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Lovely homecoming dresses from Dressthat!

Hello dear fashion lover!
Recently I was introduced to an online store that sells so much of beautiful dresses, and I cannot wait to share with you because I can sure that you must like it!

The Dressthat is a professional online store which provides hundreds of women’s clothing at low price for global shoppers. Dressthat specializes in selling dresses for all kinds of special occasions and parties, and I found that there are so many lovely cheap homecoming dresses here.

My personal style agrees with lace and of course I’m a big fan of lace! And here are my current top 3 picks: 
Vintage A-Line V-neck Knee-Length Black Lace Homecoming Dress
Vintage A-Line V-neck Knee-Length Black Lace Homecoming Dress

Nail Down The Print Style With Élan This Monsoon

Every season has its own essence and known for its individual fashion streak. What if you can tweak a little of your fashion standards at any season, especially strict monsoon? Yes, now you can.

A very long time ago, fashion world had a taboo of printed tops over printed bottom wears. Thank god, we are somewhat forwarded through so many prints and their way of wearing printed western dresses as well as ethnic drapes. Fortunately, we have some true aesthetic designers who went so keen on trying print on print trends and see, what we have now - a spectrum of jazzy clothes for every season.
The trend has turned out to be a bandwagon now and here are some cool tips to rock this trend like a pro for you girl. Now ace your print on print style with élan even during monsoon with some quite handy tips and suggestions.

Pretty Clothing Haul ft.!

"Shopping" is one thing that never fails to make me happy, particularly clothes. Online shopping has become an essential routine of my life and I shop when I am bored, I shop when I am happy and I even shop when I am bankrupt and give "Cash On Delivery" payment option so that my mom pays for it(*evil laugh*). In my odyssey of online shopping, I must say that after continuous scrolling in website, I would get tired of it because there would be the same old stuff staring at me(Dude! I just skipped you and I don't want to see you again!!) But, there is this website, where I can only be amazed of every product and scrolled till the end so as to not to miss the awesome stuff! Read on to know more about my shopping experience and my pretty new clothes <3

Online shopping at

Massive Shoe Haul ft Zaful

My Shopping Experience with Zaful - Website Review

I was on a shopping spree the last three weeks and get excited for the haul posts that I am going to make in the coming days. For now, I have decided to keep the excitement high by posting some new additions to my shoe collection which I have shopped from the Zaful Website.
About Zaful:
If you are not aware of the Zaful, let me say some super nice words about the website. This is a website that deals with women's staples - clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories, bags and much more. The quality is great for super affordable price tags. 

1. Two-Piece Sequined Cloth Pointed Toe Pumps in gold

Zaful Two-Piece Sequined Cloth Pointed Toe Pumps
Zaful Two-Piece Sequined Cloth Pointed Toe Pumps

My Shopping Experience with - Website Review

“Life isn’t perfect. But your outfit can be!” ;)
We love clothes and we love ‘em more when we get them on sale :P So girlies, here I am to review a cool website that I came across - It is a one stop shop for ethnic and western wear, accessories, designer wear, fabrics and the best part is it has an amazing collection of clothes even for men and kids. Let’s dig into the site deeper and I’d share my shopping experience too.

My shopping experience with Aplava!

What makes you stand out from a crowd? Think Different!

That's what Aplava did to make its own image out of a bunch of boring online websites selling beauty products. Wouldn't it be awesome if a website can predict your skin score and suggest the range of suitable products for your skin? Like, no need to hear the half-witted blabbering of a so-called 'beauty representative' in a store. Wouldn't be awesome if you are always showered with sales and coupons every time you shop? And not to miss, the quick and safe delivery. So gals, let's take a step inside the tomorrowland and witness the awesomeness.

Show off your clavicle with off shoulder dresses

 Show off your clavicle with off shoulder dresses

If exposed midriffs and attracting attention to cleavage is not your thing then go for an off shoulder dress. Sexy and subtle, off shoulder dresses are very versatile and look good on all body types. Western dresses are chic and stylish option to make you look trendy and fashionable. Besides, these latest dresses can be styled for a number of occasions. Hence instead of opting for a regular round neck style or cold shoulder dress, go for an off shoulder dress for an elegant look. 

Pick latest dresses in light colours such as pink or pastel. Monochrome colours are also great for an elegant look. Western dresses with slight detailing is a good option to embrace the off shoulder trend. But keep these details to a minimum for a sharp look. Too many details and embellishments will take away the beauty of your dress.

Go Online, Really!

Hey, people! This post is a slightly different one. So if you have been reading this blog for a long time (which we hope you were), you probably already know that among other things, one thing we really like is buying stuff online.

