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From Korea - With Cosmetic-Love

Whoa... Whoa.. Writing something after a long time.
Where do I start this post from.
This is not a haul post or a review post but a post to celebrate "being a beauty blogger" Hell yeah!
When I got a chance to review some Korean Products, I had to say yes.!
A biiig yes. I love you for this amazing opportunity.
I was smitten by the Korean culture, Korean Skincare, their makeup, KPOP, KDRAMA what not, I recently started my research on their food habits and trying to find a single restaurant that offers some good Korean food. lol
This lady, Jinju was super sweet to me and offered me some new launches on their website.
There is this brand, Karadium Professional.
They offered to send me some goodies for the review. So, I am going to share the pictures. I recently received the package so, please wait for my review. Till then, keep drooling by seeing the cutest packaging.
Shopping Experience with

My First Ever Empties Post

Hey girls..
After seeing so many fellow bloggers doing an empty post I thought I should do one too. After all, we get to finish so many products in no time and some run for months together.
Well, I am going summarize all those products that I could manage to finish completely almost completely.
The first picture is of the makeup products.
1. Maybelline Colossal Kajal.
This is one kajal I finished completely. I was really happy that I bought it and right now I am using the Lakme Eyeconic kajal. Once I finish that, I might come back to the 12hr version of this kajal.
2. Burt's Bees Lipbalm in Mango
I loved it (Read my review here)One lip balm that must be in every girl's kitty. I may repurchase it. Feelunique here I come.
3. Maybelline Lip Bloom in Peach.
This is kind of average product. True that it gives a glossy finish with a tint of peach but I feel its drying my already dry lips. Im not buying it again.
4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Honey Beige.
The best foundation I have ever used. Gives medium coverage which means, you can wear it to your work place lol. It can be mixed easily. Used even more easily. Doesn't try out my oily skin. Stays on for easily 6-8 hours. The only con is the tub package which is slightly unhealthy.I am going to buy it again. 
All these products were used almost daily.

Appu.. Wake up..!! - My Korean Culture, KPOP, KDRAMA Obsession

June 20th 2013:
My friend Priya got me a DVD. It is a Korean Drama Series named "Boys Over Flowers". My first dialogue was "are you kidding me ?" lol I wish I was a part of the Korean Drama so that I would be able to make out what their dramas meant.
She assured me to watch at least the first 10mins of the first episode and I just watched it for the sake of her.With least interest. 10 mins passed, "Appu..Wake up..!!" yelled Priya.. #$@#$@#$@ I said her "I can't watch these weird serials Pri, I feel sleepy :( " She said, "#$@#$@#$@%^^ ... #$#$%#%#.. Shut up and watch!!!"
After sometime, the boy group F4 appeared. I was killed ! not literally but mentally I was just smitten by their looks and their dressing style.
The rest is history lol I was just went crazy with the serial and literally cried and laughed.. ADDICTED!
During these days, 
One morning.. I was with Kim Hyun Joong(One guy from the F4 group). I was dressed up in a white wedding gown and he was dressed in a tuxedo. I could see my parents and friends having mixed expressions(you know why..). On the other side Kim Hyun Joong's family who were looking super happy. I had my best friends(Pri and few blogger friends) as my bridesmaids. It is the time and I was called out by the priest. Dad took me and I walked super slowly but jumping inside my brain to the podium, where Mr.Kim Hyun Joong was waiting for me. I slowly stood beside him blushing. He smiled at me and we were looking at the priest for the go ahead lol (I was super excited) After much anticipation, I said "I do" only after hearing the same from Kim Hyun Joong. The priest said "you may now kiss the bride" I was juuust waiting for this moment and looked at him I was setting myself for the kiss..and then, someone poked me. I looked back and that's my

Korean Style Gradient Lips aka Bitten Lips Easy Ombre Lips- Indian way of achieving the look

Hey people..
Headed to my blog after a really long time. Most of you(all of you by now) may be knowing that I am being obsessed over Korea (specifically south Korea). It is like my latest obsession. I love everything about them. The people, the language, their skincare routine,KDRAMA,KPOP,food, culture.. like EVERYTHING about them just amazes me.
Coming to the point, 
I have slowly started copying their styles and to my surprise, I could carry them off too. I started off with chopping my hair and I now have thick bangs which is the basic style statement of koreans. Please tell me how I look. HERE is the picture
In this post, I am going to show how I created their quick bitten lips look.
Look at the pictures below, It is the latest trend.
Also, this has been incorporated by models and some kdrama actresses who actually made this gradient lips popular.
Though this style has been there for a very long time, It was created using two shades of the same lipstick colour which created an ombre effect. But Koreans in particular made it different. They lightened the outer corners of the lips and darkened the center so as it make it look as if its bitten. Well, in technical terms it is called the gradient effect.
Now that I have introduced you guys to this style, please check the way how I created mine.
Any tips and tricks are most welcome.