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Top 5 Korean Beauty Standards ft Indian Beauty Standards

It's been long time that I have posted about Korean Makeup Trends after the very famous 3 popular Korean Makeup Trends 2013
I am back again with some interesting comparison between Indian beauty standards and Korean beauty standards.

1. The Eyes

I have observed that Indians prefer natural eye color or we use some colored contact lenses. But definitely not the circle lens.

I do not see a single K-Pop artist or an actress sporting the natural contact lenses. All they want is the circle lens. I actually love their eyes more when they wear the circle lens. If the circle lens is colored, then it is a huge plus.  

NYX is coming to India! - Official launch of NYX cosmetics

NYX is coming to India!
Yes my dearies, you heard it correct. NYX Professional Makeup is now launching in India  and I am super excited to witness the epic. Finally, no more international shipping charges and long waiting. Their long lasting matte lipstick range, satin soft lip creams and butter gloss, defining lip pencils, appealing eye makeup range, amazing face makeup products, aaah! Can’t wait to make them mine.

L'Oréal Paris Cannes Collection 2016 - The Infallible Makeup Range

L'Oréal is to here make this summer even hotter by launching Cannes Collection 2016 - The Infallible Makeup Range. While the ladies, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor are creating sensation with their Outfits & Makeup at the Cannes Film Festival representing L'Oreal Paris, L'Oréal is nailing the Infallible Makeup products. So, here I am to show you a sneak peak of the Lip Glosses and Eye Liner.

Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette Review , Swatches

Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette Review,Swatches

Hello Beauties,
This is the review Acid Brights eyeshadows palette by Makeup Revolution. It’s one of the best budget brands in the cosmetic market today. The Makeup Revolution Acid Brights palette is specially designed for the neon or bright color lovers. If you love to play and have some fun with these bright colors then yes this is the palette for you.
Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette Review , Swatches
Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette Review , Swatches

Shopping Circle Lens and Makeup from

Shopping Circle Lens from

I have shopped from Bornprettystore before and it always been a great experience for me. This is my second official haul that I am writing on my blog. Here is the first one. I did buy few things in between but never really showed them here. So, coming to my recent haul, I was wanting to try circle lens for quite some time now. Yes, my KOREAN obsession is still ON! This time, I didn't leave a chance to buy a pair of circle lens.
So, here is my haul.
Shopping Circle Lens from
Shopping Circle Lens from

Oriflame The One Eye Makeup - Mascara,Eye Liner Stylo - Review, Swatches

Initially, I thought of writing two separate posts but then, I have made an ootd using these both. So,is the combined review.Anyway, how many of you like the Eye Liner to be a pen kind? I don't know about others but I really like the pen style eye liners as they are really easy to use. The post is about one such an Eye Liner and a Mascara Combo. These are the new launches from Oriflame The One Collection. I have already reviewed their Gel Eye Shadows here
Oriflame The One Eye Makeup - Mascara,Eye Liner Stylo - Review, Swatches
Oriflame The One Eye Makeup - Mascara,Eye Liner Stylo - Review, Swatches

Oriflame The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows - Review,Swatches

I do not own many cream eyeshadows just because I feel these are a bit tricky to work with. The only one I have used well is the Maybelline Color Tattoo and I loved the fact it stayed on forever. Also, it set the standard high for a cream eyeshadow. So, when I got a chance to try the cream eyeshadows from Oriflame, I was elated. Let's see if these live upto my expectation.
Oriflame The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows in Golden Brown, Intense Plum, Olive Green, Rose Gold - Review, Swatches
Oriflame The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows in Golden Brown, Intense Plum, Olive Green, Rose Gold - Review, Swatches Revolutionizing Eyewear Fashion

This is the time when online shopping is a must for everybody. Call it lazy or efficient or may be number of choices is more. Whatever the reasons may be, we love online shopping. We can literally buy anything and everything online. Okay, when I say this most of us would stuck at the "Eye Wear". Can specs be bought online? We now have an answer and it is none other than John Jacobs. Revolutionizing Eyewear Fashion Revolutionizing Eyewear Fashion
About John-Jacobs: (in their own words)
JOHN JACOBS has brought to life a dream of offering boutique, world-class eyewear at accessible price points.
The story of John Jacobs started from a dream – of making stylish eyewear an achievable aspiration for every consumer.
John Jacobs is the brainchild of three stalwarts of the Indian eyewear industry. People who’ve worked with the best of brands, have experienced the process of creating quality eyewear up, close and personal, and know what it takes to construct a brand. Online Shopping - Makeup Haul ft Zoeva

