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I am the affiliate of the month on WISHTREND - June 2016

I am the affiliate of the month and I am quite excited to be a part of the WISHTREND affiliate Team.

This is my 555th blogpost!!!

I am quite excited to share my interview on the website and I can't thank enough my readers who constantly believed me and supported me in this phase. Google for Korean skincare in India, you will find me :D I am so happy to see my page in there. Love you all. Keep supporting me.

Q. How did it feel receiving your first commission?

A.It felt great. I was one of the top bloggers in India who share Korean skincare related stuff and a huge K-Drama fan. I know many people got to register using my information about the Korean skincare but I was really happy knowing somebody actually bought some Korean skincare from Wishtrend.

Got Featured !!!

Hey guys

I'm so happy to get featured on (I bet all of you aware of this blog). Ana being so kind, gave a chance to blabber about myself with her readers worldwide.
I knew I have written too much. Do check the post here :)

Here goes my ramblings :) :)

1. What is your name, where do you blog, and what are we likely to find there?

I’m Appu. I blog at I started it more like a DIY life style blog but somehow tempted to extend it to the product reviews and some makeup tips and tricks.

2)What are your favourite type of posts to write and read?

Read the complete article here by clicking the link below

Do Comment and make my day :) :)

Back Ache – Causes, Exercises to Cure it

This is my guest post on For The First Timer
Hey people..
We might have heard a lot of people saying that they suffer from back ache. I’m sure most of us suffered(ing) from this deadly pain at least once in our life time.
So, what is this pain ?
This is the most common problem that human race is facing in the recent times.
Let’s get into details
What is Back Ache?
It’s a pain in your back area, precisely in and around the spinal cord region.  We usually get this pain if we strain the back area continuously. But, the pain is said to be a severe one if you are unable to sleep with it.
Types of Back Ache:
Based on the areas that usually strained, the back ache can be classified as three kinds.
1.Neck Pain
2.Middle Back Pain
3.Lower Back Pain
Based on the duration of the pain, the classification is as follows:
1.Acute (less than 4 weeks)
2.Subacute (4 – 12 weeks)
3.Chronic (greater than 12 weeks)
The Main reason being the muscular stretch/strain.
Any recent/past injury around the spine area.
It can be hereditary.
The occupation.
The unhealthy life style etc
Wanna
Click HERE to read the complete article...

Make up for the First Time (Girls)

My Guest Post on the For The First Timer
Hey girls..
Most of the girls like getting ready. In fact, most of them know the best techniques of emphasizing their looks.This article is for all those girls who doesn't know much about makeup but still want to do Make-up.
What is Makeup?

This is a process of hiding your skin flaws or correcting them to look and feel better. Everyone have at least one facial feature which complements you. So, usually in makeup we try to focus more on highlighting that feature.
Basics of Makeup:
1. Conceal : This is used to hide any imperfect skin/skin flaws/blemishes/pimple marks etc.

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My Entry on Panache : Blue Smokey Eyes

Hey people.. 
Here is my second entry on Panache: Flaunt your eyes contest!
INSPIRATION:I took inspiration from my dress which was black and purple.
How is my attempt ?
You can see more pics by clicking My Entry!!.
If you guys wanna enter too, just check out the details HERE and get a chance to win the Limited Edition Sleek Snapshots Palette

My Entry : Sunset on Panache:Flaunt Your Eyes Contest

Panache: Flaunt Your Eyes Entry no.3:Sunset: ENTRY by Apoorva 
INSPIRATION : My inspiration is the sunset.. Giving rise to Darkness. 

How is my attempt ?
You can see more pics by clicking My Entry.
If you guys wanna enter too, just check out the details HERE and get a chance to win the Limited Edition Sleek Snapshots Palette

ps: you can always click on pics to see the larger image.

My Entry on Indian Beauty Journal: Natural Beauty Contest

Indian Beauty Journal: Natural Beauty Contest Entry 9
Here is the 9th entry for the Natural Beauty Contest Sponsored By Aloe Veda . She is our very own Apoorva or Appu. 
If you like my pic, please show your support by commenting on the  Indian Beauty Journal: Natural Beauty Contest's link: My Entry HERE!! 
Your kind words make my day :)
P.S: The Natural Beauty Contest is on till 25th December. For more details, click here

How yoga helps to overcome the breathing problems like Asthma !

My article on

In recent times we have developed many new habits in our lifestyle and we have got so much used to them that it has almost become like an addiction and have made us dependent on them. Well, the point here is our lifestyle has changed so much that we need to consciously make an effort to take care of our health. Yoga is one such practice which is trusted to keep us healthy.
We might have heard so many good things about yoga on how it cures almost all the diseases. In this article, let us know how yoga can make us overcome breathing problems.
Breathing problems include the asthma, snoring, choked breath etc.
Here, we are concentrating on Asthma.

Street Wear FX Eye Shadow in Bombshell Swatch and Review

Hey People.. Recently I have developed interest towards eye makeup and I am slowly stocking up the eye shadows. I have bought this cute little eye shadow last month. Let see how far it impressed me.

Votre Refining Toner Review

Hey people.. 
In this post, I am going to review Votre Refining Toner.

How to choose jeans for different body types.!

Hey Girls...
A well fitted dress will always flatter your personality and boosts up the self confidence. Jeans is one of the easiest to wear and carry off.
Many girls out there are confused about what kind of jeans is right for their body type.So this article is just for them who would love to show off themselves in a right pair of Jeans. First of all,

Let us know what all the different body types.
1. Tall
2. Hour Glass
3. Pear Shaped
4. Apple Shaped
5. Short

1. For Tall Girls:

My Entry for IBC's Swatch Fest

Hey people..
I have participated in IBC's Swatch It - Win It Contest.
Here is my entry:

I love matte shades and they occupy most of my vanity. Here are the swatches of my current favorite lipsticks.
I have put two pics of the swatches in natural light and in flash light.I have MAC NC 44.5 skin tone.

