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Let’s Unlock The Secrets Of Dandelion Leaves

Let’s Unlock The Secrets Of Dandelion Leaves

Have you noticed those bright yellow flowers in your neighbor’s yard? The ones with long, jagged leaves? They are called dandelions and are native to Europe. However, they can be found in most of Northern Hemisphere. We mostly think of dandelions as ornamental plants that adorn our living rooms. Traditionally, however, dandelions have been used in Chinese medicine to cure joint pains, calcium deficiencies, as well as urinary tract infections (UTIs). Here are some more benefits of dandelions that you might be unaware of:

Bioque C Plus Moisturising Cream-Review,Swatch

Hey many of you know that Vitamin C is good for skin? Vitamin C helps in keeping the skin healthy and supple. We don't get many moisturizing creams that have Vitamin C in them and I'm sure finding one would be difficult. I guess Bioque has the same query and hence formulated this moisturizing cream.
Bioque C Plus Moisturising Cream-Review,Swatch
Bioque C Plus Moisturising Cream-Review,Swatch
Price and Quantity:
50gms for £35.00 you can get it here 
About the brand:
A scientific approach is at the core of Bioque’s skin care philosophy with a goal of developing cosmetic products that are more than coverups. They are, in fact, designed to employ your own skin's natural processes to improve the skin’s appearance. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines appear less visible, giving the appearance of more youthful skin. Our philosophy also requires that we use only the best and safest cruelty-free ingredients, regardless of cost, and use a sufficient amount of each ingredient to get optimal visible results. Bioque—The Nobel Prize-Winning Difference

Signal Technology—Bioque’s breakthrough signal technology, the delivery system used in Bioque products, delivers over 80% beneficial natural compounds into the interior of skin cells in both the inner and outer layers of skin. In other skincare lines lacking the benefit of signal technology, a much smaller percentage of beneficial compounds penetrates through the cellular walls (an average of 20% as opposed to Bioque’s over 80%); most ingredients are lost on the surface of skin cells.

Top 10 Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Hey girls..
The secret to healthy and beautiful skin does not lie in expensive skin creams, but in what we eat. Beauty is skin deep and what you eat reflects on your skin. Junk foods and coffee are highly processed, which makes the skin lose its radiance. A research at the University of St. Andrews has found that eating two servings of vegetables daily can make a visible difference to the skin’s health. The phytochemicals, fiber, antioxidants and other important nutrients present in vegetables improve the quality of the skin by making it beautiful and luminous. Today we present 10 vegetables that can help to make your skin appear glowing and healthy.
1. Beans:
Beans are a good source of B complex vitamins like niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid and pyridoxine that are required for the normal functioning of the cells. Beans contain biotin, a mineral that forms the structure of the skin cells, while niacin helps the skin to retain its moisture. Edamame beans are rich in isoflavones, which scavenge the free radicals produced by constant exposure to the sun. It also keeps the skin firm by preventing collagen breakdown.
2. Sweet potatoes:
Vitamin A in sweet potatoes contains anti-inflammatory properties, fighting acne-causing bacteria. It also provides Vitamin E to the skin, which is required to regenerate the skin cells. Sweet potatoes regulate the fluctuation of blood sugar by combating stress. Vitamin A also helps to improve the circulation of oxygen to the skin. It enables the skin to hold in moisture, relieving dryness and flaky skin.

My Workout Regimen and Diet : Results - Toned body

Hey Girls..
This time unlike the usual beauty related posts, I'm sharing my 2 months hard work behind my newly toned body.
Let me tell you that I am a short girl :/
I am 5'2" tall and built slim. I am not stick thin but I'm the healthy side of slim/thin. :D
Due to my irregular food habits and lack of sleep and mostly because of my working hours, I have put on weight.
I was 47kgs and I became 49.4 kgs in some months.
After realizing that my body is becoming fluffy (yeah, I observed it when I was putting on my old clothes :/) and that too after too many people saying me that I've put on weight.. I firmly made a decision!
Forget about losing weight, let me tone it up!!!
These were my words on my mobile screen note and written near my desk , just beside my dressing mirror lol wherever and whenever I could find some time to look around.

Back Ache – Causes, Exercises to Cure it

This is my guest post on For The First Timer
Hey people..
We might have heard a lot of people saying that they suffer from back ache. I’m sure most of us suffered(ing) from this deadly pain at least once in our life time.
So, what is this pain ?
This is the most common problem that human race is facing in the recent times.
Let’s get into details
What is Back Ache?
It’s a pain in your back area, precisely in and around the spinal cord region.  We usually get this pain if we strain the back area continuously. But, the pain is said to be a severe one if you are unable to sleep with it.
Types of Back Ache:
Based on the areas that usually strained, the back ache can be classified as three kinds.
1.Neck Pain
2.Middle Back Pain
3.Lower Back Pain
Based on the duration of the pain, the classification is as follows:
1.Acute (less than 4 weeks)
2.Subacute (4 – 12 weeks)
3.Chronic (greater than 12 weeks)
The Main reason being the muscular stretch/strain.
Any recent/past injury around the spine area.
It can be hereditary.
The occupation.
The unhealthy life style etc
Wanna
Click HERE to read the complete article...

