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Six Natural DIY Face Masks to Refresh Your Skin

Every now and then your skin needs some revitalization! The good news is that you don’t always have to book in a skin treatment at your local spa - you can whip up some refreshing and skin-boosting masks right at home. Here are natural masks that are perfect to keep a variety of skin issues at bay.
Citrus Splash Orange Mask
Drinking chilled orange juice is a great way to cool down during humid days but it’s also beneficial to apply to your skin because its Vitamin C encourages your skin to produce collagen. Added to this, the acids found in orange juice exfoliate your skin and clear up acne so your face can glow in health.
Mix three tablespoons of orange juice with half a cup of honey to moisturize your skin. Sit with it on your face for about half an hour before washing off. The smell of the orange is sure to perk up your mood, too!

How To Shampoo Your Hair - The Best Way

I am no pro in this genre but I am a continuous learner. I try things and decide what is suiting me and what not. I have tried a wide range of shampoos and conditioners and not many suited my oily scalp and fine hair.
I have not so thick hair which needs a hair wash every alternate day. Recently I have shifted and I did observe that my hair is not growing and feeling normal but the water here increased my hairfall. I started taking vitamin supplements and I am yet to witness a miracle.
However, during this course of bad phase I could figure out that water is the main cause of my huge hairfall and I started experimenting the way I shampoo.
Few of my blogger friends told me to try using the mineral water as a last rinse and applying oil an hour before would help too. So, I now figured out that there is this particular method of shampooing that I started following since a month and I must say that I am happy with the results.
image source
Step 1:
Oil your hair at least one hour before taking head bath.
I usually apply oil in the previous night and thus giving time for the oil to get absorbed into the scalp and roots of the hair.
Step 2:
I started using the natural shampoo bar.
I at times switch between the shampoo bar and the normal shampoo. But I have changed the method in which I shampoo my hair.
If it is a shampoo bar..
I take the bar, dip it in water to make it a bit wet. Then take it out and rub it in between my palms to form lather. When I have enough lather, I apply the lather to my wet hair and form further lather starting from my bottom of my hair to the scalp. Keep it for a minute or two and then rinse it.
I would repeat it if required.
If it is the regular shampoo..
Take half cup of water and take adequate amount of shampoo. Mix it well and use this mixture.
Apply this mixture to wet hair bit by bit and form lather. This would need very less shampoo than regular quantity you use.Shampoos of this kind can be found at online beauty stores like Nykaa. To pay less for all the products there you can always look for Nykaa discount coupons which are available in large numbers on websites like Picodi.
Step 3:
Once you rinse off your shampoo/conditioner and once you are done with the bath, take a bottle of mineral water or a mug of distilled water and use this water as a last rinse.

At first, I didn't notice much difference but gradually I have noticed that there is reduction in my hairfall.
I can not guarantee if this method works for you but do try and see. There is no harm in trying as I am sure that there will be no side effects.

Contouring & Highlighting Made Easy with #LakmeSchoolOfStyle for #fame

Girls Girls Girls.. Who are a fan of Kim Kardashian Makeup ? I can see many of you nodding heads in approval. But ever wondered how she got that super sculpted look and the way she highlights her features? Also, did you ever find her face chubby looking? well, no ! Her face always looks slim.
Anyway getting into the point, I am myself a huge fan of Kim K's Makeup and I cannot think of a single flaw. I have a round face and it looks more fat in pictures than reality. I found a technique to pose sideways to avoid it but I cannot stick to this trick always. So I thought of changing the way how my face looks and I then found out the terms “Contouring & Highlighting"
I wanted to know more on the technique and referred so many youtube videos but I feel every video has some sort of an issue that disappointed me at the end. It's like, most of the videos are done by the fair white skinned girls who's list of products or the steps seem not matching with my skin and requirements. Else, they use the makeup brands that are not available in Indian Market.
I was still in search of a good youtube video that is meant for Indian skintone and that use Indian Brands to create the look and I also wanted a video which is simple to understand and easy to achieve for beginners like me.