You can see my entry here
How are these?
Hope you liked them..
Please do leave your valuable comments below :)

If you too want to win some amazing MAC lipstick,eyeshadows and OPI nailpolish,be sure to participate in the 'IBC Swatch it-Win It contest'
Hurry Contest closes soon!

Visiting Dentist for the first time..?

Hey people...
How many of you visited a dentist?
How many of you have a habit of getting regular dental checkups?
How many of you suffering from any kind of dental/oral problems?

Dieting For The First Time..!

Hey People..
I have written a guest post for For The First Timer.(Do check this site,I'm sure you won't be disappointed.)

About the Website:
This is a site where you can find answers to almost all the questions as a first timer.
They have a Catchy Caption which says
" Guiding you for the first beginning..!"
Which is indeed tells you what to expect from them.

Coming to my guest post.. Here it is..

Dieting for the first time !

Hair Colour Trends for the Winter Season

Heyy guys....
It’s already November and end of this year. Winter’s here!
I am a huge fan of coloring my hair and I know many of you love it too. Few for fun just like me and few opt this to cover up their grey hair. Either ways it’s fun to experiment and find the chic colors that suit your personality. So, here I present you with a few trending colors for this winter.
I want to focus on two things in this article.
  1. Skin Tone
  2. Natural Hair Color
Why you ask? Because not all colors suit everyone and these are the two most important factors in getting it right. Winter, which is known to cause frizz, demands that coloured hair be given more care.
For Fair Skin and Dark Hair:
People who belong to this category can try out any color. But the dark hair color can’t be colored to give a perfect shade. So you need to bleach it before which I say is not recommended.
Go for the dark colors with vibrant undertones.
Else go for highlights. The blonde shades, the reds and light browns or chocolate shades.
Also experiment with Neon colors!

Read the Complete Article HERE!!

Not so Perfect Smoky Eye Tutorial by Me

This is my guest post for Shivani of The Not So Pink
This is my first guest post for Shivani. Girl, you are a sweetheart.
Coming to the post,I have always loved smokey eyes and finally im here with a tutorial of a not so perfect smokey eyes hehe.

Festive Eye Mekup Tutorial - My 1st Tutorial

Hey Girls..
My first tutorial on Festve eye makeup...
I have written this as a contest entry on Rmyah's Blog..Rmyah and More

Here I am posting the sneakpeak of the look.

Please Read the complete TUTORIAL HERE  !!!

I hope you like it.. Do leave your comments and suggestions below.

Herbal Hair Color Tips and Techniques

Hair color has became a rage in recent times. It is considered essential to look good. It is adopted when you have problem with premature graying or just for a change of look or may be just for fun. I color my hair but not the complete hair but I love to have some peek-a-boo highlights. I have them now. So, the question is “is it healthy for hair?”
Well, you know the answer. It’s NO. This is because coloring your hair means putting your hair to undergo a physical torture (did I sound harsh?) Our hair is made up of proteins and can tolerate only certain treatments. If it crosses its threshold level, it starts to fall off (you can read it dies, again I’m rude here).
It is advisable to avoid coloring of hair! But should we sacrifice our wish to look cool just for the sake of this? No right. So, for the people who want to color the hair but not damage the hair, this one’s for you. Color your hair with herbal products which don’t have chemicals at all.
What are those herbal products and how to use them?

Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick in Vintage Rose ~ Review and FOTD

Heyy Girls...I got featured on Sagaciously Beautiful:
I have written an article on Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick in Vintage Rose
Read more here.
Sagaciously Beautiful: Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick in Vintage Rose ~ Re...:
VOV GiveAway Entry   Post – XI By Apoorva   Hi Lipstick Lovers, I am back with one more review post. This time it’s on one of my very f...


How is the shade? On my lips? Do comment back :) I love reading and replying your valuable comments :)

Want Glowing Smooth Skin? Use A Night-Cream : My post on Pepperfry

Hey people,
Love you guys for all the love and you inspire me :)
My post on Pepperfry,
Here is the post :

It says:

Want Glowing Smooth Skin? Use A Night-Cream
By Guest Blogger Apoorva Neeloji

You might have heard about the creams which make your face look fairer instantly or keeps you oil free for longer time during the day.

But what if you have an option of getting a brighter and flawless skin that too with a simple trick every day?

The answer is…Night Cream. Don’t use one yet? Then you must know that using a night cream regularly actually makes your skin bright, beautiful and wrinkle free.

Now that we have your complete attention here is what you need to know.

What does a night cream do exactly?

A night cream is typically a thick cream which is supposed to be applied on the face before you sleep. The ingredients repair your skin cells internally since we all know, our body repairs itself when we sleep. During night, we have the highest metabolic rate and which applies to the repairing of skin cells too. And these nights creams work on the skin and gives all the essential nutrients needed to make the skin healthier by morning.

Simply put, there are two reasons why a night cream is important:

  • TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) is greatest at night. A night cream can prevent that kind of dehydration.
  • The body’s cells are replenished with nutrients and are being regenerated at night, so this is the time to optimize the delivery of the raw materials the skin needs.

Should you use one?

Yes, that is if you want brighter, even toned skin every day. And also if you can’t spend too much time or money on parlors and skin treatments, a night cream is the best solution. Simply pick a night cream according to your skin type and requirement and you are ready to a skin makeover.

We recommend: Skin care range from Votre.

When is the ideal time to apply nigh cream?

Read the complete article HERE

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share some of my views.
Will surely stay in touck with you.

Appu :)