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How I cook Del Monte Pasta - My Style

I have always loved Italian food and every time I have the dish, it never fails to surprise me with the goodness of cheese and the sophisticated aroma. However, I like the pasta with red sauce more than the white sauce. I prefer pasta for my supper and I totally feel content with my preparation. My mother can't really cook pasta so this gives out the opportunity for me to experiment with my own recipe.
I am a south Indian and I prefer anything to be a BIIIIITTTT Spicy (well you know how spicy).
I am thankful to the Del Monte India guys for sending me the Pasta and thus making me work it out easily. I loved the fact that the Del Monte Pasta is made of whole wheat and I am certainly health conscious and calorie conscious,so this one just fits me so well.

UC Broswer - Surf it All ! Surf it Fast!! #YuviSurfsUC

As a teenager I remember the way me along with my dad used to watch cricket in TV. I was so excited watching the game that when he asked me what would I like to have as my birthday gift, I said "Papa take me to a stadium where I can watch Team India playing live" That's pretty much sums up my enthusiasm as a teenager. But as I grew older I lost the patience rather I would say that I found it difficult to sit and watch the entire game which means I am occupied with lot of other stuff to manage meanwhile. Very recently the mobile networks were upgraded to 3G and the WiFi at home comes out with at least 1mbps speed. I know it's a very small development but trust me that speed is just perfect for the browsing session we usually do.
Then comes my dad who says that watching the cricket match on our LED tv is more interesting than watching it on mobile that too not live.
We have known that there are few websites that keep updating the scores and stream live matches but it was never that speed and I always felt watching the match on TV was more fun and less irritating.
But there is always a culprit called Powercut. On the other side I just hate the word "BUFFERING" . When two or more people using my WiFi obviously the net speed goes off and that's when the irritation takes over me. Being this way, I stopped watching the matches online or offline.
I am in this phase of life where I gave up the hope of watching the live match without being interrupted.
That's when I got to know about UC Browser. This is more like a regular browser that has to be installed in our mobile phones. But trust me, this browser works wonders even when you are using the lamest internet services. The browser is fast and the best part, when you click on UC Cricket you get all the latest updates and information regarding Cricket and it has all the scores which get updated every fraction of second and also has videos. What more a cricket lover like me would wish for.
Now I can watch the match,know about the match,scores, live updates and many more just in a touch. After all, what are smart phones if they cannot serve us well :D  Also, now my dad is just not touching the TV Remote as he feels that he can happily sit in the balcony and get the required updates on his favorite match.

You can know more on

Indian Skin Care Tips for the Beautiful You #ComeCloser to the Radiant Skin

This is one of the very first things that comes to the mind when you hear the name "INDIA" India is known for its amazing history and mythology. India is the home
of many herbs and medicinal plants. Using these, our ancestors found the famous Ayurveda.
Image source
There were solutions for almost all the diseases in ayurveda but I would like to focus more on the skincare. The modern world is full of pollution and the harmful UV rays from the Sun  that damage our skin badly. We go to the doctor or a beautician for the quick remedies. I swear they give you medicines full of chemicals. But not so recently there have been many skincare brands coming out stating they are all natural and 100% organic.
Before there weren't much popular but slowly people started believing the fact that the natural skincare is the best skincare. There are many products that have come up from the natural range but I still believe in DIY the same products.
I am not that person who would spend thousands on the product that can be done at home in all natural method and the best part about DIY is that we know what we are adding in.
1. Turmeric

Image source
Turmeric is known as the best skincare product ever. You may use it as a cleanser,ubtan,face mask and body scrub.
Benefits of turmeric include lightening of the skin, scars, complexion improvement, acne and reduces hair growth.
Face Mask - For Clear & Radiant Skin:
You can make a face mask by adding a teaspoon of turmeric to two teaspoons of besan(gram flour). Mix them by adding adequate quantity of one of these milk/butter milk/lemon/rosewater to make a thick paste. Apply it on the face/body and wash it off after 20 minutes with lukewarm water. This results in a clear and radiant skin.

