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Amuse Bouche Lipsticks by BITE Beauty-Review,Swatches

Amuse Bouche Lipsticks by BITE Beauty-Review
Amuse Bouche Lipsticks by BITE Beauty-Review
Amuse Bouche Lipsticks by BITE Beauty-Review

What does the brand say about these:

34 Bold Dimensional Shades handcrafted for highest pigmentation. Ultra-Creamy Hydrating Texture Made from 12 edible oils. Mouth-Watering Citrus Flavour Made with fresh pressed fruit. Introducing the perfect Bite. Amuse Bouch by Bite.  

BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness

BBlunt – It provides one such all-hair favourite salon and products. Ever since it’s inception in manufacturing hair products, it never looked back and never ever led it’s customers down. This brand has eventually gained the “trust-factor” from consumers.

Three things which I absolutely love about BBlunt products are the price, variations and peppy color :P ! Also, they are pocket friendly, most of the products costs around 500 INR. They offer wide range of product types such as shampoo, leave-in cream, shine spray, hair style equipment and what not! Now, they have launched the “DRY SHAMPOO” for instant freshness specially designed for Indian hair.

The Four Fountains Spa is now in Hyderabad - My Experience

Hey People!! Not so long ago, I had written about my experience with The Four Fountains Spa, Powai when I was in Mumbai. You can read it here Now that I have moved back to Hyderabad, I was kind of missing the service that I took in the spa and this time I was keen on getting my body pampered. As soon as I got some time, I rushed to the website to check if there is this spa located in Hyderabad and I was relieved to see it is there and pretty close to my place :D So I booked my appointment and I was all set to welcome my new fresh self.

FAB BAG November 2015 Review - Up Your Game

November 2015 Fab Bag Review, Unboxing, Price, Products, Fab bag November 2015

\Hey Girlies.. Now that you guys might have known that every month, I get surprised by the Fab Bag crew. If you have missed the previous posts, here they are October ,
September , AugustJuly Bag,June Bag,May Bag and April Bag .

My Experience with Kosmoderma - Jet Peels,Medifacials and More

Kosmoderma - Known to be the best dermatologist in Bangalore has recently started their services in Hyderabad. That's my home :D and I have one more reason to smile and stay not worried about my already troubled skin.
We are in Hyderabad - Kosmoderma

Fab Bag October 2015 Review

October is one of my very favorite months and I can totally name Durga Puja as the reason :) The Festive month is full of bright ethnic clothes and super glowing skin and of course lot of food and friends. As usual, fab bag sent the surprise bag a day back and I was amused with the FAB "BAG" ! The contents came in a bright silk pouch. The pouch is in red and pink with gold jari which totally gave the perfect festive look. So let's get into the contents.
Fab Bag October 2015 Review
Fab Bag October 2015 Review

Vedantika Herbals - Instant Glow Mask,Skin Polishing Scrub,Neem-Tulsi Shampoo Review

I have slowly changing my skincare routine from using too many chemical products to using some natural herbal products. I am not really in a hurry to see any quick changes but I am excited about the fact that my skin is getting something that is totally natural and cruelty free. There are not many known brands for being 100% natural and cruelty free but out of them, I can surely pick Vedantika Herbals as one of the very known brands in South India. 
Vedantika Herbals - Instant Glow Mask,Skin Polishing Scrub
Vedantika Herbals - Instant Glow Mask,Skin Polishing Scrub

Garnier White Complete #7Daychallenge - My Take

I have taken up the Garnier White Complete #7daychallenge and here is my experience.
What does the website say :
White Complete Fairness Face Wash
How to get one tone fairer in one wash
Exposure to sun, pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull & dark.
Garnier White Complete Fairness Face wash is an effective daily face wash that helps you discover clear, radiant, and even complexion.
You get one tone fairer in one wash!
White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream
Get 3 tones fairer skin, in just 7 days
Enriched with natural ingredients, this formula provides instant whitening and long lasting fairness. Your skin looks even, feels fresh and moisturized with a natural glow.
Multi Action fairness cream for glowing skin :
1.Instant Whitening – provides instant whitening
2.Sun Protection with SPF 19 PA+++ – Protects skin from further darkening by harmful UVA and UVB sun rays
3.Long Lasting Fairness – Fairer skin over time with regular usage
Dermatologically tested – suitable for all skin types.

Richfeel Hair Nourisher - Does it Help Reduce Hairfall?

