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Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette Review , Swatches

Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette Review,Swatches

Hello Beauties,
This is the review Acid Brights eyeshadows palette by Makeup Revolution. It’s one of the best budget brands in the cosmetic market today. The Makeup Revolution Acid Brights palette is specially designed for the neon or bright color lovers. If you love to play and have some fun with these bright colors then yes this is the palette for you.
Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette Review , Swatches
Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette Review , Swatches

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - Review,Swatches

As you are already aware of the fact that Maybelline launched new shades to their already existing collection of 28 lipsticks of Colorshow range.
Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - Review,Swatches
Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - Review,Swatches

All Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stains - Swatches - Mini Review

This year it is all about mattes and I see every known makeup brand has launched their own Matte Lipsticks. But there are variants in texture,form but the end result is the same ie the finish is matte.
The newest brand to join this bandwagon is our very own COLORBAR.
Colorbar named these as Kiss Proof Lip Stain.

Best MAC Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones-Picture Heavy Post

I do not have much introduction to this post as the title says it all.I did apply chapstick before applying each shade because my lips were crying for moisture.
The pictures were taken during the day without any flash. You might have already seen my previous post on Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks Review a while ago and now I am here to share my favorite MAC lipsticks which would flatter on all the Indian Skin tones. Or I must say, these are few MAC lipsticks which you may want to add to your lipstick collection.
See Sheer:
Beautiful lipstick that you will love if you are into corals. It is a lustre finish and that is what I like about this lipstick. Lustre is my favorite finish in MAC lipsticks because they apply sheer. They are very moisturizing and if you tend to have dry lips then these are the best way to go. Usually there is a notion that if the lipsticks are moisturizing then they don’t last on the lips for a long time and you most likely will have to reapply them frequently throughout the day. I totally agree with you but there is something different about this finish. They are moisturizing but not extremely shiny, pigmented but not opaque as other finishes from MAC, lasting but not long lasting as the mattes. This to me is a very complicated finish which I like a lot. Now if you are wondering if these are worth 16.00$ then I would say Yes and No. If you are new to makeup and are still trying out MAC and are not comfortable wearing full color pay off lipsticks then I would recommend this finish. But if you are someone who would not spend 16$ on a lipstick that is not even opaque then I would suggest going for cremesheen finish.
This color in particular is very summer, spring appropriate. This will suit any outfit that you choose to wear in summer or spring and looks great with neons too. Honestly you can wear this any time of the year if you want to. It does stain you lips little bit like you just had Fanta or kwality wall’s orange bar. (My favorite cold drink and ice cream by the way hehe.!!)

This is also a Lustre finish. This is a plum color and as it is sheer you can wear it to work. It might look scary in the tube but it is a lot better on the lips.

This is a matte finish lipstick. It is smoother to apply and it gives complete color pay off. It is also creamy but has no shine. Work appropriate and if you are of lighter skin tones then this will give you the 90’s lips that everyone is going crazy about these days. I am an NC44 and this gives me “my lips but a little brown” lips. I usually top it off with a beige lip gloss and that gives me my perfect nude lips.

Crème in your coffee:
Well, I don’t like coffee but I certainly like this one. It is a mauve shade and this lipstick will suit every skin tone. The lady at the MAC counter told me that this shade is very famous and sells out really fast. This is my go to shade to wear to school/college. This is just perfect pink mixed with perfect brown which makes it perfect for everyday (wink, wink). This is a cremesheen finish which is creamy, pigmented, lasts longer than lustre finish. If you want pigmentation and at the same time are looking for hydration then I would recommend this.

This is luster finish too (surprise surprise). It is pure brown, no pink undertone, no mauve undertone, no orange undertone, just brown. If you are darker than nc44 then this will be your hands down perfect nude. If you are lighter than nc44 then this will also make into 90’s grunge lips category and if you want that look than this will be a good choice.

Hug Me:
Lustre again…. I am sorry but this is my favorite finish. This is the lipstick that I keep in my purse and I don’t need a mirror to apply. I will repurchase this lipstick until they discontinue it. It is my lips in this lipstick and perfect for everyday especially if you are wearing soft eye kohl look. 

This is a Satin finish and satins are just like mattes but these are tiny bit creamier and a little bit shinier.  For lighter skin tones this is your Kylie Jenner lips in this tube but if you are of my skintone or even darker then this will make a very pretty pink lipstick. I tend to stay away from pinks but this is one that I don’t shy away from because this has undertones of brown mixed in it which is suitable for women of color.

