What made a comeback this festive season? – The Anarkali Suit

What made a comeback this festive season? – The Anarkali Suit
The definition of fashion is easy to explain but knowing the current trend is equally important to add weightage to your point. However, if we observe the fashion trends that ruled for the last 10 years, it is been more of the comebacks. Be it, floral prints or polka dots or you can see many girls wearing high waist jeans/pants etc . I can surely feature these trends under the Western Clothing section but if you wonder what the Ethnic Clothing has to offer us.
Anarkali-A fashion-trend
Madhubala setting up the trend - Anarkali
We have the super elegant and super luxurious Anarkali Suits. Not so long ago, if you can remember watching Pyar Kiya Tho Darna Kya Video Song or the Diva Rekha performing the Mujra. One thing that we can’t stop noticing is their attire. The floor length piece of clothing which totally stands out with the flare, the A line, the length just everything about an Anarkali makes me crazy enough to hunt down for my perfect fit Anarkali Suit. Okay, now I can relate how and why this type of dress got the name Anarkali.
Now that, I have my eyes set to find the perfect anarkali for myself to wear on dussehra, I started my search. In my serious filters of what I exactly want, only one brand cleared all the rounds and emerged as a clean winner. Drum rolls please, the winner is none other than “BIBA”
Anarkali Collection from Biba
Anarkali Collection from Biba
Biba is a very well-known brand here in India and is known to make amazing chic & stylish ethnic wear. I have always been their loyal customer by getting my hands on their casual kurtas. 
They recently launched the festive collection of the Anarkali Suits and I can’t tell you how much I want them now. The anarkali suits range starts from INR1899 and you can happily pick your festive clothing from here. I have been drooling over this Red Art Silk Anarkali Suit and there are just too many to choose from. 
Biba has their stores almost everywhere in India and if not, you can always buy from their Official website.
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