2. Sandal Wood:
Image source

Sandal wood is one such nature's boon to get flawless and fairer skin. It has the properties to reduce blemishes, acne, skin ageing. It acts as a herbal antiseptic and can also cure bruises and burns.
Face Mask - For Reducing Dark Spots:
Mix three teaspoons of sandal wood powder and adequate amount of lemon juice, rose water to make a fine paste. Apply it on the face and particularly on dark spots. Let it dry and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Regular use of this fair pack results in considerate reduction of dark spots.

3. Rose water:

Image Source

Rose water is the best natural product to use as a toner or in any face pack. It has properties to cool acne, sun burn. puffy eyes, skin irritations and scars. It is easily available and we can prepare rose water at home in simple steps.
Make Rose Water at Home :

Pick rose petals and clean them properly to remove dust on them. Place them in enough mineral water and boil it in low flame till the water absorbs the pinkness of the petals. Remove the color lost white petals and secure the water in a closed container.

The first word I remember when I think of Turmeric is our very own friend  "VICCO Turmeric Cream" 
It always bound to it's one-liner - "Vicco Turmeric - Not a Cosmetic". Yes, indeed. It never let me down when I was fighting with acne and blemishes. Vicco Turmeric Cream is meant for everyone to use regardless of age and gender. It was and is and will always be my first choice regular cream for my skin.

Bedroom Furniture for Looks and Function #JustAClickAway

The title sounds interesting right.. I know it does :D
We buy a house with so much of efforts and we would want the best to happen in the home and that includes the very minute detailing like the paint colour,the colour combination, showcase,dining set,living room etc. But everyone has a separate idea when it comes to one's bedroom, That is a place where everyone's creativity comes into picture.
When I say creativity, I am sure not many knows the difference between look and function. A furniture can be chosen in many ways but one should know how it looks when placed in home and it's need.
Mainly a bedroom furniture consists of not many but mainly we need a bed,a couple of chairs,table.
Okay, you may consider the dressing table or so many others but here, I would like to focus on these three furniture for bed room.
The Bed:
They say love comes in all shapes and sizes and so is bed. I personally love the King Size bed but you may like the single bed. It is more like suiting your need and the location,space and look. Obviously King Bed looks great when your master bedroom is large in size and spacious.
The King Bed can be customized and pick something which is given a dark colour polish to the wood as it more likely to      complement any kind of walls/wall color. Apart from serving the purpose, it is the main focus of the bed room. So choose something which is elegant and classy.
The Chairs:

I kind of like to have my morning coffee or do some work on my laptop sitting on a chair than on the bed. I like my chair to be sophisticated with some great looking cushion. I do not like the rocking chairs or something like settees in my bedroom. I kind of like them to be placed near the balcony in living room.
The Tables:

How much the vintage styled tables make the bedroom look elegant. I love the vintage and modern combination when it comes to furniture. The Chest of Drawers are one symbol of Vintage piece of furniture that makes me go weak in my knees. It looks soo soo classy. However, it is my personal choice.

I know now I made you think of your dream bedroom and all these furniture now #JustAClickAway with Durian

