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BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness

BBlunt – It provides one such all-hair favourite salon and products. Ever since it’s inception in manufacturing hair products, it never looked back and never ever led it’s customers down. This brand has eventually gained the “trust-factor” from consumers.

Three things which I absolutely love about BBlunt products are the price, variations and peppy color :P ! Also, they are pocket friendly, most of the products costs around 500 INR. They offer wide range of product types such as shampoo, leave-in cream, shine spray, hair style equipment and what not! Now, they have launched the “DRY SHAMPOO” for instant freshness specially designed for Indian hair.

How I Style my New Hair Style ft Lakme Salon #HairIsFashion

To start off,  I do not want to say so much because, you can actually check My Hair Makeover by Clicking the heading itself :D
I was happy and I was super happy that I finally got highlights. I have always loved them and I have had them few years ago but not on my crown but to the sides. But those days were the best days of my healthy hair and once I started experimenting with chemicals and Smoothening damaged my hair to the most. Please do not mind the gaps in my hair I am working on it. Planning to get some surgical help too. If interested, do let me know in the comments below. Fine fine,, No serious talks. But my hair was super cool to look at and I had only one motto. Show Off my hair :D 
Whenever  I wanted to style it, I used to style in a way that my highlights are visible. To add, I am a very lazy person and I can not use all the serums or hair sprays and not even a hair drier. So, I am going to show you how I actually style my hair like. It is my everyday Hair Style.
How I Style my New Hair Style ft Lakme Salon #HairIsFashion
How I Style my New Hair Style ft Lakme Salon #HairIsFashion

My Hair Makeover ft Lakme #HairIsFashion with The Show Stopping Hair Collection

Heyya Guys.. I am back after my birthday and I was travelling all over the places. That's just when I was called by the Lakme Salon,Ameerpet people to take an appointment to try their much praised "The Show Stopping Hair" Collection.I was super excited as it the next day was my Birthday. It came in more like birthday present to me.
So, here it goes the story of my Hair Makeover.
Lakme Salon has come up with 3 unique hairstyles which are named as Illusion, Metamorphosis, Moulin Rouge. Out of these I chose Illusion. I felt Illusion is just perfect with my fine hair and it doesn't need much of maintenance.
The sample looks:

Ombre Hair - How to Get Ombre Hair at Home

The Steps to Achieving Ombre Hair :
Hair done in the ombre style has become increasingly popular among women in many parts of the world since the past few years. The word is French for shade or gradation, and the ombre style is defined as colouring hair in such a way that it is darkest near the roots and lightest at the tips. It may seem expensive and difficult to do, but here are some steps you can do at home so you can achieve ombre hair that you can show off in public. 
For Long Hair: