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Li Sil Dual Effect Oriental Herb Face Mask - Get Radiant Skin Instantly!

Heelllooo Ladies! I am back with a bang! The product which I am reviewing is my most favorite favorite favorite approach for that instant lightening and brightening face with less effort!As you all know, I am so obsessed with Korea and most importantly their skin care regime. The major focus of their skin care is giving intense hydration to the skin which automatically gives the soft, supple and luminous face.
Saimdang Cosmetics Co.,Ltd is an extremely renowned South Korean company which produces cosmetics and skin care products company  based on oriental medicine and is planning to enter Indian Cosmetic Market (Yayy!). Their thirst for providing the best in class dermatological tested product is endless. They always combine innovation with tradition in their products.

My Experience with Kosmoderma - Jet Peels,Medifacials and More

Kosmoderma - Known to be the best dermatologist in Bangalore has recently started their services in Hyderabad. That's my home :D and I have one more reason to smile and stay not worried about my already troubled skin.
We are in Hyderabad - Kosmoderma

Vedantika Herbals - Instant Glow Mask,Skin Polishing Scrub,Neem-Tulsi Shampoo Review

I have slowly changing my skincare routine from using too many chemical products to using some natural herbal products. I am not really in a hurry to see any quick changes but I am excited about the fact that my skin is getting something that is totally natural and cruelty free. There are not many known brands for being 100% natural and cruelty free but out of them, I can surely pick Vedantika Herbals as one of the very known brands in South India. 
Vedantika Herbals - Instant Glow Mask,Skin Polishing Scrub
Vedantika Herbals - Instant Glow Mask,Skin Polishing Scrub

Garnier White Complete #7Daychallenge - My Take

I have taken up the Garnier White Complete #7daychallenge and here is my experience.
What does the website say :
White Complete Fairness Face Wash
How to get one tone fairer in one wash
Exposure to sun, pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull & dark.
Garnier White Complete Fairness Face wash is an effective daily face wash that helps you discover clear, radiant, and even complexion.
You get one tone fairer in one wash!
White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream
Get 3 tones fairer skin, in just 7 days
Enriched with natural ingredients, this formula provides instant whitening and long lasting fairness. Your skin looks even, feels fresh and moisturized with a natural glow.
Multi Action fairness cream for glowing skin :
1.Instant Whitening – provides instant whitening
2.Sun Protection with SPF 19 PA+++ – Protects skin from further darkening by harmful UVA and UVB sun rays
3.Long Lasting Fairness – Fairer skin over time with regular usage
Dermatologically tested – suitable for all skin types.

Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review - Expect the Unexpected

Hello my lovely readers~
Happy Dappy Sunday <3 Here I am back with one quick review on a product that I tried and tested. Thanks to the social media! Thanks to the blogging world that I noticed people are raving about this product. Who loves to get a sun tan.. I DO! But I hate it when it stays more than a day or two. I want to get a tan only when I can take it off whenever I want to :D I know it is not really a good wish. However, we now got a product that totally heard us and released a product that is going to work on the suntan. I am referring the SPINZ Sun Tan Remover
Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review - Expect the Unexpected
Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review - Expect the Unexpected

C20-Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum Review

How much ever I want to talk about this serum it's just so less. I am not knowing how to express my opinion in words with you regarding this serum. This has been a delayed review and I apologize about that. This is one of the best serums I have come across. Read on to know more about the same.