My first ever Indiblogger Meet ft Tata Genx Nano EasyShift #FOLLOWTHEGENX

Helloo People! 
This happened when I reluctantly clicked the APPLY button on a particular event on Indiblogger. I somehow knew that I wouldn't be the one among those lucky bloggers who get to meet the fellow bloggers and enjoy a full day of excitement and fun. I have never attended in any indiblogger events before as I was too nervous to meet people who were total strangers but this time, I went with my gut. I was wanting this. I was wanting some good memories before leaving this place forever. So, yes that's the story behind my click.
I was busy with my coding(boring software engineer life you see) and suddenly I got an email asking for my contact number from indiblogger. In next few minutes I got a call from indiblogger guys and I was bombarded with a rapidfire round like do I know how to drive,what's my exact location,my availability on 3rd etc. When I said that I do not have a driving licence that's when my little hope of joining the adventure evaporated but luckily that wasn't a criteria to get through.
Well!! the next day I got the email saying that they took me into the bandwagon :D I was super duper happy! I did a part of MJ awwww pose!! I was very happy that I will be travelling and I was happy that I may get a chance to drive after so many months and out of all, I was sure that I will be smiling the whole day!
Okay, on 2nd May night I was in dilemma whether if I will be ok, I was new to the city and leaving behind everything and I will be going to a new place all over with new people,a day full of so called adventure started ringing in my head. This was my first time and I knew it will not be my last but still"What if I left alone in that group" I am introvert but I do get crazy when I find people matching my level of craziness. I was hoping to meet atleast one person from the 24 people that I can call my friend and that I can actually meet her/him after the meet.
The Real Story Unfolds Now!
It's been a week that I had the most exciting day in my Mumbai Travel Diary. I am talking about the blogger meet that was held by Indiblogger in association with Tata Motors Genx Nano.
The Day!
I woke up at 6:00AM! I know a woke up a bit late but I could get ready in 20mins and started to my pickup point. I was clueless for a while and then I saw two girls chatting. I somehow felt I should ask them if I was at the correct place so I just did and to my surprise, they were Anamika and Ruhie of Anamika Writes and Sweet Life blogs respectively. We hit it off instantly and had a good talk till we boarded the bus. We sat together and had fun while travelling. I have a bit of motion sickness so I slept most of the time.
After sometime, the captain of our road ship Mr.Ranjit started a introduction session which turned out to be funny and we did know about each other. The names,their blogs etc. We were given snacks as breakfast and I still remember Pratishta of Breakfast Projekt remarked that it isn't a healthy breakfast because our breakfast consisted everything yummy :D Chocolates,Bourbon Biscuits,Chocolate Cake,Juice which everyone love! There was a quick break where we got down to have some tea.
The Destination:
We reached Lake House,Tata Motors located in Pune in 3+ hours from Mumbai. The location was such a beauty. I have never been to a place like this before. The lake, the trees, the conference hall,most beautiful line up of the brand new Tata Nano Cars that too in my favorite colour..Sangria Red.
Start Off:
We were given breakfast and then asked to assemble in the conference hall where we were greeted by some gifts.Did I just hear Goodies?? Already? Yes! we were given a selfie stick and a powerbank. I know and was already told that we would be needing more energy but our phones needed more :D
Sachin Singh,the designer of Nano Genx ,Tata Motors gave us a quick introduction on the new version of Tata Nano. The Car is designed based on few pointers, DesigNext, DriveNext & ConnectNext.
Few things totally hit me hard.
1. Advanced Technology
