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My Shopping Experience with - Website Review

“Life isn’t perfect. But your outfit can be!” ;)
We love clothes and we love ‘em more when we get them on sale :P So girlies, here I am to review a cool website that I came across - It is a one stop shop for ethnic and western wear, accessories, designer wear, fabrics and the best part is it has an amazing collection of clothes even for men and kids. Let’s dig into the site deeper and I’d share my shopping experience too.

Shopping Circle Lens and Makeup from

Shopping Circle Lens from

I have shopped from Bornprettystore before and it always been a great experience for me. This is my second official haul that I am writing on my blog. Here is the first one. I did buy few things in between but never really showed them here. So, coming to my recent haul, I was wanting to try circle lens for quite some time now. Yes, my KOREAN obsession is still ON! This time, I didn't leave a chance to buy a pair of circle lens.
So, here is my haul.
Shopping Circle Lens from
Shopping Circle Lens from

The Four Fountains Spa is now in Hyderabad - My Experience

Hey People!! Not so long ago, I had written about my experience with The Four Fountains Spa, Powai when I was in Mumbai. You can read it here Now that I have moved back to Hyderabad, I was kind of missing the service that I took in the spa and this time I was keen on getting my body pampered. As soon as I got some time, I rushed to the website to check if there is this spa located in Hyderabad and I was relieved to see it is there and pretty close to my place :D So I booked my appointment and I was all set to welcome my new fresh self.

Fab Bag September 2015 (3rd Anniversary Special) - Review

Every month this tiny pouch surprises me with unique goodness and well chosen products. Even though I receive the fabbag every month, this month has been special. The reason being that it has been 3 successful years that FABBAG started delivering happiness to our door steps.
Fabbag September 2015 - 3rd Anniversary Special-Review
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Here are the contents of my FAB BAG September 2015 edition.

FAB BAG - Cast A Spell - August 2015 - Review

I can't say a sorry just every time but I do want to apologize for the delay in posting this. I have received it in the late last week of August and I had to take sometime in clicking pictures, editing them and finally posting them. I did take a bit of effort in clicking pictures, please do let me know if you like them.
Okay, so coming back to the most gorgeous looking FAB BAG ever - ie August Fabbag 2015.
August Fab Bag has come up with the theme called  "Cast A Spell"
I was totally awestruck with the bag that had the contents, it is a shiny pink bag and totally made me smile ear to ear. By the way you can check  July Bag,June Bag,May Bag and April Bag :)

So, lets check the contents of my August Fab Bag
FAB BAG - Cast A Spell - August 2015 - Review
FAB BAG - Cast A Spell - August 2015 - Review

Triveni Ethnics-Destination for Indian Ethnic Clothing

Triveni Ethnics-Destination for Indian Ethnic Clothing

Saree.. The name spells magic. Not only this is the most favorite of Indian women but also loved by women from western countries as well. Looks like just a 6yard cloth but is known to be so comfortable,elegant and considered so beautiful.If you live in India and if you are a girl, I am sure you own at least one saree in your wardrobe because the wardrobe feels so incomplete without a saree. There are many kinds of sarees which I mean the material and design.
Triveni Ethnics-Destination for Indian Ethnic Clothing
Triveni Ethnics-Destination for Indian Ethnic Clothing

Clothing Haul ft

Clothing Haul ft
Clothing Haul ft

Shopping is easy and makes me feel so good. I used to like visiting the shopping malls for my clothes shopping because I can actually try on clothes, feel the fabric and check the fitting. I seldom exchange my clothes and I totally think the whole process is a stress buster and fun. But now things have been changed, in many ways. Now I cannot really invest my time in visiting a mall as I find it really disappointing in the end. I do not like the fact that there is a huge crowd in every place that I used to shop earlier. I need to waste time at the trial room, at the cash counter and during the SALE season just the whole process is too irritating. Thankfully, most of the online websites have almost the same sort of sale DURING the sale season. But what if you want to shop for less price in the off sale season? Well, I have an answer now. It is the LIMEROAD.
Limeroad can be downloaded on your mobile for quick shopping experience in your palm. I have shopped from them earlier and I always wanted to shop from them again whenever I get a chance to. In this haul, I would like to show you what I got.
I have got three very unique pieces. Very different from one and another.
Before getting into my haul, I would like to tell you my experience with the website