If I need to start my hair story, all I can say is that I am not happy with my hair. I already have very fine thin hair and is prone to breakage. I know the reasons too. I am not really taking good food,neither rest nor reducing the stress levels. So, these things took a troll on my hair and my already weak hair started to fall apart really badly.
I was in search of a good product which would provide me the required care and nourishment to my hair. I have already found the topical solution for hair growth which I will review in later days.
About the product:
Richfeel Hair Nourisher - Does it Help Reduce Hairfall
Richfeel Hair Nourisher combines the goodness of almonds with an inbuilt vitalizer thereby taking care of various problems like dandruff and hair loss.
This pioneering product of Richfeel conditions and nourishes the hair to keep it strong and healthy.
A truly wonderful product, tried and trusted by hundreds around the world.
It is extremely effective on Alopecia and hair fall.

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - Review,Swatches

As you are already aware of the fact that Maybelline launched new shades to their already existing collection of 28 lipsticks of Colorshow range.
Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - Review,Swatches
Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - Review,Swatches

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box - July 2015 - Subscription Box - Review

July,the monsoon month is just as messy and mushy as it can ever be. Loved it and hated it at the same time. This season calls for a special pampering session at home as we can not easily go out whenever we want to. So, keeping it with the theme, TheNature's Co has created the beauty wish box of July.
The Nature's Co Beauty Wish - July 2015 - Subscription Box - Review
The Nature's Co Beauty Wish - July 2015 - Subscription Box - Review
About The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box:
In their own words-Indulge in our Beauty Wish Box 5 Deluxe and 1 Full size Beauty Samples in different dedicated theme every month delivered to your Doorstep. Also get * Free Vouchers *Free Gifts from top Brands & Lots More !!! DELIVERY : END OF EVERY MONTH
INR 595 per month
You can save when you subscribe for 3-6-12months.

Clothing Haul ft

Clothing Haul ft
Clothing Haul ft

Shopping is easy and makes me feel so good. I used to like visiting the shopping malls for my clothes shopping because I can actually try on clothes, feel the fabric and check the fitting. I seldom exchange my clothes and I totally think the whole process is a stress buster and fun. But now things have been changed, in many ways. Now I cannot really invest my time in visiting a mall as I find it really disappointing in the end. I do not like the fact that there is a huge crowd in every place that I used to shop earlier. I need to waste time at the trial room, at the cash counter and during the SALE season just the whole process is too irritating. Thankfully, most of the online websites have almost the same sort of sale DURING the sale season. But what if you want to shop for less price in the off sale season? Well, I have an answer now. It is the LIMEROAD.
Limeroad can be downloaded on your mobile for quick shopping experience in your palm. I have shopped from them earlier and I always wanted to shop from them again whenever I get a chance to. In this haul, I would like to show you what I got.
I have got three very unique pieces. Very different from one and another.
Before getting into my haul, I would like to tell you my experience with the website

Fab Bag - The Red Carpet - July 2015 - Pictures and Review

Fab Bag - The name instantly makes me smile. Every month it gives you a bag full of goodies and no wonder it always surprises me whenever I open it. You may check my June Bag,May Bag and April Bag by clicking the respective name. So what's special in July Fab Bag?? It is The Red Carpet !
The bag came in a shimmery beige gold bag and trust me it looks so glamorous. I loved the bag and I can't wait to open to see what's in the bag.

Fab Bag - July 2015 - Pictures and Review
Fab Bag - July 2015 - Pictures and Review

Aakaara Salon - Home for The Best Hairdressers in Hyderabad

I always thought there are very few people on the planet who know how to cut my hair properly. The person who tops that “few people” list happens to be Mr.Satya of AAKAARA hair salon 
(Check their Facebook page here and do like it as they keep updating the page with latest hair trends and looks )
My hair is frizzy when dried and curly when wet. No comb can survive my hair and hence I only invest in conditioners and hair serums.  It’s been months I have had a hair cut because I strongly believe, however it is cut, it still looks the same! More over most of the stylists cut my hair short or give short layers which in turn my hair avenges by coiling up more and making it unmanageable.
But one day, this chirpy little Appu took me to the trending AAKAARA hair salon. I wasn’t aware of how awesome my hair would transform at that moment. She gave them the biggest challenge to make my hair look good and manageable.
Aakaara Salon - Home for The Best Hairdressers in Hyderabad
Aakaara Salon - Home for The Best Hairdressers in Hyderabad

Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review - Expect the Unexpected

