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FAB BAG November 2015 Review - Up Your Game

November 2015 Fab Bag Review, Unboxing, Price, Products, Fab bag November 2015

\Hey Girlies.. Now that you guys might have known that every month, I get surprised by the Fab Bag crew. If you have missed the previous posts, here they are October ,
September , AugustJuly Bag,June Bag,May Bag and April Bag .

Fab Bag October 2015 Review

October is one of my very favorite months and I can totally name Durga Puja as the reason :) The Festive month is full of bright ethnic clothes and super glowing skin and of course lot of food and friends. As usual, fab bag sent the surprise bag a day back and I was amused with the FAB "BAG" ! The contents came in a bright silk pouch. The pouch is in red and pink with gold jari which totally gave the perfect festive look. So let's get into the contents.
Fab Bag October 2015 Review
Fab Bag October 2015 Review

FAB BAG - Cast A Spell - August 2015 - Review

I can't say a sorry just every time but I do want to apologize for the delay in posting this. I have received it in the late last week of August and I had to take sometime in clicking pictures, editing them and finally posting them. I did take a bit of effort in clicking pictures, please do let me know if you like them.
Okay, so coming back to the most gorgeous looking FAB BAG ever - ie August Fabbag 2015.
August Fab Bag has come up with the theme called  "Cast A Spell"
I was totally awestruck with the bag that had the contents, it is a shiny pink bag and totally made me smile ear to ear. By the way you can check  July Bag,June Bag,May Bag and April Bag :)

So, lets check the contents of my August Fab Bag
FAB BAG - Cast A Spell - August 2015 - Review
FAB BAG - Cast A Spell - August 2015 - Review

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box - July 2015 - Subscription Box - Review

July,the monsoon month is just as messy and mushy as it can ever be. Loved it and hated it at the same time. This season calls for a special pampering session at home as we can not easily go out whenever we want to. So, keeping it with the theme, TheNature's Co has created the beauty wish box of July.
The Nature's Co Beauty Wish - July 2015 - Subscription Box - Review
The Nature's Co Beauty Wish - July 2015 - Subscription Box - Review
About The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box:
In their own words-Indulge in our Beauty Wish Box 5 Deluxe and 1 Full size Beauty Samples in different dedicated theme every month delivered to your Doorstep. Also get * Free Vouchers *Free Gifts from top Brands & Lots More !!! DELIVERY : END OF EVERY MONTH
INR 595 per month
You can save when you subscribe for 3-6-12months.

Fab Bag - The Red Carpet - July 2015 - Pictures and Review

Fab Bag - The name instantly makes me smile. Every month it gives you a bag full of goodies and no wonder it always surprises me whenever I open it. You may check my June Bag,May Bag and April Bag by clicking the respective name. So what's special in July Fab Bag?? It is The Red Carpet !
The bag came in a shimmery beige gold bag and trust me it looks so glamorous. I loved the bag and I can't wait to open to see what's in the bag.

Fab Bag - July 2015 - Pictures and Review
Fab Bag - July 2015 - Pictures and Review

Fab Bag - June 2015 - Pictures And Review

By now, you might be aware of the fact that every month I get to see a bag full of Happiness and this month too, I am not disappointed. You can check the April Bag and May Bag. I have usually received the Fab Bag only after 20th of every month but surprisingly, the JUNE month FAB BAG reached me so fast. Probably around 10th of June.This totally earns the brand a few brownie points from my end. My review has been delayed because of obvious reasons and I am no longer delaying to show you what I got in June Edition of Fab Bag. The purple bag is too gorgeous.
Fab Bag - June 2015 - Pictures And Review