Accessories Haul ft American Swan #AsIAm

America is celebrating the legalization of GAY..Meanwhile in India..well..nothing much is happening really..Except half of the facebook accounts in India have changed their Display Pictures(DP) I am sure many of them don't even know what it is meant. Let me not even get there as I am in a really good mood to show off my recent haul featuring one of the few brands which are known for it's super classy clothing and amazing accessories. It is none other than American Swan!
Before I show you what I got, let's get to know about the brand in detail in their own words:
Accessories Haul ft American Swan
Accessories Haul ft American Swan

The Four Fountains Spa,Powai,Mumbai-My Experience

If I have to tell what gave me the energy to face the week's hectic workload is the Spa Session that I had on a hot Sunday afternoon. I am here to share my experience with you on how I felt about the spa session that I was offered by The Four Fountains Spa guys.
About the Four Fountain Spa:
Welcome to Four Fountains De-Stress Spa – India’s largest chain of affordable day spas.Our mission is to create a stress-free and healthy India. Through our spas we’re bringing the scientifically proven health benefits of spa therapies within reach of more and more Indians.
Our spas are designed to be
Our unique benefit-based menu offers spa therapies for de-stressing, de-toxification, immunity and beauty.
Every therapist undergoes rigorous training at our dedicated training academy
Our in-house Spa Doctors conduct a stress test and recommend the spa therapy that best meets your needs
Our Spa Doctor also suggests a suitable diet, exercise plan and lifestyle changes for stress-free living
We offer same-gender therapists i.e. a lady therapists for ladies and a gentleman for gentlemen
Our therapy rooms have private shower enclosures within each therapy room
We use disposable linen extensively for hygiene and privacy
With most therapies priced between Rs. 599 – Rs. 1999, you can now make spa therapies part of your wellness regime
Our weekday discounts and membership discounts make our affordable prices even more delightful
All our prices are inclusive of taxes
My Take:
I was welcomed with warm smiles and the in house doctor was present. The store manager and the other staff met me and greeted me. I was asked on which treatment I would go for. I was wanting to take Lightening Facial with Ocean Mist but I had a bit of acne and the doctor suggested me to go for the Lightening Facial without the Mist. I was okay with it.
So, the Masseuse asked me to get dressed in disposable inner wear and I was asked to lay down on the bed. She did a patch test before starting the actual process and the products didn't irritate my skin. The best part is that, the brand manufactures their own products and are meant to be safe for the skin.
The Process:
The masseuse started by removing my lip and eye makeup. I knew already that I will be having a facial so I haven't applied any makeup except for a lipstick. So, after the makeup removal, she started by cleansing my face with gentle strokes and then turned down for neck and shoulders. The massage technique was almost the same I mean, for all the steps like after cleansing, I was given steam and she started exfoliating with a gentle scrub in gentle circular movements.After some 30-40 minutes of the process she applied the face mask and by that time,I was already sleepy so I had the face mask as an opportunity to take a nap. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the facial.
The in-house doctor gave me a complimentary massage cream for proper sleep which I started using recently.
Heads up:
The facial made my skin super soft and plump. I had the glowing face for two more days.
The products used were of citrus variant and I really enjoyed the smell and feel that these gave me in super hot summer.
The masseuse is good and careful. She took good care of my skin.
The spa room is tiny and the attached bathroom is super tiny and has only shower. No tap or a mug or a washbasin. It is a con for me because, I opted for a facial and I have the habit of cleaning up the face all over again with water after the facial.
**Special Mention**
I really loved the decor. Everything seemed to look so perfect that instantly made my already juggling mind some peace.
The Buddha portraits were the best. In fact, watch out for the next one.
If I had to pick one piece from the Spa that I can take home along,that would be this one.. Sleeping Buddha Statue.
This looked super super nice to me and I felt like taking this with me but I didn't dare to ask the management lol
a very nice facial that I had in recent times. It is worth the money and time. The Four Fountains Spa is one place where you can just throw away your mental tensions and just relax and welcome a new you.
**I was offered the service by the brand Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Mumbai in exchange for an honest review.