Yes yes yes! I just joined the bandwagon of Shopping lovers. Sounds different lol.Luxola is known to all the beauty junkies that it stocks all the luxury and most loved brands starting from Sleek,Beauty Blender,Sigma,Zoeva and many others. I visited their website a while back and disappointed to know that there is no shipping to India. But you see, that day I wished so much that they would ship to us,Indians. That wish is now officially fulfilled. now ships to INDIA. How cool is that..
The best part, you can now shop from them and get a
flat 30% off storewide. Use coupon code BLX-APOORVA Online Shopping - Makeup Haul ft Zoeva Online Shopping - Makeup Haul ft Zoeva
About LUXOLA.COM (in their own words)
Our story:
After spending a few years working in Southeast Asia, skincare-product addict Alexis Horowitz-Burdick discovered a lack of reliable and efficient e-commerce platforms offering a vast range beauty products within the region, and decided to step up to the task. Luxola was born in mid-2011. 
Achieving the overwhelming support of both consumers and investors, Luxola has very quickly grown into becoming the #1 destination for beauty in Southeast Asia, serving customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brunei, and the United Arab Emirates.
Luxola prides itself on:
Providing outstanding customer service and swift delivery – as quickly as on the same day in many markets.
Bringing the best brands from around the world to one accessible platform, and ensuring that every product is 100% authentic. Today, Luxola works with over 200 of the worlds’ leading brands and carry over 4,000 products.
Offering beauty education and creative inspiration to consumers through engaging platforms like our magazine and our virtual makeup studio LXStudio.

Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows for Indian Girls

Girls are very serious about their looks.
To get the most out of them, they try their best. Sometimes, a little change can be very effective. For example, if you just add some eye shadow to your beautiful eyes, then you might look at lot better. You should try it. This article talks about some of the best neutral warm MAC eye shadows for Indian girls. You can give them a try. Chances are very high that you will like them very much. This article ranges eye shadows from vibrant colors to subtle shades. Whether it is school or office, you can use them.
Brule Eyeshadow:
This eye shadow is pretty. Looking for a classy color? Then you could think about this one. It can be a great eye shadow for office wear. It is elegant. All you need to do is give one stroke; then you are all set to go out.
Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows for Indian Girls
Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows for Indian Girls

Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Eye Shadow Trio in Silent Treatment - Review, Swatches

Heyya People.. I think there is eye shadow fest going on my blog lol  I have recently reviewed the Sleek Makeup LE eye shadow palette here and I'm here again with a Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio review. Well.. to start off, this is my most used eye shadow palette now. I mean, I am really liking the colors that look great on my skin.
Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Eye Shadow Trio in Silent Treatment - Review, Swatches

Sleek Makeup I-DIVINE IN ARABIAN NIGHTS Eye Shadow Palette-Review,Swatches,EOTD

Heyya Girlies.. Most of you might have already seen my Sleek Makeup Haul which I posted last week(If you haven't checked it yet..please do check it here ) I was in love with the whole theme of this one.You know,mystic..dreamy..all those dramatic feelings in one palette.Let's get into more pictures and the detailed review.
What does the Sleek Makeup say about this palette:
This exclusive i-Divine Palette* is inspired by Arabian fantasy,seduction and warm rich colors. The deep tones of green, blue and gold melt together,forming beautiful smoky effects, suited to all skin tones.
This exquisite palette is perfect for summer nights, there are endless possibilities for striking looks, sure to turn heads and make you look and feel incredible.
Each shade is highly pigmented with unique shade names such as Gold Souk, Valley of Diamonds and Sorcerer.

Sleek Makeup Haul ft I-DIVINE IN ARABIAN NIGHTS And Blushes

Hey Girlies.. How are you all.. After a really long time I am doing a haul post. This time it is from Sleek Makeup,UK. If you are not aware of this brand,.Please do google it. This is one awesome brand for Eye makeup especially their eyeshadows and blushes. These days,they collaborated with a skincare brand too.But sadly those products are available only in UK.With not much delay,let me show you what I bought from them in my recent haul.
Most of you might have already known few products through my Instagram account.. If you are not following me still, please do show some love.
Here is my account @itsapoorva
Sleek Makeup Haul ft I-DIVINE IN ARABIAN NIGHTS And Blushes

Revlon ColorStay Shadow Links Onyx Review Swatches

I think I am the last one to review these super cute eye shadows from @RevlonIndia I know..and I am all ready to show you how much it impressed me with the quality apart from being CUTE.
What the website says about these:
Individual, interchangeable eyeshadow links click together to create your own customized palette of possibilities. Available in four fabulous finishes and 30 covetable, collectible shades. Change your look. In a click.

