My Experience with Kosmoderma - Jet Peels,Medifacials and More

Kosmoderma - Known to be the best dermatologist in Bangalore has recently started their services in Hyderabad. That's my home :D and I have one more reason to smile and stay not worried about my already troubled skin.
We are in Hyderabad - Kosmoderma
Before we get into my experience and more details on my visit to Kosmoderma, you should know who is behind this brand and why it has become so popular among the celebrities to common people.
Dr Chytra V Anand is an internationally renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist. She is the Founder & CEO of the well-known chain of Kosmoderma Clinics. Her skill in dealing with all skin types is well known and her impressive client list comprises of prominent personalities from various walks of life incl – Fashion, Films, Corporates, Industrialists and Socialites.
Her vision is to create a chain of skin & hair clinics that provide standardised, effective and affordable care to the people.
After completing her MBBS in JSS Medical College, Mysore, Dr Chytra V Anand went to London to study for her higher education. She is a graduate of the prestigious Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital in London, where she earned her Masters in Dermatology. She completed her fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology from Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, USA.
Kosmoderma has won many awards but chosen as the India's Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic Chain for the year 2014 is a proof that this has been the best!
Services they offer:
Apart from treatments that are related to Acne, Anti Ageing Kosmoderma is specialised in permanent makeup, liposuction, bridal packages,hair transplants and many more.
My Take:
I was welcomed by lovely Anita, who guided me to meet my doctor Sruthi at the Kosmoderma,Hyderabad. I was asked all the questions that were related to my skin condition and she then took me to analysis my face using the 3D image technology,
I was shown my problem areas, two deep post acne scars and few dark spots. Apart from that, my skin turned dry off lately and Sruthi took note of it and suggested that I get a Kosmo Jet Peel and a medifacial to soothe and tone down my spots and brighten my skin.
Kosmo Jet Peel is basically water which is sprayed on skin with high pressure. This makes the water to get into the deeper layers of the skin thus making it hydrated.
So my medifacial consisted of following steps:
1. Cleanse
Anita was the one who took the responsibility of performing medifacial on me. So, she started off with cleansing my skin thoroughly.
2. Hydrating Jet Peel
She then started off with the Jet Peel for 12 min approximately. Trust me, the feeling was awesome. I can easily get this done like once a day lol . This feels so cool on the skin and very relaxing.
3. Glycolic Clean up
She then did the glycolic peel sort which lasted for around 5-6 minutes.
4. Aloe-Vera Gel Massage
This is again my favourite part of the process. She applied the Aloe-vera gel and massaged it into my skin and this massage lasted for about 10 minutes.
5. Brightening Mask
This is the last step of the medifacial and this definitely gave me a surprisingly bright skin once the mask was cleaned up.
The results were pretty visible. My skin undoubtedly looked pretty radiant and glowing. I do not say that lightened my darks spots nor acted upon my scars. As this was my first time, I was given a very mild treatment and that was only meant to hydrate my skin and impart glow to my dull tired looking skin.  Sorry that I missed clicking pictures.
Apart from this, I was given the medication and samples to try and I totally loved the visit and looking forward to visit the clinic more often. Currently they are running some cool offers to grab.
You can contact/ book your appointment here:
visit their facebook page  -

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