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Colorbar Launches the 2nd collection of Retro Diva

Mesmerizing, Exotic, Mysterious, Behold your breath as Colorbar Launches its second collection- Retro Diva. After all old is gold. The collection is a textured fusion of the old world charm enhanced with intoxicating and mysterious spirit of modern earthiness. The dramatic signature collection has 3 looks “Polka Princess”, the “Diva lace “and “Drama Queen”

Shades of Grey - With a Twist on my Nails

I know the name sounds weird. But you know, it's catchy :D Heard about the book ??
Anyway, coming to the point.. This was done a while ago. Read two months ago.
I started using my nail art brushes 

Pink and Silver Glitter Nails - French Style Glitter Nail Art

After my try on the leopard print nails I have taken some inspiration from the other nail art lovers and created this. The below mentioned pic is the enhanced version of what I created in the original post. I mean, my idea was not this at first but it is the last pic of this blogpost.

L'Oreal Paris L'Or Lumiere Cannes Makeup - Resplendent in Gold - My Version

When I have this L'Oreal Paris makeup with me, my creativeness never has a boundary. At least when I am given the step to step instructions on how to create the Red Carpet Ready Looks in minutes.
Okay, not minutes but yeah, a very little time. Apart from that, I am sure that I am the last person to create a look.

Animal Print Shimmery Nude Nails

Hey people,
I am completely new to this feature. I mean, the nail art section.I am a naive in the sponge nail art, you can see my work here 
Okay, I always tried it out most of the times,I fail. I was and I am still unsuccessful in creating marble nails, stamping! However if you are following me on instagram, you must have known that I recently bought a set of nail art brushes. I have used one brush from the lot to create this look.
I have used the New U nail paint in Sienna which I reviewed here 
Used the black polish from Maybelline Colorshow Nail Paints.
The chunky glitters from bornprettystore.
I have used the easy peel off base coat and it is from Etude House.
The top coat is from Essence Gel Finish Top Coat. 
Hallographic Top coat from Health n Glow Store

1. Apply the base coat.
2. Apply the base colour which is a skin colour here.
3. Apply the hallographic top coat on all the nails.
4. Take the brush and mark semi circles with the black nail paint.
5. Take glitters and apply on the ring finger.
6. End up with applying the Top Coat.
I do not have long nails unlike the other nail art enthusiasts. My thumb nail is broken :(
I like to keep my ring finger special and hence it always has some sort of shimmers.

[Tutorial] How To Get a Winged Eye Liner in Seconds - Quick Technique for Beginners-How to use Liquid Eye Liner - Easy Winged Eye Liner Tutorial

Hey Cupcakes.. Happy Monday!
Yesterday was on a mission to create a winged eye liner and After failing numerous times, I came up with a simplest trick to create a wing within seconds.
Before we get into the tutorial, you may want to read/check my Experiments with the Liquid eyeliner . By now,you might have understood that I do not have a steady hand and I cant draw a single line using the liquid eye liner. But I love the winged eye liner so much that I want to try and try till I atleast get an impression of the wing lol.
So, As a beginner I know its a pain to practice and that's I came up with a quick trick to get winged liner in no time.

Let's get into the tutorial:

It has 2 steps! Only!!

To begin:
Begin with a clean eye. Wipe off any oil if you have an oily eye lid.
How To Get a Winged Eye Liner in Seconds - Quick Technique for Beginners

Rita Ora Grammys 2014 Inspired Eye Makeup

Hey People,
I was little down today and only thing which could lift up my mood is the color and I wanted to try some eye makeup. Apart from Makeup and jeans, I love music and the Grammys too.
Yeah, Grammys has music,awards and makeup/fashion. So, when I was checking on who wore what this look by Rita Ora grabbed my attention. It was simple yet stunning.
So, I just created a look inspired on her purple smokey eyes.
Please let me know if you like it or if you have any suggestions on this one.
Rita Ora Grammys 2014
My try:

Lakme Absolute Monochrome Night look by Kareen Kapoor Inspired Eye Makeup

Hey people
Today I was checking up my instagram and found this picture of Kareena Kapoor and after some RnD, I could figure out that this look was created for the Lakme Absolute Monochrome Collection - specifically the night look.
I instantly fell in love with the eye makeup and I somehow wanted to try it out and I guess I am okay in decoding it. I felt it is good enough to show you guys and hence the pictures. Please do let me know, if you would like to have a tutorial :)
Lakme Absolute Monochrome Night look by Kareen Kapoor Inspired Eye Makeup

