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3 Concept Eyes -Korean Makeup- Lip Gloss -Review, Swatches

Hey people
How was the new year and how did you celebrate it ? Today I would like to write a review on a popular Korean brand  "3 Concept Eyes"
I picked up the Lip gloss from this brand and here goes my rants about the product.
3 Concept Eyes - A Korean Makeup- Lip Gloss-Review, Swatches
About the brand:
3 Concept Eyes is a Korean makeup brand started up as a small sector but later grew into the professional firm which has the amazing lipsticks in its kitty. The best product of the brand is the 3 Concept Lip/Eye pigment. The pigment can be used as a lip color, eye shadow and the blush. These come in great colors including white,yellow etc. These are meant to be mixed with other pigments in order to achieve the desired shade. These are the Korean version of the popular Lip Tars.