The car has come up with the power steering easy shift(AMT),the compact hatch,the Sports Mode and the best part, there is no CLUTCH!
2. The look of the car
It is totally chic and stylish. The bumper makes me smile. They have come up with two new colors, Sangria Red and Persian Rose. I thought I liked Persian Rose when I saw it on the slideshow but I looooved Sangria Red when I got to see it in real. The tiny
3. The space and size!
I had an assumption that the nano is a bit tiny and it isn't spacious. But to my surprise, I am petite and I had too much leg space before me and my team mate, Aziz is tall and he was at the driving seat. He said he had the comfort driving with proper leg space which is totally a positive. The Nano has open-able boot where we can stuff in our luggage while travelling/shopping(I am referring to us,the girls :P)
It comes with a fuel tank capacity of 24L which makes it less bothering when you are on a long drive.
**Enough of Theory**
We had a good session in a very professional and classy way by Sachin and then we 24 were divided into groups of 3 and 4 persons in each group. I was put into Team C along with Aziz and Kiran. Mr.Amol from Tata Motors was our 4th team member. He was more like our God Father :D He was super cool and fun to hang around with.
The journey began and we were given tasks by the readers/people on twitter and we managed to complete few tasks. The interesting one was, I was asked to apply eyeliner on the go which I did. Thus proving the drive is buttery smooth. *Impressed*
The other tasks consisted of, posing under a tree, posing with the coffee mugs, asked to share a drink of same kind, no smoking ad,getting a thing which matched to our car,Aziz was asked to pose with the car like a couple,Kiran was asked to react for the loud music and many more. Super fun it was. We only concentrated on having fun rather than winning :D
The Lunch:
Once we are done with the tasks, we were taken to Mezza9 Lounge for lunch. The lounge was exclusively booked for us. The food was yummy,we had a chitchat session and were asked to drive back to the Lake House.
The Demo:
Back at the Lake House, we had a track in the shape of infinity symbol and was created to show the capability of the new Genx Nano.Thanks to ePAS! The car just proved its awesomeness.
The Evening:
By this time,we were a bit tired and the hot summer took a toll on our energy levels. We now want to sit and and do nothing.Literally! That's when we noticed that the backyard of the Lake House, the view is breath taking. The lawn is being filled by chairs and Djembe while we enjoyed the view and clicking the pictures!
Snacks were made available for us and the cutest looking social media icons on Cupcakes. The best was Mr.Varun Venkit was there to entertain with his drums. As we sipped our coffee, he played for us different genres of music and then we were asked to settle in the drum roll and what happened next was EPIC!
That's the END to a fabulous day. Wait Wait Wait..before the end of the day we were given the goodies..The super cool Indiblogger and Tata Motors Tshirts,A wrist watch, A super cute toy car Nano,A pendrive in the shape of tatanano :D This was like a perfect Surprise :)
After so much fun and memories we headed back to Mumbai and as usual, I fell sick and slept for a while. But enjoyed the drive till I was awake. I made friends and I am no more called an introvert :D
Thanks +IndiBlogger +TATA MOTORS India for the awesome event and I can not thank you guys enough for making my visit to Mumbai more memorable and fun :)
I have only posted very few pictures here but you can check my instagram feed for more pics..Follow me here or appu1014
Flag Off at the Lake House,Pune
My Team-Kiran,Aziz and Me(L-R)
Our welcome drinks at Mezza9 Lounge
The SuperWomen-Kiran,Anamika,Magali,Divsi,Ruhie,Me,Archana,Neha(L-R)
Posing like the Queens
The Infinity Shaped Track
Varun Venkit :D Loved your show
Ever Beautiful - Lake House,Tata Motors,Pune
Blurry yet my favorite pic
The Social Media Cupcakes
A glimpse of Taal INC's Varun Venkit's Show!
I have only posted very few pictures here but you can check my instagram feed for more pics..Follow me here or appu1014