Through my search, I found a video that I feel it's truly meant for me and I feel so happy. The video consisted of the simple steps that can create a sculpted look using the Lakmè Face Makeup products. I must say that I truly enjoyed the video and I really loved her hair and eye makeup. Thanks Sahibba for making this amazing video look so easy to create.
The video was made by my favourite makeup brand Lakmè and they started with a series of makeup,fashion,hair and many more videos to help the girls like me and make things easy for us.
I couldn't stop myself but watch their other videos as well. I even loved their Hairstyles for Short hair which is again meant for me :D
Both the videos are made by the very famous Sahibba K. Anand who is a renowned blogger and in house vlogger for Lakmè School Of Style .
here is the video

About Lakmè School Of Style:
Lakmé School of Style is a first of its kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process will also create new age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen.

Ombre Hair - How to Get Ombre Hair at Home

The Steps to Achieving Ombre Hair :
Hair done in the ombre style has become increasingly popular among women in many parts of the world since the past few years. The word is French for shade or gradation, and the ombre style is defined as colouring hair in such a way that it is darkest near the roots and lightest at the tips. It may seem expensive and difficult to do, but here are some steps you can do at home so you can achieve ombre hair that you can show off in public. 
For Long Hair:

Perfect Complexion - Skin Care for Dummies

Achieving the maintaining the perfect complexion is something which most women strive for. There are two main factors to achieving a flawless, glowing complexion. The clever and correct application of foundation, concealers etc can help to achieve the perfect look a makeup airbrush kit is perfect for this job but achieving the best results starts on the inside. If you have a clear, bright complexion then you won’t need to cover it with makeup to make you look and feel good – just the minimum amount will suffice.
Here are a few tips to achieve the perfect complexion starting from the inside:
1.Look after yourself
The skin is the largest organ in the body and if you don’t take good care of your body as a whole then it will show through in your skin. Some real “no-no’s” include drinking too much caffeine, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, eating lots of processed foods and over exposure to the sun. Cut down on these things and you should see a difference already.
The Key to a Perfect Complexion
The Key to a Perfect Complexion

How to Take Great Pictures - Beginner's Guide to Product Photography

How to Take Great Pictures - Beginner's Guide to Product Photography - Do it the Beauty Blogger Way
Hey people.. I am sure most of you might be surprised to see this feature but I was a bit bored over the product reviews and I recently got a DSLR though not all my recent reviews has the latest pictures but if you see, few of them had good pictures. I own a normal camera too and I click my pictures both my old and the new camera. While I enjoy seeing my great pictures there were readers who emailed me on knowing how I click my blog pictures. Most of my blog has product photography and yes I do have tiny secrets which I kept for myself all these days. I can say these are OPEN Secrets to Great Photography but you see, letting people know about your secrets is fun and nice at the same time.I am sure this would help the upcoming beauty bloggers in someway. 
So, let me share few of my ways on how I click pictures.
How to: Take Great Pictures - Beginner's Guide to Product Photography
How to: Take Great Pictures - Beginner's Guide to Product Photography

How To Style- Ways to Accessorise your LBD - Black Dress and Accessories

After my last Sunday HOW TO Style Statement Necklace ,I am back with one more How To Style Segment.This time I am here with the classic combination of all the dresses.yes, the LBD or simply a black dress. Before I start I would like to tell you that I have 5 black dresses and I never get enough of them. I somehow feel that every girl should own at least one black dress. When you are confused of what to wear, Wear a black dress and a Red Lipstick. I am sure that you can never go wrong with this combination.
Buckle it up with a Belt:
Well, choose your style here. Let it be a gold belt or a brown /skin tone belt. A leather can make you look like a rockstar. If you are feeling peppy, you can add up some neon thin belt to add that extra edge to your plain LBD.
How To Style- Ways to Accessorise your LBD - Black Dress and Accessories
How To Style- Ways to Accessorise your LBD - Black Dress and Accessories 

How to Use Teatree Oil for Skin - Skincare DIY

Although I heard a lot about the benifits of TeaTree Oil, I never tried it in real. But since three months my skin is going under a real bad phase. Severe breakouts and cystic acne what the doc termed them.
I have used up the medicines for a month and they gave a good result too. I was somehow drawn towards the herbal ways of treating my skin for good though. So, the first thing came in to my mind was this!

Shades of Grey - With a Twist on my Nails

I know the name sounds weird. But you know, it's catchy :D Heard about the book ??
Anyway, coming to the point.. This was done a while ago. Read two months ago.
I started using my nail art brushes 

Pink and Silver Glitter Nails - French Style Glitter Nail Art

After my try on the leopard print nails I have taken some inspiration from the other nail art lovers and created this. The below mentioned pic is the enhanced version of what I created in the original post. I mean, my idea was not this at first but it is the last pic of this blogpost.

