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This is the time when online shopping is a must for everybody. Call it lazy or efficient or may be number of choices is more. Whatever the reasons may be, we love online shopping. We can literally buy anything and everything online. Okay, when I say this most of us would stuck at the "Eye Wear". Can specs be bought online? We now have an answer and it is none other than John Jacobs. Revolutionizing Eyewear Fashion Revolutionizing Eyewear Fashion
About John-Jacobs: (in their own words)
JOHN JACOBS has brought to life a dream of offering boutique, world-class eyewear at accessible price points.
The story of John Jacobs started from a dream – of making stylish eyewear an achievable aspiration for every consumer.
John Jacobs is the brainchild of three stalwarts of the Indian eyewear industry. People who’ve worked with the best of brands, have experienced the process of creating quality eyewear up, close and personal, and know what it takes to construct a brand.

PromTimes: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well

Out of all the dresses and events, I am sure every girl's first ever big day would be the Prom. However, we don't have that event in India but in western countries and eastern countries, it is a very common celebration. Every girl dresses her best and plans out the whole day so well to make it the most memorable day of her teenage times. While we know many websites that offer the prom dresses and I myself introduced many websites but most of them have a similar collection of dresses as per my view.
But there is one website that stocks pretty unique designs. Though it is based in China, it delivers their dresses virtually to almost every country. It is
PromTimes: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well
PromTimes: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well

Taste Japan November / December Box - Unboxing

Yes..I am eating while typing this blog post. I am super happy that I am eating so tasty snacks after a long time that too from Japan :D My Asian Addiction just reached the next level.Read on to know more on what I am talking about.
£15 ~ 1400 INR apprx Per Month – Shipping is Free!
Ships directly from Japan
Taste Japan is a monthly box of mouthwatering Japanese treats delivered to your doorstep for only £15/month!
July was their introductory box and so far they’re making a pretty big. Taste Japan guys were kind enough to send me a box for review <3 This is a sampler box which means there is no guarantee of the number of products or the size of the products. Whatever it is, I am super excited to show you what I got in this month.
Taste Japan November / December Box - Unboxing
Taste Japan November / December Box - Unboxing 
That's what my box contained and as you can see, they already filled up my tummy haha
Coming to their individual things..

5 Must Haves from American Swan - All New Fall Winter Collection

Winter is here already and even in Hyderabad the temperatures have been reduced so much and I am all set for a quick wardrobe makeover to keep myself warm. I am an online shopping enthusiast and I always keep a look on the new trends in fashion and new online shopping destinations. That's how I got to know AmericanSwan. I actually heard about this website a while ago but my bad memory kept it unchecked for a long time. But now I regret not checking the website earlier. The collection is just great with super affordable price range and amazing styles.
I'm sharing 5 of my favorites from the store just in case if you want to own them too.
Make a modern statement with this sophisticated pullover. Made with 100% cotton, this full sleeve button down cardigan is engineered for both style and warmth.
5 Must Haves from American Swan - All New Fall Winter Collection
5 Must Haves from American Swan - All New Fall Winter Collection
This is like my love at first time. These days I am more into the traditional style of sweaters and cardigans less of the new kind jackets. Now you know why I loved this one.Infact I am thinking of styling this cardigan just how the model did. Floral dress with this cardigan.How cute is the combination.

TAILORMAN.COM - The last word in customized MEN's fashion

Okay, I have my guy and I keep getting him clothes. Most of the times I opt for shirts and Tshirts which are by far the easiest to go by size and fit. But when the topic, formal clothing or if it is related to Suits,Blazers I go dumb. In fact, we find it difficult to chose something in store just by trying it on once. The fit etc is super confusing and that too when it comes to somebody who is naive to this genre of clothing I am sure this gonna result in shelling out so much money and what you get is always doubted on what you actually wanted. Website Review
That's when TAILORMAN.COM comes to our rescue.
TAILORMAN.COM - The last word in customized MEN's fashion
TAILORMAN.COM - The last word in customized MEN's fashion

Kawaii Box - November 2014 Unboxing in Pictures-Review

Hey Girlies.. Happy Weekend. I must say this year has been The Year of Subscription Boxes.Going with the flow, there is this Cutesy Box all the way from Japan and Korea. Did you just read Asian ? Well.. you know my love for Korea ! and Anything related to Korea. Mind me telling you that I recently started admiring Japanese Stuff? Well, yes! I'm totally addicted to Asian Stuff. Coming to the present box..Read on
Kawaii Box-November 2014 Edition
Kawaii Box - November Month Unboxing in Pictures-Review
Kawaii Box - November Month Unboxing in Pictures-Review
$ 18.90 / Month
♥  Free shipping worldwide  
♥  Cancel your subscription any time  
♥  All items are 100% original & licensed  
♥  100% Safe & Secure payments by Paypal  
What is a Kawaii Box:
Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items.
 Kawaii means Cute in Japanese Online Shopping - Makeup Haul ft Zoeva

Yes yes yes! I just joined the bandwagon of Shopping lovers. Sounds different lol.Luxola is known to all the beauty junkies that it stocks all the luxury and most loved brands starting from Sleek,Beauty Blender,Sigma,Zoeva and many others. I visited their website a while back and disappointed to know that there is no shipping to India. But you see, that day I wished so much that they would ship to us,Indians. That wish is now officially fulfilled. now ships to INDIA. How cool is that..
The best part, you can now shop from them and get a
flat 30% off storewide. Use coupon code BLX-APOORVA Online Shopping - Makeup Haul ft Zoeva Online Shopping - Makeup Haul ft Zoeva
About LUXOLA.COM (in their own words)
Our story:
After spending a few years working in Southeast Asia, skincare-product addict Alexis Horowitz-Burdick discovered a lack of reliable and efficient e-commerce platforms offering a vast range beauty products within the region, and decided to step up to the task. Luxola was born in mid-2011. 
Achieving the overwhelming support of both consumers and investors, Luxola has very quickly grown into becoming the #1 destination for beauty in Southeast Asia, serving customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brunei, and the United Arab Emirates.
Luxola prides itself on:
Providing outstanding customer service and swift delivery – as quickly as on the same day in many markets.
Bringing the best brands from around the world to one accessible platform, and ensuring that every product is 100% authentic. Today, Luxola works with over 200 of the worlds’ leading brands and carry over 4,000 products.
Offering beauty education and creative inspiration to consumers through engaging platforms like our magazine and our virtual makeup studio LXStudio. - Website Review

Hey guys.. You may be a bit anxious on why College has come in between the world of beauty and fashion. Well..Most of you know the answer. For those who don't you keep reading.
Choosing a career or what you want to be in the next few years is very important as a teenager or as an adult. I am talking about the UG,PG etc Learning should never stop in anybody's life but you should always trust upon your education institution to make your dreams come true. That is when Collegedunia comes to our rescue. - Website Review