FabBag May 2015-Get Beach Ready This Summer

Probably the last one to review the May Fab Bag. This time, I received it lately and since I am travelling, this post delayed a bit more. Apologies ! Let's get into the contents of my Fabbag May Edition. This time, they picked Beach as a theme and that's how the products have been selected. By the first impression, I really liked the Sailor pouch. The pouch just screams beach,sea and summer. With a smile on my face I have opened my FabBag!
This luxurious Brown Rice Oriental Scrub from VANA is a unique composition of ingredients that we term as Ambrosia for the skin. Luxe Oils work toward a smoother, fairer and more radiant complexion over a refined skin texture while the Brown Rice is nature's gift for gentle yet deep exfoliation. This natural scrub combats aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, tan very well, while adding an exuberant shine and illumination to lack luster skin. Be Beautiful with VANA's pristine luxuries. VANA Vidhi by Saint Pure offers none less than pure Ayurvedic, Herbal & Holistic Healing and Beautification Luxuries.
Net Weight: 150 gm  for INR 1599.00
How to use:
Rub on damp skin. Massage in circular motion for a couple of minutes. Rinse.
My Take:
I have heard about the Rice Scrub in my hunt for Korean Skincare. They use it widely and I was on the verge of making my own scrub. So, I totally loved this one. This is gentle on my skin and makes skin look really nice and soft without making it dry. Loving it so far. It is a full sized product.
An all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture.
Price:INR 1300.00
How to use:
Apply to eyelids, cheeks or lips for the perfect pop of color anywhere! Bombshell Tip: Apply as you would regular eyeshadow, blush or lip gloss.
My Take:
Whoa! when I saw this I was a bit skeptic about the shade. The shade says sunset and in the tube it looks more orangey. But when I swatched it, I just fell in love with the shade. So perfect for my dusky skin. It looked the best when I wore it as a blusher. Still, this goes into my travel makeup kit because of it multiple uses. Again,it is a full sized product.So LOVE!
Feeling royal? Our Face Puree cleanser takes you back to the time of Kings and Queens with its Heirloom Tomatoes and extracts from the flower of deities, the Lotus. Packed with Oatmeal and naturally occurring Red Clay, this cleanser absorbs toxins from your skin leaving your face smooth and glowing. To enhance this potion further, we’ve blended in our fresh Ginger extracts to add that extra zing to your day!
How to Use: 
Take a small amount, mix with water and make a paste. Massage face for a minute and rinse with warm water.
My Take:
I loved this one and you can know more on this in my detailed product review with more pictures here :
It is a sample and costs 500 INR for 100gms.
I have received a bonus product. It is a scarf and I have checked other blogs for the same and I can conclude that everyone got a different one. I loved mine more because it is blue and I can style it with my Jeans and Ganjis :) The scarf is priced to be 500INR and I can not really think that it is worth 500INR but it is totally fine as it a bonus product. 
So, these are the products I have received in my MAY FabBag 2015 bag.
Surprisingly, the number of products are less but the two full products which are way too costly for what we get to pay for the monthly subscription fee of INR599.So, I am happy :D
I loved the FabBag and looking forward to the next month bag of joy :)
You can subscribe to the FabBag here
**PR Sample

FAB BAG April 2015 Review-Nine to 9

FAB BAG! Every month we girls want to wait for a special treat from the FAB BAG Crew! Yes, I am talking about the monthly subscription box/bag that makes us smile every time we receive it. The Fab Bag selects the products that are meant for the person's skin and likes. I like that fact that they curate the bag depending upon one's requirement. Like every month,this time too they have sent the goodies in a super cute Zebra printed bag which is named as The Nine to 9 April Fab Bag!
More about Fab Bag: (in their own words)
At FAB BAG, we are beauty experts and addicts driven by our passion for high quality beauty products and delightful service. We recognize that our members are beauty enthusiastic women looking for great products that would work for their specific beauty needs and tastes, but do not have enough time, access or resources to try out and experience all that is available. We work hard in association with brands to select 3 amazing products exclusively customized for each member and send them in a delightful box to her doorstep every month, so that she never has to make the expensive mistake of buying products that do not work for her! We also advise members on how to make the best use of these products and keep them abreast of the latest beauty and fashion trends and insider know-how through our magazine.
So, without wasting time, let's get into the contents..
1.Chambor Geneva Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Body Mist - INR 595 for 20ml
Extracted from the fragrant gardens in spring time, this incredible mix of diverse notes will capture your imagination with every splash. With a burst of Green and Citrus notes, Mystique Magnolia easily becomes a journey through fragrances of Magnolia, Muguet and Aldehydic notes. All to leave you with the lingering allure of Musk and Woody notes.
My Take:
Franly, I didn't know these existed. I have checked their website only after receiving it in my fab bag and I am quietly surprised. This smells good and it is the right time for me to have this. Summers are really testing my patience and I am happy to have this one. I have got the sample sized product.
2.City Color Blush Quad - INR500
City Color brings back their classic blush quad in the five most popular shades, as demanded by the fans! Each shade comes with four colors placed in a gorgeous stripes, allowing you to swirl together for a customized glow.
How to use:
Use a round blush brush an lightly swirl all colors together. Lightly sweep onto cheekbones or apples of cheeks for a soft, glowing look. Pigmented color for easy application and build.
My Take:
OMG! This is so brilliant. I have heard about this brand before but never thought their products are such a hit. I have heard not so good reviews about their cheek stains but trust me, this is one blush you may want to have it in your handbag always. The colours are very nicely pigmented and I totally liked the blush quad. You have a choice of 4 blushes in one place.
Here is the swatch: I have swatched the darkest shade and upon blending this is how it looks.
3. Malavara Body Lotion and Shower Gel 
These are priced at 390 and 300 respectively for 60ml product.
Malavara body lotions do not contain Parabens or other harsh preservatives. The preservative system used in our products is very gentle on skin, is included in the Handbook of Green Chemicals and is Whole Foods Premium Bodycare approved.
Malavara body washes are derived from pure coconut and virgin olive oils, which contain both the essential fatty acids to strengthen, condition, nourish and soften skin as well as the antioxidants needed to improve skin elasticity. They are entirely free of SLS, Parabens and other harsh preservatives. The preservative system used in our products is very gentle on skin, is included in the Handbook of Green Chemicals and is Whole Foods Premium Bodycare approved
My Take:
I haven't used the body wash but it did smell great and perfect for summer. I have used the body lotion and the aroma is so intense and it lasts very long. I think on my hands, I could smell a bit even in the afternoon as well.
4.Denman Hair Brush - INR475
FreeFlow volumizing brush with 9 rows of widely spaced, smooth nylon pins set into a half round rubber pad to help create volume and movement in the hair for a softer, fuller look. Also ideal for detangling thicker, coarser hair types.
My Take:
Okay,so the theme and the bag matches but the comb? I mean, one can not live without a comb. Fab bag people did an amazing job by sending it in a separate box and thus it didn't damage at all. The comb looks promising and I think my hair likes it too. I have thin fine hair so, I am hoping this would help me in my bad hair days.
And here is the super pretty content card :)
So, there is a super cool contest of showing your April Fab Bag. Just use the tag #InMyFabBag on any of the social media channels and stand a chance to win a Flormar Revolution Lipstick.
So, this is about my April Fab Bag!! I really liked what all I got in my bag and I am looking forward to the next month's Fab Bag.
I know I am late but I have recently shifted my location and finding it really hard to blog on time. I hope you guys liked my Fab Bag and you can order yours here