I #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the all new Moto E

Heyy People! This post is something very special as I tried getting back to my past memory lane. The First Time craziness. Yes, I still remember almost every little thing that I did for the first time. But I cannot really say that they were the best moments. However, it is a fact that they were the best experiences of my life. The very first Barbie doll that my mom bought me for my birthday and the way I played with it in my dollhouse. I remember the first time I drove my bike without even knowing how to drive. Sounds crazy eh? I have learnt bike riding all by myself. I remember my first crush with whom I couldn't even talk for once. I remember my first phone that was gifted by my dad when I joined the college.
It was the pink Moto RAZR. It looked super duper cute and just so stylish flip phone in my tiny hands. I didn't know how to use it because all I knew about a phone is that it is meant for calling people. I was overwhelmed when I started using it. It had the fancy keypad that blinks according to the notification. It used to say,”Hello Moto!” when it turned on/off. It had the MP3,FM,a Camera and all the extravagant features that made me go crazy. I was overwhelmed with the phone’s features.

But a good change is always meant to be adapted. If a change is revolutionary to make our living better, no wonder we are ready to welcome it.
Here the change is the New Smartphone from my favorite and very first mobile phone brand,”Motorola”. It is the Moto E to make our life easier on the move.
As a blogger, I would love to own Moto E in my life. I can say a million reasons on why I need this but right now, I want to put forth 3 main things I would like to start with Moto E.
1. The 4G 
I always use the internet for the very minute things and a slow network is definitely a no no. I heard about 3G and I did experience the difference between the 3G and the normal mobile internet. 3G just ruled down. But now I get to experience 4G which is way too overwhelming to me and can’t wait to experience the fastest internet in my hands.2. Battery Life
Ever struck in traffic or had to work late and your phone just dead with no charge? Well, I kind of experience it every now and then. I totally understand that being an independent girl, I should take care of things myself especially when I am travelling alone. You never know when you may have to call up your dad.
3. Faster processor and even better quick responses
I cannot sit on just one application and wait for it to process and then start working on another app. I am a busy girl and having a phone that has the whooping 1.2GHz that works the best and gives out the quickest responses. Also when I knew that Moto E runs on the latest android version ie Lollipop(Yup, I know all the latest techy news.I am a technology freak) I couldn’t stop dreaming about it.
4. The Camera
A beauty blogger and a Selfie Addict. I only described myself and I can’t stop clicking my pictures every day. Self Obsessed I know.  Having two cameras in a single phone that means,one shot two birds. I can take my selfies, I can talk to my friends through video calling, who knows, I can become a great photographer one day because the 5mp camera can make anybody to take up the photography as a hobby.
5. The Social Media 
Human Beings are social animals and I couldn’t agree more on this. Everyday our life starts and ends with the social media. If we find something good, we share it on Facebook or Twitter. If we are frustrated and if we are in need of a platform to share our feelings, we have the social media. I think one cannot just get away without the social media. You can watch the movies whenever you feel like. You can make yourself feel better. As a blogger, I can BLOG anywhere,anytime!
6. Online Shopping/Paying Bills
We have almost all the e-commerce sites creating their own app to make the shopping easier. Just a click away and the product reaches your doorstep. Also, we now have the option of paying our electricity bills, telephone bills and every other BILL.
Last but not the LEAST!
We need not spend a bomb to own the Super cool Moto E ! How cool is that ?
Know more about the phone here :

Given a chance to own the Moto E , how will you #ChooseToStart ?

image sources- 1 and 2,3,4

Happiness is..

YAY! My old jeans fit me!! So, if this makes me happy, do you think it’s weird or you just agree that yes, it can make me happy?
So, I am known for being happy for small things. Okay, not necessarily small things because a diamond necklace can make my day too :D please feel free to send in your gifts anytime of the year and you can consider making it double on my birthday ie the Valentine’s day.
Since my childhood, I remember that I was the happiest girl ever! I felt happy when my dad took me the nearest panipuri center and fed  my first golgappa. I think I was in class 5. I know I didn’t like the taste at first but then slowly I was addicted to it.
When I can list out few things that can make me smile, I don’t know about others who can pen down their top 5 or top 10 but for me, it is an infinite number. I smile a lot and I do not care about the slowly developing laugh lines on my face. But I am quite determined to list the things that make me happy.