How yoga helps to overcome the breathing problems like Asthma !

My article on

In recent times we have developed many new habits in our lifestyle and we have got so much used to them that it has almost become like an addiction and have made us dependent on them. Well, the point here is our lifestyle has changed so much that we need to consciously make an effort to take care of our health. Yoga is one such practice which is trusted to keep us healthy.
We might have heard so many good things about yoga on how it cures almost all the diseases. In this article, let us know how yoga can make us overcome breathing problems.
Breathing problems include the asthma, snoring, choked breath etc.
Here, we are concentrating on Asthma.

Visiting Dentist for the first time..?

Hey people...
How many of you visited a dentist?
How many of you have a habit of getting regular dental checkups?
How many of you suffering from any kind of dental/oral problems?

Dieting For The First Time..!

Hey People..
I have written a guest post for For The First Timer.(Do check this site,I'm sure you won't be disappointed.)

About the Website:
This is a site where you can find answers to almost all the questions as a first timer.
They have a Catchy Caption which says
" Guiding you for the first beginning..!"
Which is indeed tells you what to expect from them.

Coming to my guest post.. Here it is..

Dieting for the first time !

Basic Rules For Health and Beauty

Guest post VII by Gayathri
Hi girls...
I was thinking to write an article on this topic since many days and finally its here for Appu’s blog...
I won’t talk much now cuz this article is going to be really long.
Hope you read it from A to Z and comment on it :D
So, a girl needs to follow few rules for her better health and beauty of course. Here I’m mentioning the minimum one should do and in budget. I’m writing this for those who don’t want to invest in things much yet want better health and beauty.
Here it goes...
Early to Bed, Early to Wake: Girls compared to boys have more chance of health problems if they sleep late at night. Make sure you are not awake after 10pm. Go to sleep by 10pm and wake up early in the morning. And one more thing is to have minimum continuous sleep for 8 hours. Forget all the tensions and enter your beautiful dream world.
Exercise: Join gym or yoga centre or go for aerobics classes. If you don’t want to invest in these, then go for a walk daily, add skipping or yoga at your own home. Don’t forget the breathing exercise, Pranayama. It does wonders for your health.
Drink lots of water: You should drink at least 2-3 lts of water everyday. Drink most of the water during day time and the rest at night. Use glass as much as possible instead of a bottle cuz it may increase chances of wrinkles near mouth at early age. Do you know what is Katrina’s first job as soon as she wakes up? She drinks 4 glasses of water on empty stomach. Its for your skin glow and hydration. 4 glasses may be difficult initially. So start with 2 now.
Regular Checkups:Get your complete physical checkups done a least once a year. Add spinal cord checkup to it. Make sure you have healthy weight, controlled BP and blood sugar always.
Take healthy food:If you have bad habits of smoking, alcohol etc., avoid it. Take out the coffee from your daily routine. Limit up to 2 cups of tea per day. Instead add green tea to your life which makes your heart healthy and skin beautiful. Eat sprouts and dry fruits early in the morning on empty stomach. Take high protein low carbohydrates food. Leave the junk. Have raw vegetables and fruits. Take citrus fruits, honey daily. Avoid salt and sugar
as much as possible. You can add honey in the place of sugar. Make sure you have enough supplement of vitamins, minerals and calcium. Ladies generally calcium deficiencies.
Positive Thinking is the main key to keep you healthy and beautiful. Always think positive. Spend some time for meditation and praying god forgetting all the tensions in your life and I’m sure you’ll feel relaxed, and fresh with more innovating ideas with great enthusiasm...
Coming to beauty...
CTM...Invest on a good cleanser and toner that suits your skin. Follow correct method of cleansing. I’ll post an article on this topic soon. Moisturizing is a very important step. After cleansing and toning, use a really good moisturizer for your skin. Make sure your skin have the moisture through out the day.

Scrubbing is also a must to deep clean your skin. Choose a good product for scrubbing. If you have blackheads, there are many products available in the market for this purpose. If no, you can have apricot or walnut scrubs. I find these work pretty good. You have even more options to choose from. Else you can also make your own scrub at home.
Have Facials:Buy good facemasks available in the market and treat yourself with it at least once a week. You can also make your own with the ingredients available in your kitchen. Go for a professional facial at parlour once a month.

Body Lotion or body butter:Get a good body lotion or body butter as per your skin. Use it after bath in the morning and at night before you sleep. Its very important to moisturize your body skin as well.

Wax your sun exposed body parts:Its not for your hair removal but its to remove the sun tan you’ve gained on your skin. You can go to parlour for it or can invest on wax strips like veet, hiphop etc. Please do not use waxing creams. These are harmful for your skin.
Oil massage and exfoliate. Spend some time on Sundays for your body skin. Have a full body oil massage. Wait for an hour and exfoliate your skin dead cells.
Help your hands and feet. Your hands do most of the work for you. So get a good hand cream and keep it moisture all the time. Have a manicure once a week either at home or parlour. Your feet walk a lot. They become hard and crack. Moisturize them daily with a good foot cream in the nights and wear  socks. This works better. Have pedicure done either at parlour or your home. 
Hair is a very important part of a girls body. You ccan never compromise with it. Choose a good shampoo and conditioner. If you have damaged hair, buy a damage control shampoo, for hairfall, hairfall control shampoo and for dandruff, anti-dandruff shampoo. If you have oily hair, shampoo it in alternate days else twice a week. Oil massage your scalp and hair and shampoo after one hour. On Sundays ou can go for hair masks. There are many home made mask recopies available. Conditioning is the important part. Do not neglect it and condition your hair after each hair wash.

