Six Natural DIY Face Masks to Refresh Your Skin

Every now and then your skin needs some revitalization! The good news is that you don’t always have to book in a skin treatment at your local spa - you can whip up some refreshing and skin-boosting masks right at home. Here are natural masks that are perfect to keep a variety of skin issues at bay.
Citrus Splash Orange Mask
Drinking chilled orange juice is a great way to cool down during humid days but it’s also beneficial to apply to your skin because its Vitamin C encourages your skin to produce collagen. Added to this, the acids found in orange juice exfoliate your skin and clear up acne so your face can glow in health.
Mix three tablespoons of orange juice with half a cup of honey to moisturize your skin. Sit with it on your face for about half an hour before washing off. The smell of the orange is sure to perk up your mood, too!

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - Review,Swatches

As you are already aware of the fact that Maybelline launched new shades to their already existing collection of 28 lipsticks of Colorshow range.
Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - Review,Swatches
Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks - Review,Swatches

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box - July 2015 - Subscription Box - Review

July,the monsoon month is just as messy and mushy as it can ever be. Loved it and hated it at the same time. This season calls for a special pampering session at home as we can not easily go out whenever we want to. So, keeping it with the theme, TheNature's Co has created the beauty wish box of July.
The Nature's Co Beauty Wish - July 2015 - Subscription Box - Review
The Nature's Co Beauty Wish - July 2015 - Subscription Box - Review
About The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box:
In their own words-Indulge in our Beauty Wish Box 5 Deluxe and 1 Full size Beauty Samples in different dedicated theme every month delivered to your Doorstep. Also get * Free Vouchers *Free Gifts from top Brands & Lots More !!! DELIVERY : END OF EVERY MONTH
INR 595 per month
You can save when you subscribe for 3-6-12months.

Clothing Haul ft

Clothing Haul ft
Clothing Haul ft

Shopping is easy and makes me feel so good. I used to like visiting the shopping malls for my clothes shopping because I can actually try on clothes, feel the fabric and check the fitting. I seldom exchange my clothes and I totally think the whole process is a stress buster and fun. But now things have been changed, in many ways. Now I cannot really invest my time in visiting a mall as I find it really disappointing in the end. I do not like the fact that there is a huge crowd in every place that I used to shop earlier. I need to waste time at the trial room, at the cash counter and during the SALE season just the whole process is too irritating. Thankfully, most of the online websites have almost the same sort of sale DURING the sale season. But what if you want to shop for less price in the off sale season? Well, I have an answer now. It is the LIMEROAD.
Limeroad can be downloaded on your mobile for quick shopping experience in your palm. I have shopped from them earlier and I always wanted to shop from them again whenever I get a chance to. In this haul, I would like to show you what I got.
I have got three very unique pieces. Very different from one and another.
Before getting into my haul, I would like to tell you my experience with the website

All Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stains - Swatches - Mini Review

This year it is all about mattes and I see every known makeup brand has launched their own Matte Lipsticks. But there are variants in texture,form but the end result is the same ie the finish is matte.
The newest brand to join this bandwagon is our very own COLORBAR.
Colorbar named these as Kiss Proof Lip Stain.

Fab Bag - The Red Carpet - July 2015 - Pictures and Review

Fab Bag - The name instantly makes me smile. Every month it gives you a bag full of goodies and no wonder it always surprises me whenever I open it. You may check my June Bag,May Bag and April Bag by clicking the respective name. So what's special in July Fab Bag?? It is The Red Carpet !
The bag came in a shimmery beige gold bag and trust me it looks so glamorous. I loved the bag and I can't wait to open to see what's in the bag.

Fab Bag - July 2015 - Pictures and Review
Fab Bag - July 2015 - Pictures and Review

Aakaara Salon - Home for The Best Hairdressers in Hyderabad

I always thought there are very few people on the planet who know how to cut my hair properly. The person who tops that “few people” list happens to be Mr.Satya of AAKAARA hair salon 
(Check their Facebook page here and do like it as they keep updating the page with latest hair trends and looks )
My hair is frizzy when dried and curly when wet. No comb can survive my hair and hence I only invest in conditioners and hair serums.  It’s been months I have had a hair cut because I strongly believe, however it is cut, it still looks the same! More over most of the stylists cut my hair short or give short layers which in turn my hair avenges by coiling up more and making it unmanageable.
But one day, this chirpy little Appu took me to the trending AAKAARA hair salon. I wasn’t aware of how awesome my hair would transform at that moment. She gave them the biggest challenge to make my hair look good and manageable.
Aakaara Salon - Home for The Best Hairdressers in Hyderabad
Aakaara Salon - Home for The Best Hairdressers in Hyderabad

Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review - Expect the Unexpected

Hello my lovely readers~
Happy Dappy Sunday <3 Here I am back with one quick review on a product that I tried and tested. Thanks to the social media! Thanks to the blogging world that I noticed people are raving about this product. Who loves to get a sun tan.. I DO! But I hate it when it stays more than a day or two. I want to get a tan only when I can take it off whenever I want to :D I know it is not really a good wish. However, we now got a product that totally heard us and released a product that is going to work on the suntan. I am referring the SPINZ Sun Tan Remover
Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review - Expect the Unexpected
Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review - Expect the Unexpected