Lenskart Eye Popper Sale 11th to 14th of April

Whoa Whoa! We have known about the sale during December and July but don't you get excited when you have a sale just when you actually wanted? Yes! I am talking about the sun glasses and eye glasses which make us look cool in the hot summers. I have always been a fan of eye glasses and I am always up for a new frame to try on. I know the fact that one pair of glasses is just not enough and one frame is just too boring. But if given a chance to own few more glasses that add charishma to my eyewear collection and make me look even more fashionable and stylish,, I am IN for it!
I think the Lenskart guys heard us well and they came up with an amazing sale named as "EYE POPPER Sale!"
The sale starts from 11th of April to 14th of April and you can avail the eyeglasses at a discounted price and when I say discount, it is a whooping discount of upto 70% off
What you can watch out in this sale..
1. Flat 50% Off on Latest Eyeglasses 
There are so many eyeglasses to choose from and you get flat 50% off on the bill. This applies when you purchase of Rs 1500 & above
2. FLAT 70%  Off on Complete Eyeglasses
The eyeglasses that come with power lenses have the offer as flat 70%. to avail this, you may need the prescription.
3. Get Your First Frame Free
This was always there and this is one of the best ever offer throughout the website. You have the option of choosing your first frame from hundreds of frames and to add that the lens package start from just INR 799. Then you have the option of selecting your own preferred lenses like the power,anti-glare etc
4. Kodak Lenses worth Rs 2290
When you buy the eyeglasses.
5. Flat 35% Off on Power Sunglasses and FLAT 25% Off on Premium Brands
There are just a lot more brands to explore and check the flat 25% or 35% off on the overall amount.
6. Reading Eyeglasses at Rs 149 ONLY
Why wait..start filling up your cart..I have already added a new pair of glasses to my cart and waiting for the clock to tick faster :)

Spa La Vie L'occitane Hyderabad | Love Of Spa - My Experience

Whoa! I can't believe that it was already two weeks that I got my first ever body massage done and I can not get over that feeling. I am basically a very busy person and I can not really fetch so much time for my body :P but this time, I just gave an excuse as I got my week off and I wasn't having much work so, I gave a go ahead to my visit to the Spa. The place I visited for my pampering was "Spa La Vie by L'occitane"
Before going in the tour of the spa and more about my experience, first let's get to know about the Spa.
A glimpse of SPA LA VIE:
Welcome to a 10,000 sqft Mediterranean Wellness Sanctuary nestled in the heart of Jubilee Hills. Come escape to our Nature ensconced Lounge before or after your treatment, indulge in Provencal inspired rituals in our opulent treatment rooms, pamper the body and the face with our Shea from Burkina Faso and Immortelle from Corsica , enjoy well-being soaking ceremonies in free standing Bathtubs in every treatment room, feel refreshed in your private steam chamber after a revitalizing signature aromachologie massage, spend soulful moments in our oversized VIP Couple’s Suites, host an intimate Spa Soiree with your friends and embrace freshness with our Spa terrace surrounded by 20ft tall trees on one side and overlooking the Golconda fort on the other. Live the Spa life. live Spa la Vie by L'OCCITANE.
An Extension of the L’OCCITANE BRAND
Every gesture, every ingredient, every ritual is drawn from a page of the L’OCCITANE grand herbarium, a resource of hundreds of essential oils and natural ingredients. The escape begins with scent. From the moment you enter a L’OCCITANE Spa, the fragrances transport you to Provence. Prior to your treatment, you are greeted with a “Welcome Ritual”. Your experience then takes you on a true olfactory journey, sequenced at every step by soothing or energizing aromas.The voyage of the senses continues through gestures, sensorial textures, relaxing music and the herbal teas inspired by Provencal traditions. The Spa is a natural extension of our brand. In respect for authenticity, we always prefer hand-performed treatments over machines and traditional massage techniques over technologies. Just as the Provence is a unique resting place, Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE is a sanctuary of tranquillity rejuvenating your body and soul.
My Experience:
The Spa La Vie is located at the center of the city, ie at Apollo Life Center,Jubilee Hills. From my place it took rough 15 minutes to reach the Life Center. I was greeted by the store manager, Shekar Pathak with a warm smile and took me to the lounge area. I was offered the welcome drink which is a herbal tea made of lime juice,honey,ginger. I couldn't say no and that was very refreshing.Then the masseuse came up to me and removed my shoes and gave me a pair of bamboo slippers which made me feel a relaxed and the actual spa feel like. Then Shekar gave me a form to fill that had a mini questionnaire regarding our body,skin. The questionnaire consisted of questions related to my skin type,the skincare I follow,my problem areas, sensitivity etc. I have mentioned there that I kind of get back pain at times and foot hurts too because of the excessive use of high heels. Then, he asked me to get the treatment. The masseuse escorted me to a room meant for my spa session. It was named "Angelica". As soon as she took me in, she gave me the bath robe to get changed and a haircap. The room had a closet to hang in my clothes and super cute looking jewelry box. She also read out the answers I gave in the form before and she said she would go ahead with the massage according to my preference.