And finally choose suitable hair style, clothing, makeup etc...
I know friends, its too long...But thought keep all the things here. Hope you like it.
If I forgot anything, let me know. Do comment beauties...
                                                                                   About Author
Gayathri of Health & Beauty
About me:

Hii people.. 
I am Gayathri :)
I'm a simple happy go lucky girl. 
Like to dance, sing and lots of masti through out the day. 
Like to spend time in shopping and in beach. 
I imitate people a lot and my family loves me doing those stuff...

My obsessions:
I used to be very simple. Never took care of my skin, never had makeup.  But now that I started taking care of my skin and started using some beauty products.. I am kind of obsessed with this.

My Say:
Gayathri, you are a wonderful writer. You have summarized all the useful points into one article. Thanks for the post. Love you. All the best for your blogging future.

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Blood Network you can depend upon !!!

Create a Blood Network you can depend upon..!!

"Every 2 seconds, someone in India needs blood.
That someone can be you."

This post is dedicated to all the people in the WORLD.
And please do share the info.

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Save your life by creating a dependable network of friends and family who share blood group.Register

Hope it helps you or anyone related to you.
Kudos to the  
Keep up the good work.
we are with you.


Foods to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

This post is dedicated to all the people who want to reduce weight.

I want to put forth few foods to reduce your weight.
Maintating a proper diet and few exercise will make you lose weight with less effort.
Well, I would write about the exercises in the next post.
As of now,
I want to give a list of foods which would result in losing weight without hampering your health or cause any side effects.

1.Green Tea:

A Herbal tea which can be bought from the store or can be made at home helps a lot in reducing the weight. It indeed helps in providing all the nutrients needed for the body to eliminate toxins.Have green tea thrice a day to have the best results.

Apples are low in calories. 100g of apple provide only 50 calories. The fruits doesn’t contain saturated fats or cholesterol; but rich in dietary fiber, which helps, prevent absorption of bad cholesterol.
3.Dry fruits
These are dried fruits like Amlonds,Raisins, Dates.Dry fruits can be added in small quantities to fresh fruits in diets. These fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, and they complement the deficiency of minerals and vitamins in fresh fruits. Dry fruits along with fresh fruits in diets are effective in burning excess fat and reducing cholesterol, thus promoting healthy weight loss. They also improve the immune system and aid in detoxification.
Eating mushrooms in large quantities can help prevent or treat obesity, says a new study.
According to the study, which was led by Dr. Cheskin, suggests that increasing intake of low-energy density foods, specifically mushrooms, in place of high-energy-density foods, like lean ground beef, is a strategy for preventing or treating obesity.
Oatmeal is the perfect meal to start your day because it boosts your energy and has plenty of fiber to keep you full and satisfied. Oatmeal breaks down slowly in the stomach, giving you long-lasting energy. It is also full of water-soluble fibers, which play a crucial role in making you feel full over a longer period of time. Studies have also shown that oatmeal reduces cholesterol, maintains blood sugar levels and fights against heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and obesity

6.Olive Oil
Health benefits of Olive oil can be attributed to the presence of nutrients such as omega-3, oleocanthal, phenolic compounds, selenium and vitamins.
It is known to provide protection against cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and even cancer. Olive oil has proved useful in skin and hair care, and if used in food instead of saturated fats, it may aid in weight loss as well.
Olive oil is also very high in anti-oxidant content. Anti-oxidants help prevent cell damage through free radical scavenging and also help repair cell damage. Increased anti-oxidants in the body slow down the process of aging and may even increase longevity.

7.Chilli Peppers:
This is the one thing which I wanted to share the most. We indians love spices.

All peppers are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, but red peppers are simply bursting with them. Antioxidant vitamins A and C help to prevent cell damage, cancer, and diseases related to aging, and they support immune function.
Capsaicin, the ingredient responsible for making peppers hot, as the reason why they have a fat burning ability. This potent ingredient triggers the pain receptors in your mouth to become activated. Therefore, after you consume a spicy dish, your pain receptors send a message to your brain that relief is needed and pronto! Your brain responds to this cry for help by speeding up your metabolism and heart rate, in order for your body to sweat and cool off.
As a result, your body experiences an increased calorie burn and engages in a fight against fat. Basically, your body has a similar experience as it does during a workout. However, this doesn’t mean that you can forgo the gym! (Unfortunately, not that many calories are burned.)

I guess I didn't bore you guys. Just wanted to share some useful information with you people.

I am done. Don't scold me if I made you waste your time. haha

Ps: Images are from google.

Keep Rocking
Appu :)