This is my recent purchase and this is a satin as well. This my dear friends is an elegant plumish brown lips for medium to dark skin tones. Perfect if you are attending someone’s wedding or you if you want to wear a natural but still bold lipstick to office/work. This will look gorgeous if you have MAC’s all that glitters or naked lunch or any champagne gold eyeshadow on your lids. If I want to go for elegant look then this is the lipstick I go for.

Ruby Woo:
The very famous Ruby Woo. If you don’t own this then I suggest you open a new tab in your browser and order one immediately. There is no description required because this is an Indian women’s best friend. Blue based red which not only suits any skintone but also makes your teeth look white. This is a Retro Matte and is it known for its dryness. You have to moisturize and scrub your lips before you put this bad boy on. It is unforgiving if there are dry patches on the lips which obviously is not the flattering look that one would want. This can make or break your look, if you maintain your lips properly before you apply this then you will look like a diva, on the contrary if you don’t hydrate your lips then this will draw all the attention straight to the dry patches on the lips.

Flat Out Fabulous:
This is also a retro matte which means they stay on forever and your lips need to be prepared for that. This shade is a bright magenta which suits every skintone. This looks different on every skintone depending on the color of your lips. This comes off more magenta on me but on some people it looks vibrant pink, on some people it looks purple. I don’t have a perfect description for this lipstick but I do know that it looks pretty on every one.

Please remember that lipsticks look different on every skin tone depending on the color of the lips and when you go to the store and swatch them they will look washed out because of the lighting inside the store. So applying the lipstick to your lips instead of your hands is a good way to understand if you really like the lipstick or not. From personal experience, I advise you to never buy a lipstick unless you try it on your lips because I have wasted a lot of money by just looking at somebody on whom it looked pretty. Your lips are different they need special attention. 

About The Author:
The article is written by Sushmita, a makeup enthusiast,self taught and a foodie. She is based in USA.You can get in touch with her on her instagram account@princessmakeupdiary


Everyone is going crazy over the Matte Lipstick Trends and look who joined the bandwagon, Our very own Lakme!! They have recently launched the Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipsticks. Such a long name :/ The range is a collection of 15 gorgeous shades and out of which I have the swatches for 12 of them. Hope this post helps you in choosing a right shade when you tend to buy online.
Lakmé Absolute’s latest range of high definition Sculpt lipsticks has arrived! One stroke of contoured perfection is all you need to get a chiseled, long wear experience with a rich matte finish. Available in 15 dramatic shades (the brightest shades so far in the Absolute range), Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick is your go-to professional product that provides nothing less than an expert finish.
High colour pay off in one stroke
Matte texture and finish
Long lasting formula
Highly recommended by Lakmé makeup experts
Most vibrant matte collection from Lakmé Absolute

Step 1: Pull out the cap.
Step 2: Start applying from the centre of your upper lip.
Step 3: Work from the centre towards the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth.
Step 4: Glide across the entire bottom lip.
INR 700
There are 15 shades out of which I could manage to get the swatches of 12 Lipsticks.
I missed three of the total 15 shades,the SA couldn't find them so I missed out Mauve Fix,Pink Me Up, Pink Glam
Focusing on the existing swatches,
I have clicked these with my cellphone so kindly ignore the quality. But I am sure that the swatches are close to the original shade and I am dusky. I am NC 42 in MAC.

The second set of 6 Lipstick Swatches:

The lipstick shades that I have swatched here are
Crimson Touch
Maroon Magic
Coral Flare
Rose Bloom
Coco Shot
Burgundy Affair
Red Flames
Red Rush
Plum Shell
Peach Out
Pink Caress
Tangrine Lush
Mini Review:
LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE SCULPT STUDIO HI-DEFINITION MATTE LIPSTICKS are highly pigmented and are not drying. The shades are gorgeous. The range has covered almost all the colour families from reds,oranges,coral,pinks and brown. The price is ok but could have been a lesser price for a drugstore brand. However, you get so much product that I am sure that it would last really long.

My favorite shades are : Plum Shell, Maroon Magic and Coco Shot.

Did you try out these Lipsticks?

What is your favorite shade?