Colorbar Just Smoky Eye Pencil Swatches - Swatch Check

Helloo pretties.. Happy Weekend.. Eye pencils are something which I can impress me so quickly. I mean, I can't handle the liquid eye liner properly and if you can check my eye makeup
10 lessons learnt from my first ever eye makeup
 I went to the colorbar counter few days ago to get something for my friend and then I happened to see this. Couldn't resist myself from swatching and here are the pictures.
What does the brand say about these:
Just Smoky Kajal gets you Glam ready in just 50 seconds. This long-lasting, multi-tasking eye pencil gives you 3-in-1 benefits of an Eyeliner, Kajal and an Eye Shadow. It helps you to achieve the mysterious smoky-eyed look which will last for up to 12 hours. It comes with a built-in smudger that is as soft as a cushion which can be used to demystify the art of smoky eyes. The intense color and matte texture of the pencil adds definition and drama to your eyes. It has waterproof property and does not transfer
From left to Right : Just Black,Just Grey,Just Green,Just Teal,Just Blue

Revlon ColorStay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner in Glazed Green Review,Swatches,EOTD

Hey people..Glazed Green. What a name! I mean it brings to mind pictures of forests for some reason. Revlon ColorStay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner is the longest name an eyeliner could possibly have. The worst part part is if I keep sharpening, the name will keep disappearing and eventually only the word green will be left.

L'Oreal Paris L'Or Lumiere Cannes Makeup - Resplendent in Gold - My Version

When I have this L'Oreal Paris makeup with me, my creativeness never has a boundary. At least when I am given the step to step instructions on how to create the Red Carpet Ready Looks in minutes.
Okay, not minutes but yeah, a very little time. Apart from that, I am sure that I am the last person to create a look.

FOTD using the L'Oréal Paris L’Or Lumière at Festival de Cannes

Hey people
Im sure that you are aware of the new launch from the brand L'Oreal. If not, please do have a look here
I have the L'Oréal Paris Super Line Gel Matic in Turbo Turquoise. It is a bright colour to carry. I have used it on my lower waterline and also on the eye lid. Smudged to create a brown smokey eyemakeup.


I am never into so much of eye makeup to work but one thing which I always keep it in my handbag is the Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Black! The new variant is awesome. I will have to write a review on it. Will do it super soon. Anyway coming to this, Maybelline always stood upto the expectations with the quality,quantity and cost. It never became a burden neither it compromised with the quality. Out of very few brands that are available in India, Maybelline is one brand that we girls go back to always. Keeping in mind, they launched this new variant in the Maybelline Colossal Range, A Turquoise Kohl ! Perfect for the summer eh.
Price and Quantity:
INR 249 for 0.35gms

What it says:
For all those ladies out there who prefer reading the whole package for more information regarding the product,this is for you.

This comes in the signature Colossal Package ie yellow pen but with the letters in metallic turquoise which goes with the theme. The cap is tight and locks with a click sound and sleek package makes it more chick and travel friendly.
My Take:
I usually do not judge a product by checking out other people's review but I judge it based on my own experience. When I got this,I wasn't really hoping that it can look great or me or so. Because usually this colour is metallic and bright and I am sure it would look great on fair skin tones. I was a bit doubtful on this. But eventually when I tried it on, I was blown with the pigmentation and staying power. This is not too bold but because it is metallic it makes the colour pop. I used it on my lower lash line and  on upper lash line and once I did a thick line around my eye shape. Out of all, it looked stunning on the lower lash line. It  just made my eyes pop with ease and it is not bold when you wear a thin line and for a bolder look,you can always wear it thick. The texture is super creamy and it just glides on the skin. The pigmentation is great. I have swatched it just with one swipe. The lasting power is great too. It survived my office hours (ie 8 hours !! )without creasing or spreading. Once set, it can only be removed clean using the eye makeup remover.
On my eyes:

My Rating: 4.5/5
It is a cool colour for summer and if you are bored with the usual black kohl, you can go for this. Well I can say that is not really a must have. Maybelline could have come up with any other shades rather this. Quality wise,it is awesome but the colour can't be liked by everyone.

[Tutorial] How To Get a Winged Eye Liner in Seconds - Quick Technique for Beginners-How to use Liquid Eye Liner - Easy Winged Eye Liner Tutorial

Hey Cupcakes.. Happy Monday!
Yesterday was on a mission to create a winged eye liner and After failing numerous times, I came up with a simplest trick to create a wing within seconds.
Before we get into the tutorial, you may want to read/check my Experiments with the Liquid eyeliner . By now,you might have understood that I do not have a steady hand and I cant draw a single line using the liquid eye liner. But I love the winged eye liner so much that I want to try and try till I atleast get an impression of the wing lol.
So, As a beginner I know its a pain to practice and that's I came up with a quick trick to get winged liner in no time.

Let's get into the tutorial:

It has 2 steps! Only!!

To begin:
Begin with a clean eye. Wipe off any oil if you have an oily eye lid.
How To Get a Winged Eye Liner in Seconds - Quick Technique for Beginners