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A Man's Perspective on Women and Makeup

A Man's Perspective on Women and Makeup

Are you a woman who is struggling to find a makeup approach that attracts men? I've talked to a lot of women who suffered from this problem in the past. That's why I think it's a good idea to give a man's perspective on makeup. While I'm no makeup expert, I know what I like and know that many men agree with me.


I am the affiliate of the month on WISHTREND - June 2016

I am the affiliate of the month and I am quite excited to be a part of the WISHTREND affiliate Team.

This is my 555th blogpost!!!

I am quite excited to share my interview on the website and I can't thank enough my readers who constantly believed me and supported me in this phase. Google for Korean skincare in India, you will find me :D I am so happy to see my page in there. Love you all. Keep supporting me.

Q. How did it feel receiving your first commission?

A.It felt great. I was one of the top bloggers in India who share Korean skincare related stuff and a huge K-Drama fan. I know many people got to register using my information about the Korean skincare but I was really happy knowing somebody actually bought some Korean skincare from Wishtrend.

Kryolan Professional lipstick: LIP ROUGE PEARL LCP 626 - Review,Lip Swatch

**Guest post by Gunjan Taneja

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are doing well. Here, I am going to review my first lipstick from Kryolan Professional. The shade code LCP 626 from the Kryolan’s Pearl collection. It would become easy to remember if they start giving names to their lipsticks shades.

Best MAC Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones-Picture Heavy Post

I do not have much introduction to this post as the title says it all.I did apply chapstick before applying each shade because my lips were crying for moisture.
The pictures were taken during the day without any flash. You might have already seen my previous post on Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks Review a while ago and now I am here to share my favorite MAC lipsticks which would flatter on all the Indian Skin tones. Or I must say, these are few MAC lipsticks which you may want to add to your lipstick collection.
See Sheer:
Beautiful lipstick that you will love if you are into corals. It is a lustre finish and that is what I like about this lipstick. Lustre is my favorite finish in MAC lipsticks because they apply sheer. They are very moisturizing and if you tend to have dry lips then these are the best way to go. Usually there is a notion that if the lipsticks are moisturizing then they don’t last on the lips for a long time and you most likely will have to reapply them frequently throughout the day. I totally agree with you but there is something different about this finish. They are moisturizing but not extremely shiny, pigmented but not opaque as other finishes from MAC, lasting but not long lasting as the mattes. This to me is a very complicated finish which I like a lot. Now if you are wondering if these are worth 16.00$ then I would say Yes and No. If you are new to makeup and are still trying out MAC and are not comfortable wearing full color pay off lipsticks then I would recommend this finish. But if you are someone who would not spend 16$ on a lipstick that is not even opaque then I would suggest going for cremesheen finish.
This color in particular is very summer, spring appropriate. This will suit any outfit that you choose to wear in summer or spring and looks great with neons too. Honestly you can wear this any time of the year if you want to. It does stain you lips little bit like you just had Fanta or kwality wall’s orange bar. (My favorite cold drink and ice cream by the way hehe.!!)

This is also a Lustre finish. This is a plum color and as it is sheer you can wear it to work. It might look scary in the tube but it is a lot better on the lips.

This is a matte finish lipstick. It is smoother to apply and it gives complete color pay off. It is also creamy but has no shine. Work appropriate and if you are of lighter skin tones then this will give you the 90’s lips that everyone is going crazy about these days. I am an NC44 and this gives me “my lips but a little brown” lips. I usually top it off with a beige lip gloss and that gives me my perfect nude lips.

Crème in your coffee:
Well, I don’t like coffee but I certainly like this one. It is a mauve shade and this lipstick will suit every skin tone. The lady at the MAC counter told me that this shade is very famous and sells out really fast. This is my go to shade to wear to school/college. This is just perfect pink mixed with perfect brown which makes it perfect for everyday (wink, wink). This is a cremesheen finish which is creamy, pigmented, lasts longer than lustre finish. If you want pigmentation and at the same time are looking for hydration then I would recommend this.

This is luster finish too (surprise surprise). It is pure brown, no pink undertone, no mauve undertone, no orange undertone, just brown. If you are darker than nc44 then this will be your hands down perfect nude. If you are lighter than nc44 then this will also make into 90’s grunge lips category and if you want that look than this will be a good choice.

