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How I cook Del Monte Pasta - My Style

I have always loved Italian food and every time I have the dish, it never fails to surprise me with the goodness of cheese and the sophisticated aroma. However, I like the pasta with red sauce more than the white sauce. I prefer pasta for my supper and I totally feel content with my preparation. My mother can't really cook pasta so this gives out the opportunity for me to experiment with my own recipe.
I am a south Indian and I prefer anything to be a BIIIIITTTT Spicy (well you know how spicy).
I am thankful to the Del Monte India guys for sending me the Pasta and thus making me work it out easily. I loved the fact that the Del Monte Pasta is made of whole wheat and I am certainly health conscious and calorie conscious,so this one just fits me so well.

Easy Quick Sponge Cake at Home -Recipe-Basic-Simple Style

Hey there
I could get some time for baking yesterday and I thought of making a cake.
Let me confess that I'm a beginner in the cooking/baking section so my recipes will be super simple and easy annndd quick(because I can't wait to eat my handmade food)
Anyway coming to the recipe I have made the cake with small quantity and I almost have all the electronic equipment in my home and they made the cooking method even more simple.
The final result:
Hehe check the picture on my histogram.. My id
Preparation time:  20 mins
Baking time:          15 mins
Serves:                  6