Swatch Check : 8 Chambor SILK TOUCH Lipsticks

Hey girls..
Here I am with a swatch check post again.
I present you the swatches of the amazing,creamiest lipsticks from Chambor,Geneva.
These are their Silk Touch Lipsticks.
About the lipstick:
Chambor now releases its latest 'HAUTE' Lipstick: the Classic Silk Touch in a dreamy avatar that dresses your lips with an array of looks: from daring to delicate, innocent to sexy for all moods and for all occasions.
A perfect basic lipstick which is a must have for all CHAMBOR loyalists. Chambor introduced this lipstick, with its captivating sheer luminosity & feather light feel.
These are priced at 645 INR for 4.5gms

Safety measures to protect yourself from criminals - Women's Safety

hey girls
This is not a product review or a beauty related post. But it is an informative post to keep you prepared with the recent unfortunate incidents happened in the country.
After all the arrests/court cases we here,still struggle for the freedom to dress,behave etc.
Don't you think we are too unsafe in the country.
Everybody is ready to blame the government and the leaders/police but my opinion is to fight against it.
Be prepared to face the criminal.
You are and you will be alone when the criminal attacks and you should be in a position to defend yourself.
Let the people blame the government but I just wish that you should never feel sorry/regret of what could have been done to stop it right there.
Here I present you few safety measures and quick tips to escape before the situation goes out of hand.

Review of the Tapered Blending Eye Shadow Make Up Brush from

Hey people
You know I am a naive in the eye makeup section. After my first ever eye makeup look here
Check the proofs here here and here 
I know I am missing the creativity part but I thought, that was the only thing people need to become a pro at eye makeup.
*Would you mind checking what I learnt from my eye makeup ?? then read my 10 lessons here*
I was proved wrong with this new love of mine.  I knew the eye shadows and the creativity plays a major role in getting a perfect eye makeup. But never knew that the brushes have a prominent role in getting it right.
Right use of the brushes makes a great difference in the outcome. I had few brushes which are said to be eye shadow applicator brushes. But, somehow I wanted something else just to make the colours blend well. After so much of searching, I got to know that the brush I wanted was a blending brush or simply a fluffy brush.
I saw these brushes are pretty costly which convinced that the eye makeup is just incomplete without this brush. So, I got this blending brush from my ever favourite (I am still a beginner in eye makeup and I don’t want to spend so much on something I’m not good at).
The brush reached me in 10days including the holidays. *Happy Dance*

Lass Naturals Goat Milk With Shea Butter Soap Review

Hey People
I always have a very good impression on anything that is handmade and natural. I started using the handmade soaps and those were my instant love(though few were like eww) but the others were really nice to my skin.
Coming to my skin type, I have an oily face and combination type body. My body gets dry easily and I need to live on moisturiser for the entire day. So for me, the main expectatation from a soap would be providing the adequate moisture and not making my skin dry.
When I knew this is the situation I started up looking for soaps which can satisfy me in this area.
I heard about the Lass Cosmetics brand through some online shopping site and I grabbed few products from them which worked great for me.
I wanted to try their hand made soaps also; I started off with this one.
The Goat Milk With Shea Butter Soap.
Read on to know more about the product and my experience.
Price and Quanitity:
It costs 65 INR for 125gm / 4.4oz

Burts Bee Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter Review

Hey people
I am a girl and that includes me biting the lips when in tension and lick whenever I find them a bit dry. As a result, I've always had dry chapped lips. In a quest to find my perfect lipbalm I kept trying out all the available lipbalms. Through some random searches I got to know this brand called "Burt's Bees". It is famous for all natural and organic products,100% chemical free. At one point, I was literally dieing to try this out and searched each and every international website for this, came to my rescue. The best part about this website is that, it offers free international shipping.
I am going to review the Burts Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter

I have already reviewed the lip shimmer from Burt's Bees HERE
Price and Quantity:
£3.50 for 4.25gms

Day 6 - The 30 Day Lip Swatch Challenge

Hey Girls
As a part of the 30 day challenge I have chosen my first ever coral lip gloss to swatch. It is the Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Gloss in Captivating Coral.
This is by far my favourite lip gloss and I have been using it every now and then. I loved the light texture of it. And people say it is well pigmented But I feel its pigmentation is not great.
About the Shade:
This is one of the beautiful coral lip gloss I've ever seen and tried. It suits my dusky complexion so well. It might completely cover up my pigmentation with multiple swipes.
Enjoy the swatches.