So considering how much better Internet shopping has gotten in just a matter of few years, it almost forces us to do a post entirely about it. If you even look at price as a factor although there are many others, online retailers beat your favorite stores, malls and even exclusive outlets by a lot.

Now coming to the convenience, there may not be a lot of stores that will come to your house and pick your beauty products back in case there is some problem with it. Popular lifestyle retailer Jabong offers this service for returns and it is not even the only one who does that.

Since e-tail really took off in India a few years ago, there is a super improvement in the amount of products and brands you can purchase online. There is still, of course, a lot to wish for including more non-mainstream global brands, but looking at how far they have come, they will get there soon enough.

Do you like sales? Well, they really are often so much better online than anywhere else. If you really do not like the third party sellers in the marketplace kind of portals, you can stick to direct sellers who source their products directly from the makers.

I personally like being able to shop from anywhere on the go and sometimes these sites tend to give extra discounts for orders made on the app, which is nice.

I get it, though, I get the fun part of going to an actual store, looking at the product, trying it out even, before purchasing it. It does feel much more fulfilling and there is no denying that. So go to a store if you must, but, only if you’re really looking for that satisfying vibe from buying from, because you can really get everything else online.

Huge Haul ft Shop Miss A - EVERYTHING'S $1 - SERIOUSLY

When someone say a HUGE HAUL, you can easily imagine that I might have spent at least 5000INR or some 100USD but can you believe that I have spent only 25USD and got 25 products. Do the math.Got the answer?
Everything I bought was one dollar each!! Not kidding. If you don't believe this, kindly check Shop Miss A Website. I am sure you can never stop drooling over their amazing accessories,cosmetics and many more. When I got a chance to shop from them, I was excited but at the same time confused as I have to pick my 25 favorites out of a paradise of zillion options.
I must say something really impressing about this shopping website. The brand is located at USA and offers free shipping to the USA addresses and how much do they charge to ship to India or rest of the world? Just $9.95 for all the orders under 40$ Which means, you are going to get 40 products for $49.95. How cool is that ?
So what I bought from Shop Miss A?
I have always loved ear rings and I picked the following ear rings from Miss A.
Sparkling Square Earrings - Gold
Trio Butterfly Ear Jacket - Gold
Regal Crown, Bow, Pearl Mix Earrings (6 Piece) - Silver
Pearl & Crystal Jacket Earrings - Gold
Rhinestone Wheel Earrings with Pearl - Gold
Huge Haul ft Shop Miss A - EVERYTHING'S $1 - SERIOUSLY
Huge Haul ft Shop Miss A - EVERYTHING'S $1 - SERIOUSLY

Clothing Haul ft

Clothing Haul ft
Clothing Haul ft

Shopping is easy and makes me feel so good. I used to like visiting the shopping malls for my clothes shopping because I can actually try on clothes, feel the fabric and check the fitting. I seldom exchange my clothes and I totally think the whole process is a stress buster and fun. But now things have been changed, in many ways. Now I cannot really invest my time in visiting a mall as I find it really disappointing in the end. I do not like the fact that there is a huge crowd in every place that I used to shop earlier. I need to waste time at the trial room, at the cash counter and during the SALE season just the whole process is too irritating. Thankfully, most of the online websites have almost the same sort of sale DURING the sale season. But what if you want to shop for less price in the off sale season? Well, I have an answer now. It is the LIMEROAD.
Limeroad can be downloaded on your mobile for quick shopping experience in your palm. I have shopped from them earlier and I always wanted to shop from them again whenever I get a chance to. In this haul, I would like to show you what I got.
I have got three very unique pieces. Very different from one and another.
Before getting into my haul, I would like to tell you my experience with the website

Accessories Haul ft American Swan #AsIAm

America is celebrating the legalization of GAY..Meanwhile in India..well..nothing much is happening really..Except half of the facebook accounts in India have changed their Display Pictures(DP) I am sure many of them don't even know what it is meant. Let me not even get there as I am in a really good mood to show off my recent haul featuring one of the few brands which are known for it's super classy clothing and amazing accessories. It is none other than American Swan!
Before I show you what I got, let's get to know about the brand in detail in their own words:
Accessories Haul ft American Swan
Accessories Haul ft American Swan

Buy Apparels, Lingerie, Beauty Products Online

Online shopping has become one of the most preferred modes of shopping by the people. The main reason for the same is nothing but you gets to buy quality and branded products at a much reasonable price through online. You get too many good offers, deals and discounts if you go for online shopping. When it comes to women, shopping is always a crazy thing. They just do not care about what to buy but they are more concerned about the latest fashion, trends that they need to update in their wardrobe.
Women usually kill a whole day for their entire shopping. Online shopping has become a blessing to ladies mainly because they need not go out in the sun to do their shopping and finally getting a tanned skin. Now, you can buy apparels, lingerie, beauty products and what not through online. It is just a click away and you get your product at your door step without much hassle.
There are many online stores that cater to the various needs of a woman. Have a look at these online stores that helps you get all that you need through online.
Buy Apparels, Lingerie, Beauty Products Online
Buy Apparels, Lingerie, Beauty Products Online