Being #together We Win

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Waking up with this statement almost every other day on Facebook made me lose all my leftover hope and quit. I started an online jewelry store based Facebook page. I am a blogger, so I thought the business might go quite good. My business curve ramped up at the start, even at center and then the never ending mitigation. I didn't understand what to be done next and I was hoping to taste success one day. I have always been a positive thinker but once in a while, I fail to be one.
I usually read this quote to gain my strength.But I felt even those lines lost the ability to boost my confidence. On a Sunday afternoon, while I am on the verge of closing my business, I started cleaning up shelves to make a final account of my sales.
Suddenly, I found a pink book with numerous pictures of my best friend, Reeti and me, in one of the fully jewelry stuffed shelves. It took me to the good old childhood days. She has the magic to change my every frown to a smile. She lived in my happy memories and sad regrets. She accepted my every decision and supported when I was right and corrected me when I was wrong. I used to share every single thought with her. Be it a homework problem, exam tension, crush issue, what not. But as time flew, we parted our ways and we never really had a ‘real talk’ since years.
I sent her a formal ‘Hi!’ and she said ‘Let’s catch up! ’.  She can still read my mind, I smiled. That’s how we went to a coffee shop in the evening. We started talking about everything and nothing which happened in these years.  I never wanted to share my business trauma with her as I felt it’s a petty issue until she said “ab tho bathadhe! Boyfriend problem?” I startled and poured my heart out.
She listened to me patiently and said a quote. “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started”.
That question made me to remember all the enthusiasm I had while starting this business, that proud feeling when I used to acknowledge me as an entrepreneur, feeling hopeful even when there is little or no business in a day. She said, “The key to business is patience and one must never lose faith. Success is not confined to time frame. Give your best and hope for the best. Take a step further and think out of the box.” She not only boosted up my confidence but also gave me ideas to give a second beginning. She also gifted me a life changing book, Purple Cow by Seth Godin. Her words were like website pages that I want to bookmark. They filled me with optimism and lifted my head high.
On my way back, I was out of all chaos and new ideas and fresh thoughts circled in my head. My thoughts of quitting were replaced with ideas to develop my business. I unveiled my hidden entrepreneur and logged in my online business store and posted – “Back with a bang!”.  Now, I am a happy and I am trying with optimism and always thank and still approach my BFF in both good times and very good times. *chuckles*
The Link -

Starting A New Life is Never Easy #StartANewLife

Hey Guys.. Happy Tuesday. Well not only today, but I always wish people saying “Hello, Happy *that week day !” I know it kind of sound a bit lame but I feel it sounds so positive that instantly brightens up the day whichever the day it is.
This kind of attitude never really comes that easily. Atleast I feel so. I have my own explanations to say that I am a bundle of happiness. LOL. Self boasting much??
Coming to my little known history, I was born and brought up in Hyderabad till I was 21. I was so attached to my family,friends,the locality. Everybody recognizes me and everybody knows me and I know them too. It is like the perfect place for a girl to grow up and live.
I got placed in an MNC right after my college and I had to move out of Hyderabad. Little did I know about the place I am going to set my foot on. Well,I was relocated to Odisha. Frankly, I have known the place only in books and nothing really excited me at all.
The day has come and I am supposed to travel. I couldn’t get the flight tickets so I had to travel by Train. 21hours of journey only made me more weak and hopeless. Being a Hyderabadi, I didn’t known fluent Hindi/Urdu to talk. This factor made me go crazy because I didn’t know how to talk Odiya,Hindi or anything else, except my mother tongue and English. The whole thought gave me a nightmare.
The first month went on real bad. Like REALLY BAD! I didn’t have friends around me to share my grief. I didn’t have much work which I thought would divert my loneliness. I didn’t have people to talk in my mother tongue. Lol I know it sounds crazy but I had this issue.
I always used to call up my family and spend hours talking and sharing total shit. I thank them for bearing me all that while. The phone bill popped to be a whooping 2800 INR 
Later, I have realized that even if I cry, even if I smile I am meant to live there at least for an year. So, I made up my mind. I started focusing on things which made me feel good. I have never been to a gym before. I wanted to join gym because I know it will tire my body so that I can sleep early(Yeah,I couldn’t sleep properly because of loneliness) Once I hit the gym, I could meet a bunch of people who are almost like minded. I couldn’t stop being happy. I started roaming around places. Tried Odisha’s authentic food. I have started learning Odiya and I could communicate with people there. After learning it for a while, I have been told that Bengali and Assamese is almost the same and I focused a bit more.
After an year, I was given my relocation back to Hyderabad and all I could say is thanks! Thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone as it made me more strong, physically and mentally. I gave up my old life style which was so lame but now I smile. I am confident enough to face the world.
One Such attempt is the #MeetTheNewHousing with

