Li Sil Dual Effect Oriental Herb Face Mask - Get Radiant Skin Instantly!

Heelllooo Ladies! I am back with a bang! The product which I am reviewing is my most favorite favorite favorite approach for that instant lightening and brightening face with less effort!As you all know, I am so obsessed with Korea and most importantly their skin care regime. The major focus of their skin care is giving intense hydration to the skin which automatically gives the soft, supple and luminous face.
Saimdang Cosmetics Co.,Ltd is an extremely renowned South Korean company which produces cosmetics and skin care products company  based on oriental medicine and is planning to enter Indian Cosmetic Market (Yayy!). Their thirst for providing the best in class dermatological tested product is endless. They always combine innovation with tradition in their products.
One such product from Saimdang is the “Li Sil Dual Effect Oriental Herb Face Mask”. It contains natural-oriental bamboo extract as a key ingredient to improve moisture and soothe skin. All the ingredients are 100% natural such as Mulberry, Black Sesame, Arrowroot, etc. which acts as an Anti-oxidant and provides maximum absorption. This face mask is Paraben-free, Allergy-free, Color-free, Mineral oil-free and promises to give energy for pure and transparent skin.

 “Lil Sil Dual Effect” mask comes as two step process designed for upper and lower parts of the face.
Step 1:
First mask covers from forehead to cheek bones. It hydrates, moisturizes, evens skin tone and fights against the T-Zone problems, wrinkles and anti-aging.

Step 2:
Second mask concentrates on the chin area for Power lifting. It eases swollen face, helps in discharging impurities and lifts the face to give the “V” look.
It is also an innovated version of the existing face masks of this type. Previously they never used to stay in place and slide down after some time. But, this product stays in place even after long time of application.

How to Use Korean Face Mask:
1. Cleanse and Tone to prepare your face for the mask application.
2. Wash your hands thoroughly as the mask will be soaked with essence and you don’t want the dirt in your hands to get into the mask.
3. Open the Step 1 mask and place it on your face starting from eyes, aligning the holes with your eyes, nose and mouth.
4. Open the Step 2 mask and place it on the chin area, hanging the V cuts on ear for firm placement.
5. Pat the mask to let go of any bubbles. Apply the excess essence in the pouch on hands and feet as the essence is filled with high-quality ingredients and we cannot afford waste it.
6. Take off the mask after 20 minutes and tap gently to make the essence absorbed into face. You can even sleep with essence on your face to make your skin more radiant the next morning.

Final Words:
This face mask is such an easy and beneficial product and most importantly, it works! :D This has made my skin smooth and soft with all the instant home spa effect. So, I look forward to use more products from the company and giving a warm welcome for their venture in India. Fighting!

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