FabBag May 2015-Get Beach Ready This Summer

Probably the last one to review the May Fab Bag. This time, I received it lately and since I am travelling, this post delayed a bit more. Apologies ! Let's get into the contents of my Fabbag May Edition. This time, they picked Beach as a theme and that's how the products have been selected. By the first impression, I really liked the Sailor pouch. The pouch just screams beach,sea and summer. With a smile on my face I have opened my FabBag!
This luxurious Brown Rice Oriental Scrub from VANA is a unique composition of ingredients that we term as Ambrosia for the skin. Luxe Oils work toward a smoother, fairer and more radiant complexion over a refined skin texture while the Brown Rice is nature's gift for gentle yet deep exfoliation. This natural scrub combats aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, tan very well, while adding an exuberant shine and illumination to lack luster skin. Be Beautiful with VANA's pristine luxuries. VANA Vidhi by Saint Pure offers none less than pure Ayurvedic, Herbal & Holistic Healing and Beautification Luxuries.
Net Weight: 150 gm  for INR 1599.00
How to use:
Rub on damp skin. Massage in circular motion for a couple of minutes. Rinse.
My Take:
I have heard about the Rice Scrub in my hunt for Korean Skincare. They use it widely and I was on the verge of making my own scrub. So, I totally loved this one. This is gentle on my skin and makes skin look really nice and soft without making it dry. Loving it so far. It is a full sized product.
An all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture.
Price:INR 1300.00
How to use:
Apply to eyelids, cheeks or lips for the perfect pop of color anywhere! Bombshell Tip: Apply as you would regular eyeshadow, blush or lip gloss.
My Take:
Whoa! when I saw this I was a bit skeptic about the shade. The shade says sunset and in the tube it looks more orangey. But when I swatched it, I just fell in love with the shade. So perfect for my dusky skin. It looked the best when I wore it as a blusher. Still, this goes into my travel makeup kit because of it multiple uses. Again,it is a full sized product.So LOVE!
Feeling royal? Our Face Puree cleanser takes you back to the time of Kings and Queens with its Heirloom Tomatoes and extracts from the flower of deities, the Lotus. Packed with Oatmeal and naturally occurring Red Clay, this cleanser absorbs toxins from your skin leaving your face smooth and glowing. To enhance this potion further, we’ve blended in our fresh Ginger extracts to add that extra zing to your day!
How to Use: 
Take a small amount, mix with water and make a paste. Massage face for a minute and rinse with warm water.
My Take:
I loved this one and you can know more on this in my detailed product review with more pictures here : http://www.getsetblush.com/2014/10/sand-for-soapaholics-face-puree-face.html
It is a sample and costs 500 INR for 100gms.
I have received a bonus product. It is a scarf and I have checked other blogs for the same and I can conclude that everyone got a different one. I loved mine more because it is blue and I can style it with my Jeans and Ganjis :) The scarf is priced to be 500INR and I can not really think that it is worth 500INR but it is totally fine as it a bonus product. 
So, these are the products I have received in my MAY FabBag 2015 bag.
Surprisingly, the number of products are less but the two full products which are way too costly for what we get to pay for the monthly subscription fee of INR599.So, I am happy :D
I loved the FabBag and looking forward to the next month bag of joy :)
You can subscribe to the FabBag here
**PR Sample

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