How to use the Brush Egg to clean your makeup brushes

Hey Girls..I have always loved using brushes to apply the makeup but I used to feel too lazy to clean them up. I know they catch too much dirt and grime if we do not clean them properly.
At the end, cleaning up our makeup brushes is a must and I know we need to clean them no matter what. I take some time off my weekend just to clean my brushes and deep condition them hehe :D
The Brush Egg-How to use it
The Brush Egg-How to use it
So, I was checking ebay one day and ebay is definitely one of my favorite place to shop these kind of innovative products. I was wanting to buy a foundation brush and that's how I started searching ebay and I later found this one. However, I wasn't sure on how this one works. I did liked the cute shape and then decided to give it a try. Trust me, it will never disappoint you.

I was wanting to do a proper review but thought of filming the whole process. So, here is the video..

I hope this one helps. Do let me know how you clean your makeup brushes..

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