PromTimes: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well

Out of all the dresses and events, I am sure every girl's first ever big day would be the Prom. However, we don't have that event in India but in western countries and eastern countries, it is a very common celebration. Every girl dresses her best and plans out the whole day so well to make it the most memorable day of her teenage times. While we know many websites that offer the prom dresses and I myself introduced many websites but most of them have a similar collection of dresses as per my view.
But there is one website that stocks pretty unique designs. Though it is based in China, it delivers their dresses virtually to almost every country. It is
PromTimes: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well
PromTimes: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well Online Shopping - Makeup Haul ft Zoeva

Yes yes yes! I just joined the bandwagon of Shopping lovers. Sounds different lol.Luxola is known to all the beauty junkies that it stocks all the luxury and most loved brands starting from Sleek,Beauty Blender,Sigma,Zoeva and many others. I visited their website a while back and disappointed to know that there is no shipping to India. But you see, that day I wished so much that they would ship to us,Indians. That wish is now officially fulfilled. now ships to INDIA. How cool is that..
The best part, you can now shop from them and get a
flat 30% off storewide. Use coupon code BLX-APOORVA Online Shopping - Makeup Haul ft Zoeva Online Shopping - Makeup Haul ft Zoeva
About LUXOLA.COM (in their own words)
Our story:
After spending a few years working in Southeast Asia, skincare-product addict Alexis Horowitz-Burdick discovered a lack of reliable and efficient e-commerce platforms offering a vast range beauty products within the region, and decided to step up to the task. Luxola was born in mid-2011. 
Achieving the overwhelming support of both consumers and investors, Luxola has very quickly grown into becoming the #1 destination for beauty in Southeast Asia, serving customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brunei, and the United Arab Emirates.
Luxola prides itself on:
Providing outstanding customer service and swift delivery – as quickly as on the same day in many markets.
Bringing the best brands from around the world to one accessible platform, and ensuring that every product is 100% authentic. Today, Luxola works with over 200 of the worlds’ leading brands and carry over 4,000 products.
Offering beauty education and creative inspiration to consumers through engaging platforms like our magazine and our virtual makeup studio LXStudio.

The Luxe Café - One Destination for all Things Luxury

Have you ever thought of having all the information on luxury goods in one website? So that a single click can make you own your dream luxury goods? Well, what do you say when I say that it is for real now! - India’s very own B2C e-platform dedicated to the global luxury market. How does that sound? I am one of those women who always dream of getting the global brands to India to start their service in India as well. But you know the complications.I think TheLuxeCafe team heard us saying this. They got all our wish list sorted out and put it in one place.
The Luxe Café - One Destination for all Things Luxury

Sleek Makeup Haul ft I-DIVINE IN ARABIAN NIGHTS And Blushes

Hey Girlies.. How are you all.. After a really long time I am doing a haul post. This time it is from Sleek Makeup,UK. If you are not aware of this brand,.Please do google it. This is one awesome brand for Eye makeup especially their eyeshadows and blushes. These days,they collaborated with a skincare brand too.But sadly those products are available only in UK.With not much delay,let me show you what I bought from them in my recent haul.
Most of you might have already known few products through my Instagram account.. If you are not following me still, please do show some love.
Here is my account @itsapoorva
Sleek Makeup Haul ft I-DIVINE IN ARABIAN NIGHTS And Blushes

Where to buy the Perfect Prom Dress or a Wedding Dress?

Yes yes
I am again talking about the dresses. I gave up my idea of a Christian Wedding but then I realized that there are many other variants to try in the "Dresses". Whenever you think of wearing a dress, I am sure that most of you end up only checking the available variants. I mean, there are too many types of dresses to suit your body shape. No matter how much you spend on a dress, it loses its charm if it has an ill fit.Okay,let's not get into the topic of body shape but  we sure discuss about the types of dresses.
Prom Dress:
Prom is one big event for all the students in their final year in the western countries. No wonder, every girl wants to look great on that day. Aviva Dress is an online store that has the maximum collection of dresses and in which the major share is taken by the prom dress section. Given a chance, I would love to wear few of them and I chose the below ones.
A-Line Sleeveless Floor-Length Tulle Prom Dress:
Sleeve Length:Sleeveless
Back Details:Zipper

Shopping made easier with - The Loot is on

I know..I know.. Even before you directly visit the website, Let me write something related to this website and on why you have to choose this when you got many other websites in this online shopping thing..
Let me introduce you to a new online shopping coupon store - The Loot is on
What is is a coupons and deal aggregation website with the tagline “The Loot is on”, helping online shoppers and deal hunters to locate latest coupons and offers from a vast pool of online retailers, banks & brands. Zoutons is the online player in the deal aggregation space to offer coupons and deals of top 50 Banks in Indian and more than 500 pan-India brands.