An Eye Makeup Tutorial Created using Sleek i-Divine Storm Palette

Hey people..
I have created a simple (yes, I am still the beginner so I stick to the word simple for my every eotd until I get some confidence in creating some good eye makeup)
Thank God ! It's Friday.
This post is being written by another me, who is super lazy and want to show the pictures with very less words.
An Eye Makeup Tutorial Created using Sleek i-Divine Storm Palette

3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty Trends that Ruled 2013

Hey people
I am back again with my Korean Obsession Post. I have always loved their flawless skin and glowy makeup. Now that I researched on this so much that I can tell you what was a hit and a miss in 2013 in the Korean Makeup. They prefer a natural look which means no loud lipsticks or no extravagant eyes (Okay, please exclude the Kpop girls under this section) KPOP girls are more into flashy eye makeup and not so crazy lipcolors. The lipsticks I have seen them wearing is the soft pinks and corals the most. Apart from very few who prefer wearing bright neons and reds.
Now coming the popular trends that prevailed in the Korean Makeup world for the year 2013 are as follows.
1. Puppy eyes
Yeah yeah.. now you must be wondering what it is all about. We Indians looove dramatic application of kohl or kajal. The winged eyeliner was a popular trend in 80's and now it came back and took us all by storm. We now can not think of anything else but the wing..when it comes to the eye liner. (I am one crazy who is still struggling to get a wing)
Okay, now coming back to the puppy eyes, it is a technique that creates the wing downwards or straight but not angular. It is made slightly thick to enhance the shape of the eye.
3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty trends that ruled 2013

Rihanna's MAC Cosmetics Promo Look Inspired Eye makeup - Tutorial

Hey people..
As the title says.. It is the eye makeup post and unfortunately it is my first ever inspired eye makeup. Rihanna has always been my favourite artist and I love all her songs and I can sing most of her songs without looking at the lyrics. lol (exaggerating eh :P)
Apart from her voice and songs, I loove her life style and I don't care attitude. That attitude is clearly seen in her makeup,hair styles and her dressing.
When MAC Cosmetics paired up Rihanna and the whole collection is like a fairy tale. but way too raunchy and hot. The colours were chosen to be bold reds/maroons just like her.
Last week, MAC Cosmetics posted a picture of Rihanna and I was totally smitten by the smokey eyes.
Sadly, I do not own a brown eye pencil.
So, I ended up using the brown eye shadow from the SLEEK's Storm palette.
Whatsoever, it is a TOTAL FAIL!!! :D

Korean Style Gradient Lips aka Bitten Lips Easy Ombre Lips- Indian way of achieving the look

Hey people..
Headed to my blog after a really long time. Most of you(all of you by now) may be knowing that I am being obsessed over Korea (specifically south Korea). It is like my latest obsession. I love everything about them. The people, the language, their skincare routine,KDRAMA,KPOP,food, culture.. like EVERYTHING about them just amazes me.
Coming to the point, 
I have slowly started copying their styles and to my surprise, I could carry them off too. I started off with chopping my hair and I now have thick bangs which is the basic style statement of koreans. Please tell me how I look. HERE is the picture
In this post, I am going to show how I created their quick bitten lips look.
Look at the pictures below, It is the latest trend.
Also, this has been incorporated by models and some kdrama actresses who actually made this gradient lips popular.
Though this style has been there for a very long time, It was created using two shades of the same lipstick colour which created an ombre effect. But Koreans in particular made it different. They lightened the outer corners of the lips and darkened the center so as it make it look as if its bitten. Well, in technical terms it is called the gradient effect.
Now that I have introduced you guys to this style, please check the way how I created mine.
Any tips and tricks are most welcome.

Not so Perfect Smoky Eye Tutorial by Me

This is my guest post for Shivani of The Not So Pink
This is my first guest post for Shivani. Girl, you are a sweetheart.
Coming to the post,I have always loved smokey eyes and finally im here with a tutorial of a not so perfect smokey eyes hehe.

Festive Eye Mekup Tutorial - My 1st Tutorial

Hey Girls..
My first tutorial on Festve eye makeup...
I have written this as a contest entry on Rmyah's Blog..Rmyah and More

Here I am posting the sneakpeak of the look.

Please Read the complete TUTORIAL HERE  !!!

I hope you like it.. Do leave your comments and suggestions below.