Indian Skin Care Tips for the Beautiful You #ComeCloser to the Radiant Skin

This is one of the very first things that comes to the mind when you hear the name "INDIA" India is known for its amazing history and mythology. India is the home
of many herbs and medicinal plants. Using these, our ancestors found the famous Ayurveda.
Image source
There were solutions for almost all the diseases in ayurveda but I would like to focus more on the skincare. The modern world is full of pollution and the harmful UV rays from the Sun  that damage our skin badly. We go to the doctor or a beautician for the quick remedies. I swear they give you medicines full of chemicals. But not so recently there have been many skincare brands coming out stating they are all natural and 100% organic.
Before there weren't much popular but slowly people started believing the fact that the natural skincare is the best skincare. There are many products that have come up from the natural range but I still believe in DIY the same products.
I am not that person who would spend thousands on the product that can be done at home in all natural method and the best part about DIY is that we know what we are adding in.
1. Turmeric

Image source
Turmeric is known as the best skincare product ever. You may use it as a cleanser,ubtan,face mask and body scrub.
Benefits of turmeric include lightening of the skin, scars, complexion improvement, acne and reduces hair growth.
Face Mask - For Clear & Radiant Skin:
You can make a face mask by adding a teaspoon of turmeric to two teaspoons of besan(gram flour). Mix them by adding adequate quantity of one of these milk/butter milk/lemon/rosewater to make a thick paste. Apply it on the face/body and wash it off after 20 minutes with lukewarm water. This results in a clear and radiant skin.

2. Sandal Wood:
Image source

Sandal wood is one such nature's boon to get flawless and fairer skin. It has the properties to reduce blemishes, acne, skin ageing. It acts as a herbal antiseptic and can also cure bruises and burns.
Face Mask - For Reducing Dark Spots:
Mix three teaspoons of sandal wood powder and adequate amount of lemon juice, rose water to make a fine paste. Apply it on the face and particularly on dark spots. Let it dry and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Regular use of this fair pack results in considerate reduction of dark spots.

3. Rose water:

Image Source

Rose water is the best natural product to use as a toner or in any face pack. It has properties to cool acne, sun burn. puffy eyes, skin irritations and scars. It is easily available and we can prepare rose water at home in simple steps.
Make Rose Water at Home :

Pick rose petals and clean them properly to remove dust on them. Place them in enough mineral water and boil it in low flame till the water absorbs the pinkness of the petals. Remove the color lost white petals and secure the water in a closed container.

The first word I remember when I think of Turmeric is our very own friend  "VICCO Turmeric Cream" 
It always bound to it's one-liner - "Vicco Turmeric - Not a Cosmetic". Yes, indeed. It never let me down when I was fighting with acne and blemishes. Vicco Turmeric Cream is meant for everyone to use regardless of age and gender. It was and is and will always be my first choice regular cream for my skin.

Richfeel Skin Logix Advance Whitening Night repair Serum Review

I am pretty much new to the use of Serum and the night creams. It is like, I do the usual CTM every night before I go and that't it. It's more like I use my moisturizer and I sleep. I never felt the need to have a cream exclusive for the night time and I never wanted to start. This may be because my skin is oily and I always wake up to an oily film over my face and mostly the T Zone is always oily. The only thing I regularly take care of is the ointments(for my untimely pimples) that are given by my dermatologist.
But people change not really but the climate and the skin texture changes. I kind of observed it last year during winter and that's when I started using a moisturizer exclusively in the night time. When I got the opportunity to use the latest products from Richfeel in their Skin Logix range, I couldn't just say no. Okay, we might have heard of so many night creams/serums but I am sure you might have used at least 4-5 creams to find your ideal match. Because, I felt few night creams are too thick and gave me pimples and where are few others are very light textured that didn't really provide me any moisture. One point that I realized is that, according to your skin texture and climate, the affect of your night creams change too. That's because, the same night cream that I used in summer is not really helpful during winter and vice versa.
But when we consider the serums,most of them are light in consistency and are meant to be used before moisturizer.
So..what does this particular night serum say.. 
Product Description:
Richfeel Skin Logix Advance Whitening Night repair Serum reveals a fairer and younger looking skin.The Advanced Night Repair Serum as a skin whitening formula revitalizes, repairs and whitens skin at night when cell renewal is at its peak
Reveal a fairer and younger-looking skin
Wake up to more beautiful skin every day
Price and Quantity:
INR 249 for 25ml

Additional Information:
Apply on clean skin before you go to bed. Apply a drop or two on each fingertip of one hand, touch fingertips of the both hands together, massage serum over face and neck, starting at the center, outward. Repeat if necessary. For best results, use in combination with Balancing Day Cream.