L'Oreal Paris L'Or Lumiere Cannes Makeup - Resplendent in Gold - My Version

When I have this L'Oreal Paris makeup with me, my creativeness never has a boundary. At least when I am given the step to step instructions on how to create the Red Carpet Ready Looks in minutes.
Okay, not minutes but yeah, a very little time. Apart from that, I am sure that I am the last person to create a look.

Animal Print Shimmery Nude Nails

Hey people,
I am completely new to this feature. I mean, the nail art section.I am a naive in the sponge nail art, you can see my work here 
Okay, I always tried it out most of the times,I fail. I was and I am still unsuccessful in creating marble nails, stamping! However if you are following me on instagram, you must have known that I recently bought a set of nail art brushes. I have used one brush from the lot to create this look.
I have used the New U nail paint in Sienna which I reviewed here 
Used the black polish from Maybelline Colorshow Nail Paints.
The chunky glitters from bornprettystore.
I have used the easy peel off base coat and it is from Etude House.
The top coat is from Essence Gel Finish Top Coat. 
Hallographic Top coat from Health n Glow Store

1. Apply the base coat.
2. Apply the base colour which is a skin colour here.
3. Apply the hallographic top coat on all the nails.
4. Take the brush and mark semi circles with the black nail paint.
5. Take glitters and apply on the ring finger.
6. End up with applying the Top Coat.
I do not have long nails unlike the other nail art enthusiasts. My thumb nail is broken :(
I like to keep my ring finger special and hence it always has some sort of shimmers.

[Tutorial] How To Get a Winged Eye Liner in Seconds - Quick Technique for Beginners-How to use Liquid Eye Liner - Easy Winged Eye Liner Tutorial

Hey Cupcakes.. Happy Monday!
Yesterday was on a mission to create a winged eye liner and After failing numerous times, I came up with a simplest trick to create a wing within seconds.
Before we get into the tutorial, you may want to read/check my Experiments with the Liquid eyeliner . By now,you might have understood that I do not have a steady hand and I cant draw a single line using the liquid eye liner. But I love the winged eye liner so much that I want to try and try till I atleast get an impression of the wing lol.
So, As a beginner I know its a pain to practice and that's I came up with a quick trick to get winged liner in no time.

Let's get into the tutorial:

It has 2 steps! Only!!

To begin:
Begin with a clean eye. Wipe off any oil if you have an oily eye lid.
How To Get a Winged Eye Liner in Seconds - Quick Technique for Beginners

How to Remove Deodorant and Antiperspirant Stains from Clothes

Hey people..
Ever wonder to worry about the deo stains that left on the clothes?
Especially that long lasting powdery deos which will leave patches on dark color clothes?
well.. if you say yes.. then..this post if for you :)
Read it to know how.
Using deodorants and antiperspirants helps you avoid ugly sweat stains on clothes and keep your garments fresh and clean. Unfortunately, sometimes you will notice white residue on your clothing after using these products, which happens easily the clothes come in contact with deodorant or antiperspirant. Whether you need to dry-clean the fabric or if can throw it into your washing machine, it’s always better to take some extra precautions. Follow these simple tips in order to get rid of stubborn white stains on a variety of fabrics.
Nylon, Acrylic, and Polyester.
How to Remove Deodorant and Antiperspirant Stains from Clothes

DIY-Protein Hair Mask to Reduce Hairfall and Promote Hair Growth

Hey people,
It is the Sunday and it a time for a DIY which worked for me and I am sure it should work for you too.
This post is short and quick. It focuses only on the recipe and how you prepare it yourself.
I already wrote some DIY(Treating dry hair at home) posts earlier when I created this blog. Click on to read all about Dry Hair,Causes and cures
Protein Hair Mask to Reduce Hairfall and Promote Hair Growth
To know how to make yourself a dry shampoo read here
To make a leave in Conditioner read here
you do not need many items but some regular powders that are available in the nearby grocery store.
This was the recipe tried and tested by me and I have seen a visible change in my hair texture and hair growth. It dramatically reduced my hairfall in 6 uses.

Mine is shoulder length hair so, this recipe is meant for this length hair. However, you can change the quantity depending upon your hair length.