My Story of Optimism #lookup

Life is full of new opportunities and new challenges. Everybody has a side to them which was only shown to their loved ones and not to everybody. I feel everybody has their difficulties in their life and I feel that they just need to learn from their bad experiences and face life with hope and optimism. I am no special. I had my troubles and had my joys.
I would like to share one such moment with you people.
This was an incident that happened few years back. I was in my engineering final year and preparing for my campus placements. 3 Idiots wasn't made by that time but trust me, when I saw that movie,I couldn't stop relating the movie scenes with my life's incidents. Especially the campus placements..Life is a race blah blah.
So, during the month of February, I had the written exam for an MNC. I worked real hard and trust me, I have solved all the analytic tests books available in the market. I didn't know why I couldn't clear that round. But I was really a bright student and I couldn't take the rejection in a positive way. I shut myself in a room that whole day and couldn't sleep at all.
That's when my best friend came to the rescue. She called me and I told her the scene and then switched off my mobile. The next day she came to my place and was trying to console me in all the possible ways.
That evening she gave me a book full of practice materials. She only said me that,"Practice these papers again, you have another company visiting in 20 days."
I lost my confidence but she kept on bugging me everyday if I solved the exercises. She was so keen in checking me out and I had to do the exercises if not for me but for her.
After few days, the next company arranged the test, I could crack it in less than half of the time and I was called for the personal interview. Before facing the panel, I called up HER to say that I cleared the exam. She said, "Clearing the written test is a task. You did it. HR round will be a cakewalk for you. Be confident and All the best"
As expected I got through the interview and placed in that MNC as a software engineer.
Never knew that she would help me so much in my career. I can't thank her enough. I owe my life to her.
Now you might wonder who she might be, she is none other than my Mamma :D
No one can inspire me like her. Whatever I am, that's because she filled my brain with optimism and motivation.

**This post was written for Indiblogger for Lookup
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Thinking Will Not Overcome FEAR but Action Will #RiseAboveFear

I know it when my mom warns me to stay safe every day. But I said Yes! I do have fear but at the same time, I consider myself as fearless.
Being a girl, I do not say it is easy to handle the whole drama in our every day life. I do not want to quote any major things that happened in my life but I want to share a thing which really scared me to death and how I surpassed my fear.
FEAR basically is a very tiny word which is being used since our childhood. When you were a kid,your mother would ask you to eat your food properly else a bad man would come and take you away. I know citing this here is lame but I wanted to tell you how people are attached to this feeling called "fear"
If FEAR is considered as a acronym, it can be described in two ways "Forget Everything And Run" or "Face Everything And Rise"
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TRESemme Split End Remedy Shampoo, Conditioner Review

How many of you believe in the Brand? I mean, you try a product from a particular brand, you like it and you kind of stick to it for long time ? I don't know if I can hear any yes's but I do. After the use of my very first shampoo and conditioner set from TRESemme, I never looked back.
Price and Quantity:
INR 170 for 215ml For Shampoo and Conditioner.
What does the website say:
The TRESemmé Split Remedy™ system gently cleanses and moisturizes so hair is healthy-looking and manageable, while reducing split ends up to 80% after just three uses*. This unique system, with our innovative Reconstructing Complex™, binds split ends—and with continued use, this system fixes damage as it occurs. This hair care for split ends leaves strands looking salon fresh: soft, smooth and easy to style. 
How It Works:
THE FORMULATION: Reducing split ends takes serious science. Our starting point was this: your hair’s frayed ends are negatively charged. So we created a Reconstructing Complex with positively charged polymers inside a gel body…and opposites attract. 