My Take:
To start off, I liked the packaging. I liked the dropper which picks up the required amount and it keeps it clean. As the dropper would never touch the skin, it is totally hygienic too.
The smell is a turn off for me. The brand did really try to incorporate a good smell but the serum turned out to be a bit artificial. But I feel that most serums do not smell good. I can be wrong.(comment below if your serum smells good and if so,which serum do you use.)
The consistency of the serum is a bit runny and only 2-3 drops are good to cover up the entire face. This serum is not that moisturizing and I feel that you are required to use it after your regular CTM. The serum gets absorbed quickly. The next morning, I wake up to a good hydrated skin and I love it. But I think the serum worked the best on my oily/combination skin but not on the dry skin. Also, it did work on my acne spots/marks but with a slow pace. I had to use this serum for almost 2 months regularly to notice any difference. There is still some serum left and I think I would use it up by this month end.

Overall, a good serum which works slowly on the skin. I think this is one of the very affordable serums available in Indian Market and I think you can give it a try. If your only concern is to look fair and want a dewy skin then, you can go ahead with this serum.
You can buy the product by clicking the image below :)
**PR sample.

Micro Derm Abration in India-What,How,After Care,My Experience

Okay guys let's face it. We all love to look good and feel good about ourselves. I know not everyone of us are lucky to have perfect skin. Most of the Indian women are naturally have beautiful skin and few may have some difficulties with the skin type and acne. I do not say that it is a problem or something which is unusual. But it just hides our already beautiful skin. I do not shy away to admit the fact that I am a South Indian and I am dusky and my skin is acne prone. I do not say that I have very severe acne(atleast not now) I do get pimples every now and then and my skin is never clear without a blemish. It means, I always had a mark,an acne scar or a blemish.
During my fight to get back my clear skin I came across the chemical peeling,MDA,PRP etc. I have got myself a Chemical Peel two months back.(Do let me know if you want to know about my experience with the chemical peeling) Today, I just had my first MDA.
PRP is not my cup of tea as I am super scared of blood and anything related to injecting something into the body. I have Trypanophobia. I can not imagine myself letting something getting directly into my skin/body.
I am not going to talk about it here but I would like to share my experience with Micro Derm Abration.
Before getting in detail..
Micro Derma Abration in India-What,How,After Care,My Experience
What is MDA aka MicroDermAbration:
Microdermabrasion is a general term for the application of tiny particles to buff away the top most layer of skin.It can be done in anyway and most of the high-class spa/salons use this method of exfoliation. But the best method would be getting the procedure done by a certified cosmetologist/dermatologist. I got it done in a clinic and my doctor is an MBBS and specialized in Dermatology. I could trust her completely.

Memebox #53 Superbox My Honey Box-Unboxing,Mini Reviews

Bigger, better, and sweeter than Honey Box #1, My Honey Box oozes with all things honey to enhance your natural beauty. Sweet! Honey is a pretty amazing substance and there is a lot more to it than just a sweet tasting treat. Hailed as the queen of natural beauty enhancers, honey is rich in natural sugars and minerals that work to nourish and repair damaged skin. Its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties stop bacterial growth and heal infections, while its antioxidant-rich formula creates a youth-preserving veil over the face to protect against wrinkle-causing free radical and improve the skin’s radiance! Take this one-of-a-kind honey challenge with Memebox to visibly see and feel an improvement in your skin!
This is what Memebox says about their #53 Superbox Honey Box 
Memebox #53 Superbox My Honey Box-Unboxing,Mini Reviews
Memebox #53 Superbox My Honey Box-Unboxing,Mini Reviews
Price and Availability:
29 USD + 6.99 USD as shipping
You can get it here

