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Fab Bag March 2016 Review - The More Power To You

Dear Fab Bag, you are awesome. This women’s day, give yourself more power with March Fab Bag. It has exciting products like always and is a complete package of surprise. This month’s Fab Bag is a fancy silver/ metallic pouch and looks amazing. Let’s unveil this month’s Fab Bag.

SaND for Soapaholics Forever Twenty Review

What is the best season that would keep your hair healthy? For me, it is the summer because I get to take head bath every alternate day and I have also observed that my hair grows faster in summer than in any other season. In summer, my scalp turns oily by the second day after the hair wash and I do not have to oil my hair(at least I thought so) which is a sheer lie. But the other seasons make my hair weird. It is like my hair turns super dry during winter and monsoon is making my hair lifeless and limp.
So, let me focus on the present season. The Great Monsoons of India! Kill my hair I say lol. After so many hit and trials and after losing so much of hair I could find out the best way to shampoo my hair. But now, I would like to add up one more Oiling my hair. Since a month or so, I started this routine of oiling my hair every time I shampoo my hair. Now that you guys got to know the topic, I would love to share the reviews of two products one at a time.
In this post, I would like to share a review of one oil that is too unique. Look wise and Feel Wise too.
This is from Sand for Soapaholics..The product is named as “Forever Twenty”
SaND for Soapaholics Forever Twenty Review
SaND for Soapaholics Forever Twenty Review

Cope with the signs of seasonal hair loss

Cope with the signs of seasonal hair loss that occurs during the spring season
Reverse the effects of seasonal hair loss and enjoy the spring season. Let us take a look at the root causes and remedies for seasonal hair loss.
Every year, countless people suffer from unexpected hair loss. Women begin to notice significant hair fall in the spring season, which is called seasonal hair loss. Around this time of year, they become aware of the excessive hair loss during washing or brushing. However, hair loss cannot exceed the physiological rate. On an average, it is close to the lowest limit of 50 hair strands a day, and during the periods of seasonal hair loss, it reaches the upper limit of 100 hair strands a day. Human hair is in the growth phase for around two and six years. At any given time, 90 percent of our hair is growing, and the remainder of 10% is in a resting state for two to six months. The whole process is repeated after the resting period. Women have the highest proportion of resting hair in spring, and this pattern is indeed evolutionary.
Here are a few causes and what you can do to combat seasonal hair loss.

Memebox #49 Hair & Body #4: SPA Edition - Unboxing and Mini Reviews

A long pending post and here it is..My MeMebox#49
I bought it because of the name and the Sneakpeek of the MilkDress Shampoo that they included in the box. It is more than a week that I received this box and I am already started using most of the products and now I can proudly review them for you while showing them.
My Code: NJA2TC
December codes will be activate from December 4, 2014 through December 31, 2014.
Codes are good for $5 off any purchase over $30
Memebox #49 Hair & Body #4: SPA Edition - Unboxing and Mini Reviews
Memebox #49 Hair & Body #4: SPA Edition - Unboxing and Mini Reviews
Let us take a look on what I got in my box#49 Hair & Body - Spa Edition. I was expecting some kind of spa sort of products for my body and for hair, I already knew one product. But I was kind of ok ok with the box. Read on to know why.
#23 + $6.99 shipping
Here is the box link 
What does memebox say about this box:
Escape the world with this Hair & Body 4: Spa Edition!
Take down your hair, light a candle, and step into a world of bubbles and frothy goodness with the fourth edition of our best-selling Hair & Body series.
Packed with the best spa-quality hair-reviving and body-beautifying essentials yet, Hair & Body 4: Spa Edition will turn your ordinary bathtub into a world-class spa! Experience first-class beauty with this Memebox classic, and be beautiful from head to toe!

Empties Post-Hair Care Skin Care Makeup - Quick Reviews

Hey pretties,
I am being super busy these days with so many personal and professional challenges. I wish I plan my time table good..enough to spend some time for my blogging. Anyway, today I am not going to write a product review but an Empties post.
I have already had an empties post earlier, you can read it My First Ever Empties Post
After knowing how much I love reading the empties post (yes, I do check most of my fellow bloggers' empties post to know how much they liked a product,will they repurchase it or not etc can be known in a single post) I have decided to write one for my lovely readers too.
Digging in..
Empties - Hair Care, Skin Care, Makeup - Quick Reviews

DIY-Protein Hair Mask to Reduce Hairfall and Promote Hair Growth

Hey people,
It is the Sunday and it a time for a DIY which worked for me and I am sure it should work for you too.
This post is short and quick. It focuses only on the recipe and how you prepare it yourself.
I already wrote some DIY(Treating dry hair at home) posts earlier when I created this blog. Click on to read all about Dry Hair,Causes and cures
Protein Hair Mask to Reduce Hairfall and Promote Hair Growth
To know how to make yourself a dry shampoo read here
To make a leave in Conditioner read here
you do not need many items but some regular powders that are available in the nearby grocery store.
This was the recipe tried and tested by me and I have seen a visible change in my hair texture and hair growth. It dramatically reduced my hairfall in 6 uses.

Mine is shoulder length hair so, this recipe is meant for this length hair. However, you can change the quantity depending upon your hair length.