New Additions to My Nail Paint Collection

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I have shown you my nail polish collection a while ago(read an year back) 
You may want to see my old post My nail polish collection
This post is more like showing the recent additions to my already existing nail paints I got nothing much to talk but just to show and tell what are they and why are they in my collection. So I welcome you to my tiny collection of nail paints.
First is first..
These are newest addition which I loved the most. The Maybelline Colorshow Nail paints are definitely a hit and they are just too fabulous to skip. I have right now 3 and I guess I will be getting few more. But the best ones, I already own :)
These are priced at 75 INR and these are the amazing colours I own.
Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish in Bold Gold,Orange Fix,Denim Dash

3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty Trends that Ruled 2013

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I am back again with my Korean Obsession Post. I have always loved their flawless skin and glowy makeup. Now that I researched on this so much that I can tell you what was a hit and a miss in 2013 in the Korean Makeup. They prefer a natural look which means no loud lipsticks or no extravagant eyes (Okay, please exclude the Kpop girls under this section) KPOP girls are more into flashy eye makeup and not so crazy lipcolors. The lipsticks I have seen them wearing is the soft pinks and corals the most. Apart from very few who prefer wearing bright neons and reds.
Now coming the popular trends that prevailed in the Korean Makeup world for the year 2013 are as follows.
1. Puppy eyes
Yeah yeah.. now you must be wondering what it is all about. We Indians looove dramatic application of kohl or kajal. The winged eyeliner was a popular trend in 80's and now it came back and took us all by storm. We now can not think of anything else but the wing..when it comes to the eye liner. (I am one crazy who is still struggling to get a wing)
Okay, now coming back to the puppy eyes, it is a technique that creates the wing downwards or straight but not angular. It is made slightly thick to enhance the shape of the eye.
3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty trends that ruled 2013 's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch

Hey people.. Happy Monday 

By the title you could have guessed that this is a product review and I felt it has been really long that I kept particular product review pending.

To start off, you know how much I love Korean cosmetics and cosmetic-love has been real generous in sending out their new launches to me. Well, if you are wondering on what they sent me check the package of goodies here

When I saw them, this product just caught my eyes,lips everything lol that is because I could read the name and when it said Makeup Remover Pen, I was excited to try it out as I am super good at applying liquid eye liner. I have tried enough to apply a winged eye liner which I feel impossible without this. I scribble the liner on my eye lid and then clear the mess out to form the wing using this pen.

Read the review of the other products they sent me here 's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch

DIY-Protein Hair Mask to Reduce Hairfall and Promote Hair Growth

Hey people,
It is the Sunday and it a time for a DIY which worked for me and I am sure it should work for you too.
This post is short and quick. It focuses only on the recipe and how you prepare it yourself.
I already wrote some DIY(Treating dry hair at home) posts earlier when I created this blog. Click on to read all about Dry Hair,Causes and cures
Protein Hair Mask to Reduce Hairfall and Promote Hair Growth
To know how to make yourself a dry shampoo read here
To make a leave in Conditioner read here
you do not need many items but some regular powders that are available in the nearby grocery store.
This was the recipe tried and tested by me and I have seen a visible change in my hair texture and hair growth. It dramatically reduced my hairfall in 6 uses.

Mine is shoulder length hair so, this recipe is meant for this length hair. However, you can change the quantity depending upon your hair length.

3 Concept Eyes -Korean Makeup- Lip Gloss -Review, Swatches

Hey people
How was the new year and how did you celebrate it ? Today I would like to write a review on a popular Korean brand  "3 Concept Eyes"
I picked up the Lip gloss from this brand and here goes my rants about the product.
3 Concept Eyes - A Korean Makeup- Lip Gloss-Review, Swatches
About the brand:
3 Concept Eyes is a Korean makeup brand started up as a small sector but later grew into the professional firm which has the amazing lipsticks in its kitty. The best product of the brand is the 3 Concept Lip/Eye pigment. The pigment can be used as a lip color, eye shadow and the blush. These come in great colors including white,yellow etc. These are meant to be mixed with other pigments in order to achieve the desired shade. These are the Korean version of the popular Lip Tars.

AVON India Introducing Naturals Herbal cream & mask

Glowing moisturised skin for winter!
New Delhi, January, 2014: NEEM the herbal miracle is known to have brightening, moisturising, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. This winter Avon launches Naturals Herbal cream and mask infused with Neem rich in anti-oxidants and essential vitamins for brighter moisturised skin from 1st use onwards!
Naturals Herbal Cream & Mask also has Linzhi, a rare mushroom that is used as a preventive measure and to strengthen body immunity. The herbal ingredients Neem and Linzhi will leave skin looking radiant, energized and rejuvenated. The cream & mask come with three beauty benefits:
v  Makes your skin glow
v  Renews your skin and Improves skin smoothness