VIVANT Skincare Mandelic 3-IN-1 Wash Review

Happy to review a product that did work for my troubled skin. It is not usual that we find a good product that actually suits our skin's need. I have oily combination skin and is acne-prone.Using a product with hopes of making it work for me but the product disappoint me at the end. But out of the cluster, I could get one product that was really nice to my face and body. Double Check!! Face and Body :)
VIVANT Skincare Mandelic 3-IN-1 Wash Review
VIVANT Skincare Mandelic 3-IN-1 Wash Review
Price and Quantity:
$31 for 236.58ml Available here

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes -Review & Demo

Hey People! Happy Weekend :)
I am here with a product review and it is a product that everyone bound to have it in their bag. Okay, at least we all women do. No no,it is not the lipbalm but it is the Multi Use Wipes. There are way too many brands releasing these now a days. There is no way you can select something and deselect something. You only get to know which one works for you when you use them. There are no testers available.But out of all these brands and variants, there is one brand which makes you want it right away without a second thought. Yes, I am talking about Dettol.
As kids, we have all bathed with this brand's soap and how many of us remember crying over the application of Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. Dettol emerged as one brand that is always there in our home.I love their hand wash.Dettol's Multi Use Wipes are now my must haves. 
Dettol Multi-Use Wipes -Review & Demo
Dettol Multi-Use Wipes -Review & Demo

Perfect Complexion - Skin Care for Dummies

Achieving the maintaining the perfect complexion is something which most women strive for. There are two main factors to achieving a flawless, glowing complexion. The clever and correct application of foundation, concealers etc can help to achieve the perfect look a makeup airbrush kit is perfect for this job but achieving the best results starts on the inside. If you have a clear, bright complexion then you won’t need to cover it with makeup to make you look and feel good – just the minimum amount will suffice.
Here are a few tips to achieve the perfect complexion starting from the inside:
1.Look after yourself
The skin is the largest organ in the body and if you don’t take good care of your body as a whole then it will show through in your skin. Some real “no-no’s” include drinking too much caffeine, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, eating lots of processed foods and over exposure to the sun. Cut down on these things and you should see a difference already.
The Key to a Perfect Complexion
The Key to a Perfect Complexion

GRATiAE - Exfoliating Salt Scrub (Apple, Green Tea and Ginger) Review

Body Scrubs! I love love them so much. One reason why I like them so much is that they clean my skin thoroughly and there will no dryness/flakiness. I like to exfoliate my skin in any season but mostly I feel there is much need during winters/summers. I like my scrubs to be gentle on my skin and smell great.
When I got this GRATiAE - Exfoliating Salt Scrub - I knew this is just PERFECT!

GRATiAE - Exfoliating Salt Scrub (Apple, Green Tea and Ginger) Review
GRATiAE - Exfoliating Salt Scrub (Apple, Green Tea and Ginger) Review
Price & Quantity:
$59.99 for 425gm You can get it here

Premier Dead Sea Neck Cream Review #premierdeadsea

Premier Dead Sea Neck Cream #premierdeadsea
Have you ever heard of a "Neck Cream" I mean, I never heard about something like this one but when I got it, I was totally bowled over on knowing why you should incorporate a separate regimen for your Neck too. Most of us neglect neck area and do not pay much attention to it which results in sagging or fine lines to appear. Blame my genes but I have a little weird Neck Region. Read on to know more..
Premier Dead Sea Neck Cream Review
Premier Dead Sea Neck Cream Review
Price & Quantity:
For 2.04 Oz. $249.99 You can buy it here

Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap

The story of this soap is not a long but not that short either. As I told you guys earlier that I had acne and since two months I am fighting on the marks and tiny scars left by them. This soap was one of those prescribed list to be used and I must say that this sure has a place on my blog and a review so as to help my readers regarding the Skin Lightening Soaps that are available in Indian Market.
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
Dermadew Lite Soap Review - A Skin Lightening Soap
Price and Quantity:
INR 150 for 75gms

