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Hi people..
If you are interested in having your products reviewed or sponsoring a giveaway on my blog, e-mail me at or

I would love to share my interests with you.
And equally enthusiastic about knowing your interests and styles too.
Feel free to contact me.
Hoping to see your mails and I promise to reply you back with in 24 hours( lol I guess I'm being desperate :P)

To the fellow bloggers:
If you have any cool idea to collaborate please do comment or get in touch with me through my email id :)
Looking forward to the all new makeup challenges or anything :D


  1. Awesummm Appu... Gr8 Job..!!! :):)

  2. You have an interesting blog. All the best. Keep writing.

  3. hi I'm new to beauty/fashion blogging and I would love it if you could give me advise on how to become popular with my site and yeah I would love it if you did thx bye-bye

    1. Hey click on the get featured tab and contact me :)


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