The Four Fountains Spa is now in Hyderabad - My Experience

Hey People!! Not so long ago, I had written about my experience with The Four Fountains Spa, Powai when I was in Mumbai. You can read it here Now that I have moved back to Hyderabad, I was kind of missing the service that I took in the spa and this time I was keen on getting my body pampered. As soon as I got some time, I rushed to the website to check if there is this spa located in Hyderabad and I was relieved to see it is there and pretty close to my place :D So I booked my appointment and I was all set to welcome my new fresh self.

So this time, I chose to have their skin whitening program. I was also sure to have any treatment related to body. I have chosen to have Skin Whitening Wrap . **Quiet Excited**
Description - Skin Whitening Body Wrap
Begins with SkinToning Body Polish. It is followed by application of a Sea Weed mask, that balances the skin's oiliness and helps lighten the skin.
Time Duration: 1 hour
Suggested Frequency :Every 30 days
Skin Toning Body Polish
Uses fine Coffee grains blended with Cane Sugar to exfoliate the skin. Coffee elminiates cellulite and firms the skin while Cane Sugar eliminates blemishes and moisturises the skin.
Time Duration: 30 mins
You can read about their services here
I have been to the Four Fountains Spa in Powai and I was expecting the same to exist in Hyderabad. Surprisingly, it felt the same. The decor, a bit of furniture and the location of rooms etc was a bit identical. I was happy walking through the passage.It brought back my old memories. I fell in love with the articles at the reception. Everything felt so perfect the lights,the aroma and the green tea that they served me as soon as I reached the place.

My Take:
I have taken an early appointment ie at 11 AM . I have reached the location a bit late but the receptionist was understanding and guided me with the program. I have also had an instance to talk with the store manager Mr.Vinod regarding the treatment and customization. He was very polite and generous enough to listen to me and answer all my queries.
So, my masseuse welcomed me my cabin and her name was sushmita. She guided me with the disposable clothes and procedure that she is going to follow. Once I am ready, she started the treatment with scrub. I was always interested in exfoliating my skin but I am too lazy to do that in a proper way. So this one totally made me go WOW. As I can actually feel that my skin is feeling really smooth and super soft to touch.
The scrub lasted for 30 min. I wasn't really checking the time as I was all sleepy during the procedure.
After the scrub, I had a shower to clean up the mess and then the body wrap was made ready.
She covered my body with the sea weed mask and then wrapped my body in a plastic sheet. I felt so cozy and warm that I actually fell asleep during the remaining 30mins.
Once done, I had taken the shower and I could notice that my skin was bright. I mean, so clean and looked so healthy. I had an event to attend and this totally made me feel extra confident.
I am already planning to have another session of this next month as I am still in the trance.
My Rating:
Well, I must say I loved this more than the usual massages. Yeah, I understand that there is a different type of treatment for every need but my need was totally fulfilled with this Skin Whitening Body Wrap. Sushmita, I Miss You!!
Don't forget to check the page to know more about the services they offer in Hyderabad location.

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