Hug Me:
Lustre again…. I am sorry but this is my favorite finish. This is the lipstick that I keep in my purse and I don’t need a mirror to apply. I will repurchase this lipstick until they discontinue it. It is my lips in this lipstick and perfect for everyday especially if you are wearing soft eye kohl look. 

This is a Satin finish and satins are just like mattes but these are tiny bit creamier and a little bit shinier.  For lighter skin tones this is your Kylie Jenner lips in this tube but if you are of my skintone or even darker then this will make a very pretty pink lipstick. I tend to stay away from pinks but this is one that I don’t shy away from because this has undertones of brown mixed in it which is suitable for women of color.

This is my recent purchase and this is a satin as well. This my dear friends is an elegant plumish brown lips for medium to dark skin tones. Perfect if you are attending someone’s wedding or you if you want to wear a natural but still bold lipstick to office/work. This will look gorgeous if you have MAC’s all that glitters or naked lunch or any champagne gold eyeshadow on your lids. If I want to go for elegant look then this is the lipstick I go for.

Ruby Woo:
The very famous Ruby Woo. If you don’t own this then I suggest you open a new tab in your browser and order one immediately. There is no description required because this is an Indian women’s best friend. Blue based red which not only suits any skintone but also makes your teeth look white. This is a Retro Matte and is it known for its dryness. You have to moisturize and scrub your lips before you put this bad boy on. It is unforgiving if there are dry patches on the lips which obviously is not the flattering look that one would want. This can make or break your look, if you maintain your lips properly before you apply this then you will look like a diva, on the contrary if you don’t hydrate your lips then this will draw all the attention straight to the dry patches on the lips.

Flat Out Fabulous:
This is also a retro matte which means they stay on forever and your lips need to be prepared for that. This shade is a bright magenta which suits every skintone. This looks different on every skintone depending on the color of your lips. This comes off more magenta on me but on some people it looks vibrant pink, on some people it looks purple. I don’t have a perfect description for this lipstick but I do know that it looks pretty on every one.

Please remember that lipsticks look different on every skin tone depending on the color of the lips and when you go to the store and swatch them they will look washed out because of the lighting inside the store. So applying the lipstick to your lips instead of your hands is a good way to understand if you really like the lipstick or not. From personal experience, I advise you to never buy a lipstick unless you try it on your lips because I have wasted a lot of money by just looking at somebody on whom it looked pretty. Your lips are different they need special attention. 

About The Author:
The article is written by Sushmita, a makeup enthusiast,self taught and a foodie. She is based in USA.You can get in touch with her on her instagram account@princessmakeupdiary

How to Style a Long Skirt - OOTD

Hello All you Beautiful People, 
I am Khooshbu. I run a plus size – curvy blog called ‘Indian curvynista’. I love my curves (although not the extra weight;) I write about how I style my clothes and love to do fashion posts. I wish and aim to inspire all the indian girls to love and enjoy fashion regardless of their size. Here is my blog link: 
How to Style a Long Skirt - OOTD

Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows for Indian Girls

Girls are very serious about their looks.
To get the most out of them, they try their best. Sometimes, a little change can be very effective. For example, if you just add some eye shadow to your beautiful eyes, then you might look at lot better. You should try it. This article talks about some of the best neutral warm MAC eye shadows for Indian girls. You can give them a try. Chances are very high that you will like them very much. This article ranges eye shadows from vibrant colors to subtle shades. Whether it is school or office, you can use them.
Brule Eyeshadow:
This eye shadow is pretty. Looking for a classy color? Then you could think about this one. It can be a great eye shadow for office wear. It is elegant. All you need to do is give one stroke; then you are all set to go out.
Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows for Indian Girls
Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows for Indian Girls

Revlon ColorStay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner in Glazed Green Review,Swatches,EOTD

Hey people..Glazed Green. What a name! I mean it brings to mind pictures of forests for some reason. Revlon ColorStay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner is the longest name an eyeliner could possibly have. The worst part part is if I keep sharpening, the name will keep disappearing and eventually only the word green will be left.

