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Hey people
Get Set Blush is the place where I write. I have started this blog in July 2012. This blog has anything and everything related to a girl. That includes beauty,fashion,health,fitness,diy and lots more. I am a software engineer by profession though I hardly like the coding part. lol. I decided to write about the fitness and lifestyle of an ordinary lazy Hyderabadi girl but ended up drowning into a huge world of makeup. I used to be a lover of eye makeup that includes everything related to eye makeup (eye shadows, palettes the most, colored eye pencils, thick eye lashes..literally everything) later on I started falling for lipsticks that has the colour just like my lips (n*de lipsticks, few turned out to be my mlbb lipsticks).. Once I am over with the mauvy,browny lipsticks I am all set to be bold and try out some shades of RED lipsticks. I was bowled over by the colour and eversince I started wearing red lipstick, I was thrilled to try the other shades, especially the orange.
by the end of 2013.. I am in love with Red/Orange lipsticks, lightly lined eyes and cute korean hair styles. Update! 2014-15 is all about MAC lipsticks for me lol 
Coming to the word Korean,
Gosh everything related to Korea excites me.. I love their culture, their skincare, their fashion, lifestyle, makeup, ombre lips, thick eye brows, hair buns everything.. So, I am going to add some blogposts exclusive to my love for Korea!

About my skin:
I’m NC 44-45 according to MAC.
I have oily combination skin which is prone to unconditional breakouts.
I have shoulder length hair. I coloured it. Straightened it. I streaked, bleached and put it under all the tortures you can name. I have an oily scalp.
So, most of the product reviews will be related to this combination of my skin/hair/body.

I love anything related to Lipsticks,Smokey eyes,Jeans and tees,Tattoos,Hyderabad and South Korea. I think I can write a book on the above topics lol. 

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  1. Appu, you look very cute :) and I just love you nick name :P

  2. Hi nice meeting u... you have a great blog..

  3. I guess this is the first ever Indian girl make up blog I've come across. So happy I'm not alone!

    1. Hey Sushmita :) :)
      U not alone sweetie :)

  4. Did someone tell you.. you are so damn cute? Kawii :p

  5. Oh this is today's photographer... Glad to meet U Apoorba :-D

    1. Heyya!
      Thank you so much :) and it is Apurva :D

  6. Hi Apoorva
    U have a very unique blog... And it is very special to me coz I love Koreans their culture their dramas and their beauty products.... Tq so much for sharing info regarding Korean products here.... How I wish I had a Korean friend... I think u can understand this feeling... 😄😜

  7. All the best chingu... Fighting !!!!

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