’t look greasy or dry if you skip shampoo for a day.
  • Styling products or hair treatments don’t tend to irritate your scalp.
  • Natural gloss and shine, smooth and soft to the touch.
  • Hair, not oily and easy to manage.
  • Shampooing not required frequently.

Maybelline COLOR Sensational Lipstick in shade Forever Plum - Review,Swatches and Photos

Hi pretties
In this post I am going to review my new lipstick(I have been using this since two weeks).
Its Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in shade 119(Forever Plum).

Price:   Rs.299/-
Weight: 1.6 g

Sattvik Sun Ban - Review

Hey beauties :)
One quick question..
How many of you ladies enjoyed swimming in the summer? How many of you people still have the tan on your body...?
I joined the swimming classes this summer and yeah I got tanned badly( very badly.. sob sob :( )
I admit that I enjoyed a lot as I was learning it but at the end of the it gave too many patches on my skin.

And by the end of the swimming camp, I was good at swimming(I am so happy) And sadly my skin got tanned too badly.

I tried many methods to get rid of the tan and here I am back with my natural dusky complexion.
And to achieve this many products helped me and one among them is
Sattvik Sun Ban -Remedy for Sun Tan Removal
12 gms
What the product claims:
The product claims the following
  • Visibly enhances complexion.
  • Restores natural fairness and glow.
  • Evens skin tone.
  • Renews and Revitalises. Protects skin from sun spots.
  • Gives a youthful,radiant,non-oily look.
Haldi,Chandan,kesar,Lavender oil,Sesame oil,Orange oil,Lemon oil


Hey all..

I want to put forth a make up tip to make lips look little plump.
Who does not want the full bee stung lips.. And obviously we can not get operated(at least I will not :P)

So here is the tip..

Unlike usual lining the lips on the edge..,try applying just above the edge of the upper lip.
Then fill it with the same colour lipstick.
Now take a blotting sheet.
Take off the excess lipstick.

This works the best if you have a thick lower lip and a thin upper lip like me :)

Before you do this,apply concealer or a bit lighter foundation to your lips also in order to cover up any pigmentation. and it also gives the true lipstick colour.

The tip:
Now that the lipstick part is done.
Apply very little talcum powder or high lighter on your Cupid's bow.
And finish the process by applying a lighter lip gloss.

Points to remember:
1.Avoid pigmentation by applying concealer or foundation.
2.Don't over line the lips. just a thin outer lip line will do the work.
3.The talc should be applied on the Cupid's bow ONLY.
4.The lighter the gloss the maximum effect.

Hope this tip helps to get plump lips without a lip plumper.

Appu :)

Coloressence Aqua Makeup Base - Review

Holla pretty ladies..
I am back again with one more wonderful product I came across.
I was looking for something which would give my face a subtle glow and at the same time it should protect me from the Sun.
And my wait was over when I got this product.
Introducing you my very favourite...
                                   Coloressence Aqua Makeup Base

Smooth Legs-All Natural Hair Removal and Exfoliator Review

Heyya all...
Here I am going to review something which has won my heart and so is my favourite.
thats a natural hair removal system of
Smooth Legs-All Natural Hair Removal and exfoliator
here is the pic..
Package includes
1 travel case
1 large backing pad
1 small backing pad
4 large flex crystal replacement pads
4 small flex crystal replacement pads