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Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet Review and Samples I got from

Hey people
I am super excited to show this product to you. I would like to dedicate this post to all the women out there who work real hard to satisfy each and every little person in her house. I don't know about the world but Indian women have too much work in kitchen and they can spend entire day in the daily household chores. It is more like their duty and there is no chance of skipping it.
Well when we get to talk about the work in kitchen, no part of the body is damaged like the hands. Our hands are prone to have become rough and dry.
Now that we modern women never care much about the hands by spending the valuable time and money in hand spa, We have a Korean brand to offer us the same sort of pampering right in our home!
You might have already seen the picture of my hands after using this mask on Instagram and Facebook.
Excited enough to know what is the product ?
Its the Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet
Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet Review and Samples I got from Hand Creams in Cherry Blossom and Peach-Review,Swatches

Hey people
How is the week going?
I see too many skincare posts these days and it makes me realize how cold it is out there. Winter makes the skin so lifeless and scaly. I always thought mine was oily skin but then this year winter made me realize that mine is in fact combination skin type. I had my skin getting super dry all the time. I had to take regular oil massages to get rid of the flaking and dry skin. Now I am doing it at home on weekends.
Well, we can work with oil on a holiday but ever wonder what can happen if we go out with it? Creepy eh.
That is when all these body butters,moisturizers came into existance.
Talking about the body lotions, we kind of worry about the arms,fore arms and that's it. Not many take proper care of their fingers or palms. I am pretty sure about this because I am one among those lazy girls who frequently ignore to moisturize the palms.
When I got to know that there are hand creams I was surprised and excited because my fingers are always dry and that make them look masculine err
You all know that I have been sent a gift box by
You can read my post here
Karadium Hand Cream #1 Peach #2 Cherry Blossom
This post is about the review of these beauties.
Price and Quantity:
It is of 40gms and I couldn't find the price of this product as it is not yet launched officially.

From Korea - With Cosmetic-Love

Whoa... Whoa.. Writing something after a long time.
Where do I start this post from.
This is not a haul post or a review post but a post to celebrate "being a beauty blogger" Hell yeah!
When I got a chance to review some Korean Products, I had to say yes.!
A biiig yes. I love you for this amazing opportunity.
I was smitten by the Korean culture, Korean Skincare, their makeup, KPOP, KDRAMA what not, I recently started my research on their food habits and trying to find a single restaurant that offers some good Korean food. lol
This lady, Jinju was super sweet to me and offered me some new launches on their website.
There is this brand, Karadium Professional.
They offered to send me some goodies for the review. So, I am going to share the pictures. I recently received the package so, please wait for my review. Till then, keep drooling by seeing the cutest packaging.
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