Avon Pro-To-Go lipstick in shade Frozen Rose - Review,Swatches

Hello my fellow makeup lovers,
Hope you are waiting for Spring as eagerly as I am. Today I am reviewing one of those ‘hidden gems’ kinda product from Avon – their Pro To Go lipsticks. I have not seen many reviews of this lipstick range and I really don’t know why as this would be a great addition to any makeup stash.
Avon Pro-To-Go lipstick in shade Frozen Rose - Review,Swatches

NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice - Review, Swatches

Hey munchkins..Happy Weekend!
I am back after my not so old post, The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral Foundation Review 
After a long wait, I finally got my hands on the latest lippie sensation from NYX- their new Butter Lipsticks. NYX had launched their Butter Glosses earlier and their Butter Lipsticks came out this New Year, though there was a lot of buzz around it in the blog world.
NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice - Review, Swatches

Classic List of Spring Summer Shoes to Wear In 2014

Hey Girls..With the dark winters of this year seems to be gone for good, it’s time to find the best trends in clothing and shoes. There are some exciting choices in shoes for spring summer 2014, and the alternatives are varied and worth a check. If you are someone like me who likes to add new things before the start of the closet, here are some great trends worth picking.

Flats with ankle strap:
Among the best and most notable trends of the season is the coming of this unique but old ankle strap. There is a feminine part attached to the look, and there is something for every girl. Pick one of the soft pastel shades for a special dress, or look for basic colours that you can wear everywhere. The choices are cool and unique, and not to overlook, you can be comfortable as much as you will be in a white tee!

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral Foundation in Shade Golden Ivory - Review and Swatches

Hey girls.. What is your favorite foundation finish? Is it Matte, Satin or Dewy? For me it has changed from my early 20s to now, my early 30s. At 21, I preferred a more matte finish as my skin was more normal to oily. 
But now I find that matte foundations sometimes ages me; so I tend to prefer using a dewy finish foundation as my skin type has also changed to normal to dry. In fact it is advisable to keep more than 1 finish for foundations as your skin behaved differently by day, by season and by age.   
Today I will be reviewing a nice dewy finish foundation from The Body Shop.
The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral Foundation in Shade Golden Ivory - Review and Swatches

Top 10 Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Hey girls..
The secret to healthy and beautiful skin does not lie in expensive skin creams, but in what we eat. Beauty is skin deep and what you eat reflects on your skin. Junk foods and coffee are highly processed, which makes the skin lose its radiance. A research at the University of St. Andrews has found that eating two servings of vegetables daily can make a visible difference to the skin’s health. The phytochemicals, fiber, antioxidants and other important nutrients present in vegetables improve the quality of the skin by making it beautiful and luminous. Today we present 10 vegetables that can help to make your skin appear glowing and healthy.
1. Beans:
Beans are a good source of B complex vitamins like niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid and pyridoxine that are required for the normal functioning of the cells. Beans contain biotin, a mineral that forms the structure of the skin cells, while niacin helps the skin to retain its moisture. Edamame beans are rich in isoflavones, which scavenge the free radicals produced by constant exposure to the sun. It also keeps the skin firm by preventing collagen breakdown.
2. Sweet potatoes:
Vitamin A in sweet potatoes contains anti-inflammatory properties, fighting acne-causing bacteria. It also provides Vitamin E to the skin, which is required to regenerate the skin cells. Sweet potatoes regulate the fluctuation of blood sugar by combating stress. Vitamin A also helps to improve the circulation of oxygen to the skin. It enables the skin to hold in moisture, relieving dryness and flaky skin.

Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Fresh Coral - Review, Swatch, FOTD

Hey Girls….
Hi, I am Pragya a 22year old beautoholic cum accessory designer!! I am really thankful to Appu for lending me her space and letting me interact with all you beauties!! Ok now straight to the product of the day!!
“Maybelline Cheeky Glow - Fresh coral”
I know many of you girls must be using this little master and many of you must have heard of this range of blushes!! I must tell you this little blush has been in my beauty bag the whole of last month…And I have literally wore it to my work place every single day!! Now that’s huge: D
Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Fresh Coral - Review, Swatch, FOTD

How to Remove Deodorant and Antiperspirant Stains from Clothes

Hey people..
Ever wonder to worry about the deo stains that left on the clothes?
Especially that long lasting powdery deos which will leave patches on dark color clothes?
well.. if you say yes.. then..this post if for you :)
Read it to know how.
Using deodorants and antiperspirants helps you avoid ugly sweat stains on clothes and keep your garments fresh and clean. Unfortunately, sometimes you will notice white residue on your clothing after using these products, which happens easily the clothes come in contact with deodorant or antiperspirant. Whether you need to dry-clean the fabric or if can throw it into your washing machine, it’s always better to take some extra precautions. Follow these simple tips in order to get rid of stubborn white stains on a variety of fabrics.
Nylon, Acrylic, and Polyester.
How to Remove Deodorant and Antiperspirant Stains from Clothes

Leather ‘N’ Lace - The New Party Essentials!