Hello my lovely readers~
Happy Dappy Sunday <3 Here I am back with one quick review on a product that I tried and tested. Thanks to the social media! Thanks to the blogging world that I noticed people are raving about this product. Who loves to get a sun tan.. I DO! But I hate it when it stays more than a day or two. I want to get a tan only when I can take it off whenever I want to :D I know it is not really a good wish. However, we now got a product that totally heard us and released a product that is going to work on the suntan. I am referring the SPINZ Sun Tan Remover
Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review - Expect the Unexpected
Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review - Expect the Unexpected

Kryolan Professional lipstick: LIP ROUGE PEARL LCP 626 - Review,Lip Swatch

**Guest post by Gunjan Taneja

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are doing well. Here, I am going to review my first lipstick from Kryolan Professional. The shade code LCP 626 from the Kryolan’s Pearl collection. It would become easy to remember if they start giving names to their lipsticks shades.

Ombre Lips ft Maybelline Colorsensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks

I have seen these sometime in last year and their reviews were great on many of the beauty blogs from foreign countries. They had launched 10 shades abroad and most of them were pastels. May be the brand might have guessed that these can never really be liked by Indian women, launched only 6 shades here this year. The range I am talking about is the Maybelline Colorsensational Rebel Bouquet Collection. These as the name say are packed in a very gorgeous outer cover and the colours are gorgeous too. The collection has very vibrant colours ranging from pinks,corals,peaches etc.
The shade which I have here are REB02 and REB05.
Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks Review Swatches
Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks Review Swatches
Now lips blossom with attitude as pastels go bold and rebellious! Taking inspiration from the Rebel Bouquet Collection that encapsulates the trendiest shades for this Spring Summer, Color Sensational- Maybelline New York’s power franchise at the helm of new shades and textures brings to you Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet. This range of six flirty, edgy and fresh floral shades is perfectly in-sync with this season. The Rebel Bouquet lipsticks consist of pure pastel bright pigments that give crisp and rich colour. The colour bloom technology with honey nectar formula makes the texture feel creamier and softer on the lips. Now pout in the most gorgeous shades.
Here's why you'll love it:
Rich and bright colors
Creamy and soft technology
Bold pastel shades from the runway
INR 450 for 3.9gms

SaND for Soapaholics Forever Twenty Review

What is the best season that would keep your hair healthy? For me, it is the summer because I get to take head bath every alternate day and I have also observed that my hair grows faster in summer than in any other season. In summer, my scalp turns oily by the second day after the hair wash and I do not have to oil my hair(at least I thought so) which is a sheer lie. But the other seasons make my hair weird. It is like my hair turns super dry during winter and monsoon is making my hair lifeless and limp.
So, let me focus on the present season. The Great Monsoons of India! Kill my hair I say lol. After so many hit and trials and after losing so much of hair I could find out the best way to shampoo my hair. But now, I would like to add up one more Oiling my hair. Since a month or so, I started this routine of oiling my hair every time I shampoo my hair. Now that you guys got to know the topic, I would love to share the reviews of two products one at a time.
In this post, I would like to share a review of one oil that is too unique. Look wise and Feel Wise too.
This is from Sand for Soapaholics..The product is named as “Forever Twenty”
SaND for Soapaholics Forever Twenty Review
SaND for Soapaholics Forever Twenty Review

Oriflame The One : 5-In-1 Colour Stylist Lipsticks - Swatches, Review

Probably I am the last one to join the bandwagon and I apologize for the same. I am juggling with lot of other works and am totally rocking it. So coming to the post, I have four very good looking Oriflame 5 in 1 lipsticks. The shades which I have here are Beige Collection,Mysterious Pink, Garnet Attraction and London Red.
The lipsticks look like their recently launched lipsticks from The One collection.
449 INR
but I am sure you get them for a cheaper price online or you can simply wait for an offer in their monthly catalog.
Oriflame The One : 5-In-1 Colour Stylist Lipsticks - Swatches, Review
Oriflame The One : 5-In-1 Colour Stylist Lipsticks - Swatches, Review

Fab Bag - June 2015 - Pictures And Review

By now, you might be aware of the fact that every month I get to see a bag full of Happiness and this month too, I am not disappointed. You can check the April Bag and May Bag. I have usually received the Fab Bag only after 20th of every month but surprisingly, the JUNE month FAB BAG reached me so fast. Probably around 10th of June.This totally earns the brand a few brownie points from my end. My review has been delayed because of obvious reasons and I am no longer delaying to show you what I got in June Edition of Fab Bag. The purple bag is too gorgeous.
Fab Bag - June 2015 - Pictures And Review