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks-Review,Swatches

I was watching everyone rave about Maybelline creamy matte lipsticks on Youtube and the color “Touch of spice” really impressed me. It was more like the Kylie Jenner lips that everyone was crazy about . By this time I already owned a lot of pinkish brown lipsticks but the fact this was matte finish made me want to buy this even more. I was trying hard not to buy anymore lipsticks until I finish any one lipstick but my inner makeup devil couldn't resist it. I saw these in target and these were much cheaper in target than walgreens( Don't know why).
Colors I own:
Touch of Spice, Divine Wine
Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks-Review,Swatches

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in You Took My Love,Keep Trying For You - Review,Swatches,LOTD

Matte Lips are my go-to makeup and I always prefer sporting a matte lip rather a glossy one. Most of the times, I leave my hair open and my hair gets stuck to the gloss and which totally irritates me. May be this can be the primary reason but I am not really sure on why I like keeping my lips matte. They are known to be dupe of Lime Crime Velvetines.
Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in You Took My Love,Keep Trying For You - Review,Swatches,LOTD
Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in You Took My Love,Keep Trying For You - Review,Swatches,LOTD
Price & Quantity:
It is priced at INR 700 for 2ml
It is available on
What does the website says about these:
This is your salvation to get perfect matte lips that are touch proof. 
A long lasting lip gloss that goes on as a liquid and dries to a highly pigmented, bold matte finish which stays in place for hours!

Colorbar Just Smoky Eye Pencil Swatches - Swatch Check

Helloo pretties.. Happy Weekend.. Eye pencils are something which I can impress me so quickly. I mean, I can't handle the liquid eye liner properly and if you can check my eye makeup
10 lessons learnt from my first ever eye makeup
 I went to the colorbar counter few days ago to get something for my friend and then I happened to see this. Couldn't resist myself from swatching and here are the pictures.
What does the brand say about these:
Just Smoky Kajal gets you Glam ready in just 50 seconds. This long-lasting, multi-tasking eye pencil gives you 3-in-1 benefits of an Eyeliner, Kajal and an Eye Shadow. It helps you to achieve the mysterious smoky-eyed look which will last for up to 12 hours. It comes with a built-in smudger that is as soft as a cushion which can be used to demystify the art of smoky eyes. The intense color and matte texture of the pencil adds definition and drama to your eyes. It has waterproof property and does not transfer
From left to Right : Just Black,Just Grey,Just Green,Just Teal,Just Blue

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks in Fuchsia Flare and Crushed Candy-Review,Swatches,LOTD

Maybelline recently launched their Colorshow Glitter Mania Nail Paints. They were such a big hit. I own them too. you can check the review and swatches of the Glitter Mania nail paints here
Anyway I was not really sure about the Colorshow Lipsticks Launch. I mean, there was no publicity from the brand and the lipsticks are still not available in all the stores. I only got to know when I accidentally checked the Maybelline counter few days back in a near by Health N Glow Store.
I am surprised to find that, HnG stores are the only one to have these Lipsticks. I guess, by August end..Every maybelline counter is expected to stock these lipsticks throughout India.
Can I call myself Lucky O:)
As I got a chance to own them before many of you girls :) :D

Colorbar Pro Mini Collection in Truly Madly Deeply-Nails,My Nailart

Hey Girlies
Appu signing in from @Gurgaon ! yesh... Got some office work. I am here for 3 days and Never planned to blog this time. Somehow, I got little time to blog.
Anyway, I had these pics and I have already painted my nails with these last week. Well, whenever I see my nails I felt like completing the blogpost. I guess I am going to do that now.
The packaging is a hit!I have already introduced them here
But what their website says about these?

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - All Swatches, Price

Hey girls
After a really long time, I managed get my hand swatched. Yes, the segment "Swatch Check"  is alive again. This time with the latest launches from the Maybelline Colorshow Range.

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Colors - Swatches and Review

I know I am the last one show you the Glitter Side of me :)
Let your nails dazzle and shine with MNY Color Show Glitter Mania nail color range.
Priding itself as India's first-ever textured nail paint, the Color Show Glitter Mania range is every nail-art lover's dream! When applied, these sparkling nail colors deliver a 3D shimmering effect, adding oodles of style to your tips. They also have a unique sand-textured effect that looks and feels great on your nails. With 8 glittering nail color shades to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect shade for every mood.

My Red Lip Colors - Budget Friendly Red Lipsticks and Swatches

Hey girls..this one is exclusive to the girls who like red lipsticks. I have stopped buying the red lipsticks now as I feel that I have enough of them. I got few red lipsticks and now I actually can make out the difference with all of them. They do certainly belong to the family of RED. But, with a very slight variation.
Here, in this post I want show you my red lipsticks and swatches.
Here is my tiny collection of lip colors.
  1. Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss in Fab
  2. Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame
  3. Makeover Lipstick in Hot Red
  4. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Love that Rust
  5. Makeup Academy MUA Lipstick in Shade 10
  6. Vivo Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pucker Red
  7. Lakme Enrich Lipsticks in 427
  8. Lakme Enrich Lipsticks in 358
Click on respective links for individual review and swatches
from left to right:
Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss in Fab,Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame,Makeover Lipstick in Hot Red,Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Love that Rust,Makeup Academy MUA Lipstick in Shade 10,Vivo Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pucker Red,Lakme Enrich Lipsticks in 427,Lakme Enrich Lipsticks in 358

Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss in Fab
I am yet to review this one. This is from my fav brand "Colorbar". This can not really be included here for the pigmentation but the fact is, it is a transparent gloss with reddish sheen and glitters. This stays on forever. It makes lips look full and doesn't really bleed if you wear it over any lipstick.
My Rating 3.5/5 
This is a must have for me. I love the super creamy formula and staying power. It smells yummy and it is not a bright red but a very wearable red lipstick that can make anybody look elegant.
My Rating: 4.5/5
Buy it on
Makeover Lipstick in Hot Red:
This is one brand I have never heard of. I was given as a complimentary gift for commenting on one of their pics on the brand's facebook page. Apart from the new brand name etc, I actually felt the colour is bright.! Super bright and amazingly pigmented. But, make sure you wear it for a night party.
My Rating : 4/5
You can get it on their Facebook page
Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Love that Rust
No Doubt, I love this range of lipsticks from colorbar. This one is more towards the rusty red. Again a wearable red. But for me, it has a con. It has the shimmer which I hate. I hate lipsticks that has shimmer in them.They give that extra attention to the lips which I hardly ever like.
My Rating : 3.5/5
Buy it On or buy it On
from left to right
Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss in Fab
Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame
Makeover Lipstick in Hot Red
Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Love that Rust
Makeup Academy MUA Lipstick in Shade 10
Vivo Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pucker Red
Lakme Enrich Lipsticks in 427
Lakme Enrich Lipsticks in 358
Makeup Academy MUA Lipstick in Shade 10
Well, I love this brand for its super quality and amazing prices. The drugstore brand of UK, came up with 1 Pound lipstick which is almost 90bucks. I have few of them, you can check the swatches of them here. Out of them all, I totally adore this colour. This one does have very fine shimmer however, they never get into the fine lines. Never make you feel weird about wearing this colour.
My Rating : 3.5/5
Vivo Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pucker Red
Again a tomato red lipstick from another UK brand named Vivo Cosmetics. It is awesomely pigmented. This is a true red but falls into the cherry shade line. But totally worth the price.
My Rating : 4/5
Lakme Enrich Lipsticks in 358 and in shade 427
These are again my fav. not for the quality but I like them coz they are my first ever finds in the search for my true red lipstick. I see 427 falls more towards the cherry red shade whereas 358 stands ahead a bold bright beautiful shade. I hate their smell as I find it weird and cheap but the creamy formula is hydrating.
My Rating : 4.5/5
buy it on or buy it on
Anyway,this is my list of RED Lipsticks! How many of you love this bold shade??
What is your fav red lipstick ??

NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural,Shocking Pink,Euro Trash and Sierra Review,Swatches,LOTD

Well these were bought a while back. I had them for too long and I finally found time to write a review on these cute ones. NYX lippies always seemed enticing to me. I now own few of these and few of their round lipsticks. Their lipcreams are yet to be tried. I always have to buy them online and I'm really not sure about the colour and texture.So,I skipped them all the while.However,this time I am sure I am picking up a pink lipcream.Okay,now coming to these I have got it from b2nshop. Me along with a blogger friend placed the order and we got the package in 20days and all the items came in a perfect condition.
NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural,Shocking Pink,Euro Trash and Sierra Review,Swatches,LOTD
What does the website say about these:
NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated and long-wearing. The formula glides on smoothly and stays put in a matte finish. From Pure Red to Nude, Matte Lipsticks are available in a variety of rich shades.
As said, they have an amazing range of products and colour choices. Here I have 4 with me.
NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural,Shocking Pink,Euro Trash and Sierra Review,Swatches,LOTD
Price and Quantity:
$6 for 4.2gms
It is retailed at $6 in their official website. However, it is charged high here in India.
It is priced at $6 in b2nshop and cherrycuture etc however they charge so much for shipping.
You can get the brand's products in Nykaa
Don't forget to try their lip creams!

