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Shopping Experience With MYNTRA.COM

Hey people
I would like to welcome the monday with a haul post :D
Few days ago, I was contacted by the team asking if I would like to shop from them and feel the difference. It is like, we are different, Come check for the proof. Anyway, guys.. I must tell you that I always loved shopping from you and please check my blogpost here
Winter is already making me shiver(yes, we won't shiver until the December starting in Hyderabad).
But these days, I'm experiencing the cold temperatures as low as 14C. Pity us :(
Coming to their website
The website loads super fast usually(depends on your internet speed).What I love about this website is that they have something for everybody. I love the way they suggest you things and the latest arrivals, sale products which makes it easy and lively to navigate.The style videos and the trends gives you that extra knowledge about the latest fashion trends.

What I bought from ??

Hey Pretties..
These days I am more drawn into the online shopping stores rather the go to the store and shop policy.
For clothes, I prefer that and rest else, I'm buying things from the Online Shopping Sites.
This is a random post that I bought few things randomly from two different stores :D
Let me show you what I got.
First from