As I changed into the bathrobe, she gave me a quick foot massage which made my feet more relaxed. My preference matched the service, Relaxing Aromachologie Massage. Relaxing Aromachologie is a mix of Swedish effleurage strokes, Chinese acupressure and Balinese massage techniques come together to stimulate circulation and ease tensions. I was given a good 50-60 minute massage using the products by L'Occitane. The masseuse kept asking me if I was comfortable with the pressure and strokes.I can not forget the spell of the pillow spray and I am sorry to say that I hardly remember what products she exactly used as I was too sleepy and in fact, I dozed off in between. I did take the picture of the products,so watch out.

I was taken to a whole different world and I can not ask for more. I can see myself coming here for their Immortelle Facial real soon. After the amazing spa session, the manager took me along for the Spa tour and that's when I clicked the pictures. I was also given two vouchers worth INR1000 to redeem in my next visit.Can you already see that my visit to Spa La Vie is on the cards.?
The Aromachologie Relaxing Aromachologie Massage costs INR 3250 and lasts for 60 minutes. I would say, that it is worth the money and priced well for the service.
You can know more about the Spa La Vie here 
You can follow them on their Twitter handle for regular updates @luvofspa
And you can see all the spa tour and more pictures below.

I was offered the service by the brand. However, it didn't affect my opinion.

Cocktail Dresses to Rock in 2015

Heyya People! How is it going?
I was wanting to write about the cocktail dresses that have become a style statement this year.I have seen many of our Bollywood Actresses rocking this trend. (Care to check Kajol and Madhuri Dixit).Coming to the blogpost, when the topic is pretty much clear that it will be about the cocktail dresses, I would like to share some tips on choosing a right dress for your taste.
I know it sounds weird but almost every dress suits everyone except for the personal preference and the way they carry it around.
Fabulous Column One-Shoulder Mini-Length Prom/Event Dresses
Boutique Empire A-Line One-Shoulder Floor-Length Beading Prom Dress
An off shoulder dress can make your shoulders look wide and they look awesome on women with tiny round shoulders. One shoulder cocktail dress can be considered for the same. Can you check this peach dress from weddingshe.
You can check more here
Elegant Straps Sweetheart A-Line Short Prom /Cocktail Dress
When we get to talk about a cocktail dress,how can we ignore a white dress?I can not be fully satisfied if I do not have a white dress in my wardrobe.If you want to look cute and feminine at the same time, a white cocktail dress can never go wrong. In that case, you can check this beautiful dress from

Ever wondered if you put on a bit of weight and not knowing what to wear, you must check out these plus sized cocktail dresses from
Plus Size Embellished Waist Shirred Cocktail Dress
Gosh! they are so pretty and if you want to look thin and proper in a dress, you may want to choose a dress that it is of single colour from top to bottom and if it is in any dark color like the one below, it just hides the extra pounds and you look gorgeous.
It is an e-commerce store based in China and it does deliver worldwide. It is a rapid growing company that provides unique and chic dresses for women all over the world. Just like the women, the website has the dresses that come in all shapes, sizes and colors. One thing which impressed me is that, the website also has a separate line of clothing especially for the Plus Sized Women.
**This is a sponsored post.

Prom Dresses for 2015

We all love dressing up. When was the first time that you actually wore a nice long dress? I am sure that you would say it’s your Prom Day. Like every other year, this year also there are loads of new fashion trends that are already creating an internet buzz.
While we check out the latest trends, we secretly admire few dresses and add them to our wish list. At least I do it. I add the ones which I love the most and wait for the right time and I order it. I kind of follow the same thing every time I want to shop something online. However, I truly face the challenge when I find the particular dress is not customizable or costlier than my budget.
I think promtimes guys heard this problem and came for our rescue.  Okay, even before you ask me what is this all about. Let me tell you in detail.
PromTimes is one of the very famous online stores that are based in Beijing and that operates throughout the United States and Europe. They are known for their largest apparel and sports equipment online. PromTimes offer a vast range of dresses for affordable prices. They work on the basis of Win-Win motto and are bound to satisfy the customers.
Let me share few of my picks..
1.A-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Floor-length Colorful Chiffon Prom Dress
This is something which caught my eye instantly.I really liked the multi shades of blue and I liked the stone work near the waist.
The whole outfit is just chic. - Website Introduction

Being in college was one thing a girl can never forget about. I mean the whole saga of new kind of dressing, education, friends and parties if you want me to mention few. But unlike the western countries, we do not have home-coming or prom day. How much I would have loved wearing my first evening gown in my teens. Coming to reality, the teenage girls who are in their high school and middle school would love to experiment with their looks and especially for their big days. But since they are young, they would prefer getting a dress that is stylish, elegant and most importantly budget friendly.
Let me introduce you to a website that is known for its affordable clothing and especially the evening dresses.
About is one of the top most suppliers of many types of dresses based in China. They are popular for their unique style sense and for quality clothing for reasonable prices. is widespread,Over 230 countries' customers used their service and were never disappointed. They customize the dress before shipping and the customer have the option to tell the brand about their requirements before ordering.
They are known for the amazing customer care team that help you from the beginning. They check the quality of the material before getting the real dress gets made. 
Before jumping into a conclusion, shall we take a look at their affordable evening dress collection..

1.Vintage Lace Zipper-Up Short-Length A-Line High-Neck Bowknot Cocktail/Evening Dress
When I was browsing through their collection, I could not stop admiring this dress. Such a great work of cuteness and elegance.

2.Charming Backless Sheath/Column Floor-Length Crystal Evening Dress
Showing  off the abs is the new trend and this dress truly justifies the purpose. I am sure this dress will make you the center of attraction.
Charming Backless Sheath/Column Floor-Length Crystal Evening Dress
3.A-Line Off-The-Shoulder Long Sleeves Lace Button Evening Dress Designed Independently 
The lace is one piece of cloth that can make the look or break the look. This A line Off Shoulder dress is so gorgeous and I can not ignore the lace here.
A-Line Off-The-Shoulder Long Sleeves Lace Button Evening Dress Designed Independently
I know I have picked only three dresses here but it was really tough for me. The collection is great. I am already eyeing the first dress and if you are looking for Cheap Homecoming dresses that flatter your beauty, then do not waste time but go ahead and order. They customize the dress for you if you insist. The delivery is prompt and safe.

This is a sponsored post.