Bees Wax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) wax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla)wax, Ceresin, Microcrystalline Wax, Polyethylene, Octyldodeanol, Polyisobutene, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Oleyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Palmitate, Isostearyl Isostearate, Bis-Digylceryl Polyacyladipade-2, Tocopheryl Acetate, B.H.A, and Fragrance. MAY CONTAIN: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxide Red (CI 77491), Iron Oxide Yellow (CI 77492), Iron Oxide Black (CI 77499), D&C Red No.6 (CI 15850), D&C Red No.7 (CI 15850), D&C Red No.27 Aluminum Lake (CI 45410), FD&C Yellow No.5 Aluminum Lake (CI 19140), FD&C Blue No.1 Aluminum Lake (CI 42090)or D&C Red No.36 (CI 12085).
NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural,Shocking Pink,Euro Trash and Sierra Review,Swatches,LOTD
The lipstick comes in a black matte plastic bullet with transparent rim.The cap just fits with a click sound and hence travel friendly. However,the plastic case is a bit cheap and tend to break if you don't handle them properly. The names are printed on the bottom of the lipstick,which makes it easier to pick up from your huge lipstick stash.
NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural,Shocking Pink,Euro Trash and Sierra Review,Swatches,LOTD
My Experience with the NYX Matte Lipsticks:
I believe that matte lipsticks stay longer and usually leave a tint behind. I like the way they leave a slight tint on which I apply the lipbalm and maintain the not so made up look for the evenings. Anyway,this is my perception and I am sure that I can be proved wrong too.Apart from all the pros and cons, I like matte finish and not creamy as they tend to bleed on my lips.*I have the habit of biting my lips* so considering all of them,when I had a chance to buy the lipsticks, I went overboard and got these matte ones.
These are too matte. I mean, they are creamy and extremely pigmented but the just coat your lips. You gotta scrub off all the dryness from your lips coz these lippies are no good in covering up the patches or dry dead skin. In fact, these enhance the lines. With one swipe, you get the true colour but you can give 2 coats to have the perfect pout. I love their choice of colours and most of them are very unique and I like the way they gave names and not numbers or anything. They stay on for 4 hours surviving liquids and snacks. Later it fades away in patches and you have to reapply. Else you can apply your lipbalm and blend in for the tinted glossy soft evening look.You have to use the makeup remover to take the lipstick off completely. I have dry lips so, I prefer applying lipbalm beneath the lipstick else I'm not really sure of my survival. Yes, that says my addiction to the lipbalm.Overall, a perfect matte lipstick for those all matte lip lovers.
Do not go by the name! It is not natural at least not on me. It looks light pinky purple which may look great on fair skin tones.
Shocking Pink:
It is a loud bright fuchsia pink. It suits me so well but it is too bold for my locality :(
Euro Trash:
I picked this thinking that this would be a n*de but the shade card on their website is much deceiving. It turned out to be coral orange. 
It is just like the name.Bright warm toned orange that suits everyone. This is my favourite.
The Swatches:
Sharing the swatches with not so confidence.. Coz they are a bit nice in reality. The pics are not to their true color. Blaming my camera for this :(
from left to right: NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural,Shocking Pink,Euro Trash and Sierra
from left to right: NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural,Shocking Pink,Euro Trash and Sierra
That's me wearing Sierra! For a change my pout is different lol I wonder why
NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural,Shocking Pink,Euro Trash and Sierra Review,Swatches,LOTD
My usual pout. I have a thin upper lip :(
NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural,Shocking Pink,Euro Trash and Sierra Review,Swatches,LOTD
1. Perfect matte lipstick.
2. Once set, stays on for 4-5 hours.
3. Chick packaging.
4. Amazing shade selection.
5. Easy on pocket.
1. Texture is drying and using a lipbalm beneath is necessary.
2.Settles in fine lines.
3. Exfoliating your lips before you apply this lipstick is a must.
4.Availability, no these are available in India too but for way too pricey than their original price.
Final Words:
If you love to flaunt matte lips and not knowing which one to choose and then blot.. Go grab these lipsticks and you never have to blot to make them look matte as they are already the perfect matte.

6 Colorbar Cheekillusion Blushes Swatches - Swatch Check

I am in this weird mood to post all my drafts one by one and here comes one of those drafts.
Better late than never.! Here I present you the swatches of the Colorbar Cosmetics Blushes.
These are their new launches(a while back). 
What their website say about these:
This luminous and silky blush gives a natural looking radiance to your skin. It is lightweight with excellent blending power and velvety touch. Silicones in the product provide smooth finish and long lasting effect. And It is dermatologically tested

The packing is classy. The blush comes in a cute yet huge pot with a flip transparent cap. The brand name is embossed on the blush.
Price and Quantity:
INR 650 for 4gm
The pot seemed huge to me and that 4gms is too much to use up completely.