Hey people... Advance Happy New Year !!
There are two types of people in this world, 
ones who try too hard to make a style statement and 
those who are already recognized as Fashion icons! 
Our leather and lace party essential theme solely belong to those adventurous fashion divas who like to challenge the safe players at the 2014 New Year bash. Let’s show the world, leather is not just for bikers, but also for the bold fashionistas out there.
I know I've been a preacher of the LBD since I've started following fashion myself, but there is no particular reason I cannot twist and bend the rules for my little black dress this New Year’s. I say let’s bring an edgy twist to the favorite piece in our closets and choose a leather LBD for ‘The party of the year’. Bringing in a bold fashion statement to an ever-classic style, a leather black dress is all you need this party season to make heads turn.
Who’s the boss?

Welcome Guest: Jayshree of Makeup Review & Beauty Blog

Hey people..
We have a guest in here on Get..Set..Blush.!
Please welcome 
Jayshree of Makeup Review & Beauty Blog

About Jayshree in her own words:
Hy there,
I am Jayshree from Mumbai, director of Milestone plm solutions pvt ltd-vasai. I basically love to read and write about make-up, beauty & fashion in ma spare time. That’s my hobby you can call. Hope you love my blog. Do leave your valuable feedback! Stay Beautiful!!
My blog:
I describe my blog as:
A beauty fashion blog to enhance your make up and beauty skills! Get hooked for product reviews, fashion tips, swatches. We know and care for your beauty!

thank you so much for this platform.
My Say:
Hey Jayashree
Welcome to the blogging world. 
Guys, check her space for fashion articles,product reviews and beauty related topics. I'm sure she can keep you hooked :D

If you want to get featured too, please send in your details to
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E.L.F. Hypershine Lip Gloss in Blossom Review,Swatch,LOTD

Guest post by Alessandra
Hi everyone!
My name is Alessandra from and the lovely Appu has let me do a little guest ramble this afternoon! 
Today I'll be reviewing the e.l.f. Hypershine Lip Gloss in Blossom!
E.L.F ( says: 'Hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Conditioning shine lasts for hours.' I really like e.l.f. cosmetics because I find them very affordable and most of the time they are high quality. They also don't test on animals! *cheers*

Welcome Guest : Anupama of Get Beautilicious

Hey people..
We have a guest in here.
Please welcome Anupama of Get Beautilicious

About Anumpama in her own words:
Hi girls
I am Anupama Eyyunni from Hyderabad but born and brought up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.
A software engineer by profession, a blogger by heart and a Makeup geek by passion :)
I started my blog "Get Beautilicious" due to my love and passion for blogging.

My Inspiration:
As a student (living in hostel), I came across many problems i.e. which specific creme to use for my Combination Skin, what are the necessary products to be bought for a particular occassion or how to match my blush and lipcolor? 
My search for reviews brought me to and and my queries got resolved.
Hence, I thought of starting my own blog and helping girls like me with honest reviews.

Here are her blog details. Please show her some love :)
Blog link and details :
FB page :



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Jovees Henna & Ginseng Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Review

Guest Post by Haani
Hey girls.. I'm back again with a review.
While I was just browsing for a shampoo, I came across this product “Jovees Anti Hair Loss Shampoo - Henna & Ginseng”.Ended up in buy it by seeing the words “Henna” and Anti “Hairloss“(As I don’t know the meaning of “Ginseng”: P)

Price: 175/- for 200ml
Ingredients: Henna ext, Ginseng ext, Capsicum ext.

Biotique Bio Chlorophyll Anti Acne Gel & Post Hair Removal Soother Review

Guest post by Haani
Hey people..
I am back. I am here with a product review.
I was searching for an anti acne product, that’s when I came across this product Biotique Bio Chlorophyll Anti Acne Gel & Post Hair Removal Soother.
I heard from few of my friends that Biotique products are quite good, I just wanted to give a try and so ended up in buying this product.