THE EFFECT: As your hair dries, split ends contract, and with continued use of our hair care for split ends, you’ll be left with a look that’s smooth and seemingly just cut. 
About the Shampoo:
The TRESemmé Split Remedy™ Shampoo & Conditioner system gently cleanses and moisturizes so hair is healthy-looking and manageable, all while reducing split ends up to 80% after just three uses*. This unique system, with our innovative Reconstructing Complex™, binds split ends—and with continued use, this system fixes damage as it occurs. This hair care for split ends leaves strands looking salon fresh: soft, smooth and easy to style.
About the conditioner:
The TRESemmé Split Remedy™ Shampoo & Conditioner system gently cleanses and moisturizes so hair is healthy-looking and manageable, all while reducing split ends up to 80% after just three uses*. This unique system, with our innovative Reconstructing Complex™, binds split ends—and with continued use, this system fixes damage as it occurs. This hair care for split ends leaves strands looking salon fresh: soft, smooth and easy to style. 
My Take:
I was impressed with their previous range and as expected these didn't disappoint me at all. I totally loved the mild fragrance. The shampoo and conditioner smell the same. The consistency is different. The conditioner is on the thicker side and the shampoo was a bit runny. The shampoo lathers well.Even when I oiled my hair, it took off the oil in a single wash with very less quantity. The smell lingers on for sometime but not for too long.
I have oily scalp and normal hair. These combo doesn't make my scalp oily on the second day but my hair seems a bit weighed down. But that is the case with any other shampoo/conditioner too. My hair is like that,I can't really help it.
The package is sturdy enough to be carried around for trips. They have almost the same lettering style and package except with the colours and respective names and ingredients.
I forgot to click the pics of the ingredients :(
I don't really have any splitends after my recent haircut at Juice(you can check my new haircut here) So, I can't comment on the effect of this combo in that section.
But they gave my hair nice bounce and life that I kept using it since two months.
My Rating:
I would absolutely recommend this one to my readers. This is just an amazing combo for daily use and your hair will be back to life and healthy after every wash.
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My Hair and The Way I Play With it - Dove Go Play

Hey people
If you are a regular reader of my blog you may be knowing that I have natural black brown silky thin hair. But..I love my hair to be something else. I mean, All the other things which my hair is not.
I totally love curly hair. I keep exploring all the silly means that claim to make hair curly. I love to experiment with my hair color. I love getting done some new hairstyle.
This picture was a living proof of me..playing with my hair.  I have used some sponge curlers to get this effect which I loved to the core or you can use a variety of human hair extensions, can help you in this endeavor.
My mom,who is a typical telugu lady has a waist length thick black hair and she always bugs me to grow hair. However, I kind of like my hair to be shoulder length as I feel it is easier to manage and maintain.
When it comes to the way I play with my hair.. I want my pictures taken at super random times to do the talking.
I believe in chemicals! I love torturing my hair to those harsh chemicals which in turn give me super special shiny hair and a big hole to my pocket.

Recharge Your Hair - Recharge Your Life

Hey people
This post is supposed to be my entry for an ongoing contest on In fact, I started up thinking the same but somehow, I ended up writing more of my personal rantings rather a mere contest entry.
Before I start, let me tell you little about me.
I am basically a working girl (woman, may be. But I still consider myself a girl :D) and I go to work on my bike and most of the days I may have to give a ppt or meet my higher officials regarding the next to-do. I have to deal with few guys who looove talking to me(read flirt) and I even get to face few colleagues who always complain about my nail color, my skintone, my untimely acne, my not so perfect feet and looootttt more.
So, you can imagine my situation. Well, let me explain if you don't.
For me, recharging my life is utterly important than a simple necessity. I want to look (read feel) good always. I mean everyday and every minute.
I am basically a chirpy girl who can't be feeling low or silent anytime.
Yeah, now comes the problem.