**I have been given the product by the brand for review. However, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

The Nature's Co - Beauty Wish Box - March 2015

If I am the last one to show you guys what I got in my Beauty Wish Box of March, blame my poor network and some personal commitments (Hee!! My facebook friends know what's keeping me busy) Anyway,without further ado let me get into the post. So, this is a post related to the Beauty Boxes or you may call the monthly subscription boxes. This particular box is from the brand "The Nature's Co." Nature's Co is known for their all natural,cruelty free,vegan and environmental friendly products. The brand believes in goodness from the goodness and you can always expect goodness from their every single product.
So, what I got in my March Beauty Wish Box??
This month box is err a sling bag :D A beautiful Paris themed sling bag is what the Nature's Co guys sent me. The bag looks super pretty.
The products...
I have received the products in samples sizes and I am yet to try all of these. I have used the face wash and I really liked it. It didn't do any brightening stuff but it did made my skin appear clean which made me more than happy.
I have got two of these and I love body mists a lot at least in Summer. But unlike the other products, I wasn't really happy about these as I am not a fan of Jasmine and this body mist smells a bit strong to my liking and it stayed on forever which is a good thing but I only wish it came in a different scent.
I am totally looking forward to use this body lotion. It seems promising to me. I liked the tiny square bottle.
I am having very dry palms these days and my cuticles are hurting a bit.I am using a body lotion to my fingers as well which I feel is not giving them enough moisture.The product came in a tiny tub.I think this will last me for a week.So..let's wait
OMG!! I have used it and trust me, I am going to order all the other flavors in this. This is the full sized product and it has become my HG lip balm now. I can not step out of my house without this. That's how much I liked this.
7. Nail Polish and Gift Voucher from Chamki Nail Paints.
I don't know  if I liked it or not. The colour is a pink shade with a pearl finish. That's not my type. But since it is an additional goodie, I am cool with it to take some place in my Nail Polish Box.

The Gift Voucher is only applicable on visiting the store and the store is in Bangalore :( I feel so bad for this 35% off voucher as I do not see any possibility of me visiting Bangalore in near future.
Awww... The Additional Goodies.
These are just perfect! The emergency saviors. Only a girl can understand the importance of having a hair tie and safety pin in her kitty. Thanks guys! So thoughtful.

Overall, these are the contents of the Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box March - 9 to 5 Edition
The Nature’s Co.  says, “Indulge in our Beauty Wish Box Deluxe Sized 6 Beauty Samples in different dedicated theme every month delivered to your Doorstep. Also get * Free Vouchers *Free Gifts from top Brands & Lots More !!!”
Subscription Price:
Rs.595/- for 1 month
Rs.1645/- for 3 months
Rs.3215/- for 6 months
Rs.5950/- for 12 months
For more info about it check this site link :

Overall, I totally loved the March Month Box! I can not wait to see what they are going to include in April Box.

**The box was provided by the brand for consideration. However, my review is honest and unbiased,

MSM Box - My Style Mile Box - January Edition

Hey Guys.. I am sure that many of you are aware of the subscription boxes. I love them. Just because these boxes give you a chance to try and test the brands that you always dream of.Also, a lot of them can be personalized in that way,for the amount you pay, you get the best deals. The trend of subscription boxes was started recently in India and it took us by storm. We have seen a lot of boxes last year but in this 2015, I would like to introduce you a box that can make you smile,detox and make you feel good at the same time. I am talking about the MSM box - acronym for My Style Mile box.
MSM Box - My Style Mile Box - January Edition
MSM Box - My Style Mile Box - January Edition