TaazaCoupons for Online Shoppers in India

Hi online shoppers in India, if you’re looking for discount coupons and deals to save some money on your shopping then look no further. Introducing TaazaCoupons, a deals site specially dedicated to online shoppers in India with deals from thousands of online merchants to help you out.

So what’s so special about TaazaCoupons? Here is the breakdown.

1. They post, update and validate coupons regularly to make sure the coupons and offers are valid. By using coupons and offer listed on TaazaCoupons, you can be confident that it works. They have discount coupons and deals for all famous merchants in India. They have listing of coupons, offers and deals from over 1,000 plus online stores and is growing everyday. Chance are you might find the discount coupon for your favorite online store easily at TaazaCoupons.

2. Searching for coupons, product or merchant is easy at TaazaCoupons. They have even provided the popular search terms like mobiles, shoes, pizza etc. in a box. If you are lazy to type, all you have to do is to click on one of the popular search terms. After search result appears, you can dig through coupons and offer to find the best discount suitable for you. Or you can browse merchants who sells the item you are looking for.

3. In case you don’t have Flash support on your high end mobile device or your tablet while visiting TaazaCoupons, they have provided alternate way to copy coupon code you like to use. Just find the light blue strip on each coupon box to reveal the code and copy it manually.

4. In case your mobile device is not so high end, point your mobile browser to TaazaCoupons Mobile Version, a simplified version of desktop site for not so low end mobile users. On their mobile site, you can do all the things you do on normal desktop sites but with a small twist. When you click on the coupon, the coupon code will be copied on your search bar for you to copy and apply it at merchant‘s checkout page.

5. Among other things, their page design is a bit unique. They have separate sections for coupons and offers, which are presented nicely. Coupons and offers have clear description plus details, terms and conditions mentioned with validity to avoid confusion.

Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra and Yebhi are most popular online shopping destination among the online stores. Since the launch of Amazon India, they are continuing to expand on various categories plus they have also started to offer coupon based discount on select products. TaazaCoupons have complete listing of coupons and deals. Check out their Amazon India Coupons page for up-to-date coupons, deals and offers. Also don’t forget to check out their Jabong Coupons page for whole list of crazy deals.

Need to say more? Try it for yourself and see the difference.

**This is a sponsored post.

Shopping from

Hey people
I am on half leave this whole week and hence getting time to blog a lot and shop even more. I often thought of writing my online shopping experience posts whenever I shop and get my stuff but somehow I stopped writing any kind of haul posts these days. But I guess the time has come to show you what I got from the very famous
Shopping from

I have already shopped from them before and really liked their service. If you are new to the website, you may want to read the information about
I know most of you are aware of this website and most of you already shopped from this. If I'm not wrong,every one of you might have already kept your cart ready for your next purchase.
Well, You might be wondering on why the cart came in between lol
It is because, Jabong has offers always ! 365 days ! You can check their current offers where you can find coupon code that can work on almost all the categories.
Mother's Day is just around the corner and you have amazing range of products on Jabong to gift your mom on the special day. The special offers are here

Shopping from
Now you must be thinking on what I bought from the website., right.. Being a beauty blogger I would have bought some makeup/cosmetics but somehow these days I am turning a bit more girly and chose to buy a Anarkali.
Weird ? I don't know. But my mom surprised too.

Sangria Blue Printed Anarkali Cotton Kurta With 3/4Th Sleeves And Brocade Fabric At Neck, Cuffs And Hemline
You can click the link above to see the dress.
The color was cool and also the simple brocade work was neat so I ordered this one.
Shopping from
The order reached me in two days! Can you believe it ?
They ship through JAVAS, very trustworthy courier service. I kept receiving the sms and emails on the order progress and I have ordered it on Saturday night and I got the dress on Monday. How fast !!??
They keep track of everything and they accept the returns. All you have to do is, to contact the customer care and book a reverse pickup date. The courier guy will be at your doorstep on that particular day and time. The whole shopping experience was great.
Shopping from
The only complain I have is that neckline is a bit deep for my taste. Apart from it, the cloth is cotton which is so good for summer and the brocade work just makes it look more elegant.
Out of everything, is an awesome website that has something for everybody and I am looking forward to shop more from them!
I was provided with a discount voucher by the website. However,it didn't affect my review. Please read my disclaimer for more.