How to pull off a Bohemian Look for a Date Night

Bohemian Evening- Looking for a ‘hatke’ look for a date night? Seek respite in indo western boho looks
I only remember this girl whenever the word "Bohemian" :)
The modern woman is a nomad trapped in an urban world and is living out of suitcases and climbing ladders but some of them are deeply rooted to their culture and flaunt a bit of heritage and craft down their sleeves and although the trend now a days is towards hard core red carpet glamour and runway trends ,however there are women who still enjoy the relaxed restrained and old world bohemian look and don't hesitate in flaunting for a important date.By sporting a bohemian look,she necessarily does not become sloppy or old fashioned or an advocate of granny chic or 1970's .If incorporated in a stylish manner,it could really make a woman stand out.

UC Broswer - Surf it All ! Surf it Fast!! #YuviSurfsUC

As a teenager I remember the way me along with my dad used to watch cricket in TV. I was so excited watching the game that when he asked me what would I like to have as my birthday gift, I said "Papa take me to a stadium where I can watch Team India playing live" That's pretty much sums up my enthusiasm as a teenager. But as I grew older I lost the patience rather I would say that I found it difficult to sit and watch the entire game which means I am occupied with lot of other stuff to manage meanwhile. Very recently the mobile networks were upgraded to 3G and the WiFi at home comes out with at least 1mbps speed. I know it's a very small development but trust me that speed is just perfect for the browsing session we usually do.
Then comes my dad who says that watching the cricket match on our LED tv is more interesting than watching it on mobile that too not live.
We have known that there are few websites that keep updating the scores and stream live matches but it was never that speed and I always felt watching the match on TV was more fun and less irritating.
But there is always a culprit called Powercut. On the other side I just hate the word "BUFFERING" . When two or more people using my WiFi obviously the net speed goes off and that's when the irritation takes over me. Being this way, I stopped watching the matches online or offline.
I am in this phase of life where I gave up the hope of watching the live match without being interrupted.
That's when I got to know about UC Browser. This is more like a regular browser that has to be installed in our mobile phones. But trust me, this browser works wonders even when you are using the lamest internet services. The browser is fast and the best part, when you click on UC Cricket you get all the latest updates and information regarding Cricket and it has all the scores which get updated every fraction of second and also has videos. What more a cricket lover like me would wish for.
Now I can watch the match,know about the match,scores, live updates and many more just in a touch. After all, what are smart phones if they cannot serve us well :D  Also, now my dad is just not touching the TV Remote as he feels that he can happily sit in the balcony and get the required updates on his favorite match.

You can know more on

Diamonds are Forever- The 4C’s of Diamonds Revealed

Diamonds indeed are girls’ best friends.
They exude style and elegance and often a status symbol. Pendants, earrings and necklaces are extremely famous among women accessories. And if it is made of diamonds it ought to be a hands-down winner. However, you need to pay attention to every minute detail to actually dazzle in your diamond look. The trick is not to overdo it but just have a good understanding about what you are buying or wearing. Sky is the limit when it comes to choices for diamond pendant sets, earrings or even rings. There are various shapes, sizes, colours, mounting styles etc. While you need not be an expert, you need some amount of gem knowledge to ensure that you have a good buy. To make your diamond shopping a less stressful experience, we present to you the basics of diamond grading. Knowledge on this would make the diamond shopping easier for you.
Diamonds are graded and valued based on 4 C’s - Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat
Diamonds are Forever- The 4C’s of Diamonds Revealed
Diamonds are Forever- The 4C’s of Diamonds Revealed

Kryolan Professional lipstick: LIP ROUGE PEARL LCP 626 - Review,Lip Swatch

**Guest post by Gunjan Taneja

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are doing well. Here, I am going to review my first lipstick from Kryolan Professional. The shade code LCP 626 from the Kryolan’s Pearl collection. It would become easy to remember if they start giving names to their lipsticks shades.

5 Best Ways To Wear The Cut Out Dresses

Cutout dresses have a become an apt outfit for the season and a must have in every wardrobe. No matter what body shape you are, you can always wear a cut out shape to enhance what you want to. They can be really small cuts or bold cuts, but by selecting the right kind you can wear it anywhere from a formal look for work or on a hot summer day or at a party. It suits all occasions.

Accessories Haul ft American Swan #AsIAm

America is celebrating the legalization of GAY..Meanwhile in India..well..nothing much is happening really..Except half of the facebook accounts in India have changed their Display Pictures(DP) I am sure many of them don't even know what it is meant. Let me not even get there as I am in a really good mood to show off my recent haul featuring one of the few brands which are known for it's super classy clothing and amazing accessories. It is none other than American Swan!
Before I show you what I got, let's get to know about the brand in detail in their own words:
Accessories Haul ft American Swan
Accessories Haul ft American Swan