Easy Quick Sponge Cake at Home -Recipe-Basic-Simple Style

Hey there
I could get some time for baking yesterday and I thought of making a cake.
Let me confess that I'm a beginner in the cooking/baking section so my recipes will be super simple and easy annndd quick(because I can't wait to eat my handmade food)
Anyway coming to the recipe I have made the cake with small quantity and I almost have all the electronic equipment in my home and they made the cooking method even more simple.
The final result:
Hehe check the picture on my histogram.. My id
Preparation time:  20 mins
Baking time:          15 mins
Serves:                  6

Amazing Vegan Home Made Hair Packs to work best for Hairfall

Hey ladies,
How many of you suffering from severe hairfall?
Since two months or so, I am under stress on the work front and crazily losing sleep and hair. When checking for some unique hair packs on line I found few very packs made very unique and claimed to give the best results.
Everybody out there, likes vegetables right ?
And I am specifically talking to all the vegans out there who hate to use egg/yogurt or any other product to their hair.
Well, this one is for you.

Korean Style Gradient Lips aka Bitten Lips Easy Ombre Lips- Indian way of achieving the look

Hey people..
Headed to my blog after a really long time. Most of you(all of you by now) may be knowing that I am being obsessed over Korea (specifically south Korea). It is like my latest obsession. I love everything about them. The people, the language, their skincare routine,KDRAMA,KPOP,food, culture.. like EVERYTHING about them just amazes me.
Coming to the point, 
I have slowly started copying their styles and to my surprise, I could carry them off too. I started off with chopping my hair and I now have thick bangs which is the basic style statement of koreans. Please tell me how I look. HERE is the picture
In this post, I am going to show how I created their quick bitten lips look.
Look at the pictures below, It is the latest trend.
Also, this has been incorporated by models and some kdrama actresses who actually made this gradient lips popular.
Though this style has been there for a very long time, It was created using two shades of the same lipstick colour which created an ombre effect. But Koreans in particular made it different. They lightened the outer corners of the lips and darkened the center so as it make it look as if its bitten. Well, in technical terms it is called the gradient effect.
Now that I have introduced you guys to this style, please check the way how I created mine.
Any tips and tricks are most welcome.

No heat Curls with Hot Magic Bendy Sponge Foam Hair Curler Roller Strips Review

Hey Girls..
Okay.. The name is too long.. But what to do, that's the name of the product I'm gonna review now :D
One day I was browsing through searching for.??
Literally nothing was just passing time and this product caught my eye. Seemed promising and too cheap that I couldn't pass on to the next page without ordering it.
So, I ordered it.
I got this may be in 20 days,undamaged and in safe condition.
I bought it from HERE (you can get one too :P)
What the product says:
Without a hot ironing, you also can easily have a romantic air of charming hair styling.
Hair care or hair styling liquid with the use of better.
Please feel free to read out :D

DIY - How to convert an Old bag into New !!

Guest post X by Vandana Choudhary
Hi friends
This is Vandana Choudhary from  New Delhi.
** I hope all you divas out there would love to know how can we convert an old bag into the new one.**

I want to tell you all that the bag in which I used to keep all my money was getting old and the skin over it was torn from outside,although it was in good condition from inside.

So I got an idea to do the makeover of my favourite bag and here comes the process in which you all can do it too.

Things we require:
1.We need a fabric glue(fevikwik,etc)
2.we need scissors
3.we need a new piece of cloth for pasting on the outer part of bag 

  • Now we have to cut the piece of cloth into the shape according to the size of bag.
  • Then we can paste the cloth on the bag from all the sides using the fabric glue.
  • Now also paste that cloth on the handle of bag too.If you want to add something like ribbon,etc to the bag,then go for it to make it look more stylish.
Did you like this DIY? Do you also have any easy DIY? Please leave your comments below,I would love to hear from you.

Thank You for reading it.

                                                                         About the Author
Vandana :)
Introduction in her words:
This is Vandana Choudhary.
I am 24 years old and I am from New Delhi.I did my graduation from Kamala Nehru College,Delhi University.
I love reading,writing,painting,singing,dancing,shopping and many more creative things.

My Say:
Well, vandana.. A very nice DIY :) 
A helpful one.. Keep letting us know all your tips and tricks.. Would love to have u again and again :):)
Good luck to ur future. Love you :)