Wish Trend - Website Introduction

I am sure you people might have known about my love for Korean SkinCare and Makeup. Infact, I just love anything about Korea. When I came across my search for a website that can provide easy access to Korean Products, I have known Wish Trend. I was so excited that I had to introduce the website to my readers.
What is Wish Trend?
Wish Trend works with a single motto and that is "HELP YOU TO BE MORE BEAUTIFUL"
About Wish Trend
We are believing that as long as you ‘WISH’ 
to be beautiful, you will be beautiful.
We explore all over the world to find the best cosmetics and introduce them to the beauty inspiring explorers.
Of course, those amazing stuff which we discover will be delivered to your front door.
Yes, they offer Free Shipping.
Wish Trend - Website Introduction
Wish Trend - Website Introduction

Save More with Vouchercloud Coupons

Well Well Well, We have so many websites which provide the discount codes/coupons but there is something different about this one, .
It has two different kinds of vouchers. It has Print Coupons and Coupon Codes. I have never known if there are actually two kinds of voucher under one cloud. We have few websites like groupon which only gives you the printable vouchers where as other numerous websites provide the Coupon Codes that are to be used while checking out. Vouchercloud wins in this point by providing all the kind of codes under one roof.
Even before you start, what is a coupon code?
To make fantastic savings online a voucher code can be entered to give you an extra discount. Also known as promotional codes, e-coupons or discount codes you simply enter them at the 'coupon redeem' area of the site to redeem the offer.
What is vouchercloud ?
(In their own words) vouchercloud delivers the best local deals straight to you, whenever and wherever you like!We have an unrivaled selection of discounts to use online or to print. Just select which format you would prefer and see all that we have to offer. We can help you save with our superb, exclusive money-saving discounts on your favourite activities; eating out, leisure and entertainment, shopping, travel and lots more.
Save More with vouchercloud
Save More with vouchercloud

My Hair Makeover ft Lakme #HairIsFashion with The Show Stopping Hair Collection

Heyya Guys.. I am back after my birthday and I was travelling all over the places. That's just when I was called by the Lakme Salon,Ameerpet people to take an appointment to try their much praised "The Show Stopping Hair" Collection.I was super excited as it the next day was my Birthday. It came in more like birthday present to me.
So, here it goes the story of my Hair Makeover.
Lakme Salon has come up with 3 unique hairstyles which are named as Illusion, Metamorphosis, Moulin Rouge. Out of these I chose Illusion. I felt Illusion is just perfect with my fine hair and it doesn't need much of maintenance.
The sample looks:

MSM Box - My Style Mile Box - January Edition

Hey Guys.. I am sure that many of you are aware of the subscription boxes. I love them. Just because these boxes give you a chance to try and test the brands that you always dream of.Also, a lot of them can be personalized in that way,for the amount you pay, you get the best deals. The trend of subscription boxes was started recently in India and it took us by storm. We have seen a lot of boxes last year but in this 2015, I would like to introduce you a box that can make you smile,detox and make you feel good at the same time. I am talking about the MSM box - acronym for My Style Mile box.
MSM Box - My Style Mile Box - January Edition
MSM Box - My Style Mile Box - January Edition

Memebox #53 Superbox My Honey Box-Unboxing,Mini Reviews

Bigger, better, and sweeter than Honey Box #1, My Honey Box oozes with all things honey to enhance your natural beauty. Sweet! Honey is a pretty amazing substance and there is a lot more to it than just a sweet tasting treat. Hailed as the queen of natural beauty enhancers, honey is rich in natural sugars and minerals that work to nourish and repair damaged skin. Its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties stop bacterial growth and heal infections, while its antioxidant-rich formula creates a youth-preserving veil over the face to protect against wrinkle-causing free radical and improve the skin’s radiance! Take this one-of-a-kind honey challenge with Memebox to visibly see and feel an improvement in your skin!
This is what Memebox says about their #53 Superbox Honey Box 
Memebox #53 Superbox My Honey Box-Unboxing,Mini Reviews
Memebox #53 Superbox My Honey Box-Unboxing,Mini Reviews
Price and Availability:
29 USD + 6.99 USD as shipping
You can get it here

My Experience with RIDRESS - Ridhika Khanna Fashion Label

We women love clothes and especially the clothes which are designed just for us. We all think the same when it comes to the point of giving utmost priority to our outfit. But all of us are not really lucky in getting to design clothes. But few people like Ridhika Khanna, put a step ahead and started her own label,"RIDRESS". Let's focus the limelight on the brand now.
My Experience with Ridress - Ridhika Khanna Fashion Label
My Experience with RIDRESS - Ridhika Khanna Fashion Label