Bioque C Plus Moisturising Cream-Review,Swatch

Hey many of you know that Vitamin C is good for skin? Vitamin C helps in keeping the skin healthy and supple. We don't get many moisturizing creams that have Vitamin C in them and I'm sure finding one would be difficult. I guess Bioque has the same query and hence formulated this moisturizing cream.
Bioque C Plus Moisturising Cream-Review,Swatch
Bioque C Plus Moisturising Cream-Review,Swatch
Price and Quantity:
50gms for £35.00 you can get it here 
About the brand:
A scientific approach is at the core of Bioque’s skin care philosophy with a goal of developing cosmetic products that are more than coverups. They are, in fact, designed to employ your own skin's natural processes to improve the skin’s appearance. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines appear less visible, giving the appearance of more youthful skin. Our philosophy also requires that we use only the best and safest cruelty-free ingredients, regardless of cost, and use a sufficient amount of each ingredient to get optimal visible results. Bioque—The Nobel Prize-Winning Difference

Signal Technology—Bioque’s breakthrough signal technology, the delivery system used in Bioque products, delivers over 80% beneficial natural compounds into the interior of skin cells in both the inner and outer layers of skin. In other skincare lines lacking the benefit of signal technology, a much smaller percentage of beneficial compounds penetrates through the cellular walls (an average of 20% as opposed to Bioque’s over 80%); most ingredients are lost on the surface of skin cells.

New Exfolimate, Your Best Mate for Silky Smooth Skin Review #facebodytool

Exfoliation is something which I feel is so important for younger looking skin and helps in keeping the skin clean. We all know about the scrubs that are known to exfoliate the skin but have you heard of New Exfolimate? A product that is exclusive for exfoliating the body and face. So, we all heard about solid bars with beads to scrub off the dirt or we all have our ready made scrubs that has level of severity set from mild to gritty. Anyway, we are not going in there but we have Exfolimate Face and Body Exfoliation. 
New Exfolimate, Your Best Mate for Silky Smooth Skin Review #facebodytool
New Exfolimate, Your Best Mate for Silky Smooth Skin Review #facebodytool
What does the brand say about this:
Your Best Mate for Silky Smooth Skin. Say G’day to ultra smooth skin and goodbye to dull, flakey skin. Introducing Exfolimate - the ultimate tool to give you younger, fresher looking and feeling skin.
Designed in Australia – Exfolimate is your handy mate to instant exfoliation and pore clarification without the fuss of scrubs and loofahs that only rub the surface of your skin without actually removing the problem.

Sand for Soapaholics Face Puree - Face Cleanser Review

Ever heard of tomatoes for skincare.? Because, I knew the fact that using tomato juice would help take away the tan and give some healthy glow. But never really used as a cleanser.
But when the brand SAND for Soapaholics launched their new line of facial cleansers, I couldn't stop thinking of getting my hands on them. Here I go..with one of my very favourite cleansers I've ever used.
They gave caption for each of their products and for my new love.. Face Puree
They say "Tomatoes - Indispensable to every kitchen, Indispensable for great skin!"
Sand for Soapaholics Face Puree - Face Cleanser Review
Sand for Soapaholics Face Puree - Face Cleanser Review

Acne Care-Nexcare Acne Patch Review

Helloo beauties..I have a quick confession to make. Just like a teenage girl, I sometimes suffer from acne..Err..I ain't a teenager but still :( I know it sounds weird but I have oily skin which at times troubles me a lot  by causing some tiny volcanoes on my cheek or chin.! I HATE them the most !!! I am talking about acne and the scars that they leave once they are gone .Even before you get there in detail..let me tell you some simple facts about acne:
Pimples are commonly used to describe different types of acne.
The medical term for pimple is Acne Vulgaris. It occurs when oily and dead skin cells mix together and clog the skin pores. There are many types of acne.
Now the point.. How does Nexcare ™ come into the picture?
Well.. I have an answer..or you may say that the brand has an answer.
Acne Care-Nexcare Acne Patch Review