Where to buy Makeup,Skincare and Hair Care Products in Mumbai at Discounted Prices?

Being in one of the most popular cities of India and known to be the stylish city, I really wanted to explore the places for shopping in Mumbai. There are certain places like Bandra,Colaba etc which are known for the flea market, I feel the whole city has so many not so popular markets for people who are looking for some affordable clothing/jewellery/footwear etc. By now I understood that shopping for these is a bit easy but being a makeup lover, finding some makeup at one place is really a tough job. Either I will have to go to a mall for Shopperstop,Lifestyle or to a Health n Glow store. Coming to the point, all these stores are there here in Hyderabad as well but there is one place which I had my eyes on. It is the Beauty Palace. I have been told that this store stocks up so many brands and I was wanting to buy some Kryolan stuff. So that's how I visited this place.
Beauty Palace is a place that sells almost all the leading brands' products at a discounted price. I could find makeup,skincare,haircare also bath and body stuff.
So, before going to the Beauty Palace, I would like to let you know my experience and also what to expect from the Beauty Palace.
A bit more about Beauty Palace:
My Take:
My first reason to visit the store was to check out the store and also I saw the store pictures online through which I could know that the much coveted "Kryolan" is available. I was desperate to try out the kryolan base makeup and the eye pencils. Also, I heard that the store sells all the products at a discounted price.So I felt these reasons are more than enough for me to visit the store.
At first sight, I could see the Kryolan Sign and I was excited to enter the store.
Once I entered the store, to my disappointment the SA told me that they are not stocking the kryolan stuff anymore because the they have opened the Kryolan FlagShip Store in Bandra.
But that's not all. Okay, I am trying to sound positive :)
Because there I could find Essence :D the drug store brand that is known for affordable cuteness caught my eye. I have already tried their long lasting lipstick on which I have mixed opinions,I was wanting to confirm my review on this brand so I had to try out their stuff. So, I picked some gel eyeliner pencils,matte mousse foundation,two nail paints and a metal eyeshadow. I was wanting to own their mono eyeshadows,mascaras and blushes too. But I felt that these would join me when I get to visit their store next time.
Yes! I was super duper happy seeing this brand there. Because, Jabong sells these for a higher price and I was wanting to buy from their own online store but the high shipping price(7.99 pounds) and custom fee shew me away.
So, yes I got to try their lip glosses,highlighters,foundation and had a nice look at their eyeshadow palettes. Their bronzer/blush palettes are just so great! I have picked their primer. I really wanted to get the highlighter too but I was skeptic as I have never really used any highlighter before. May be, I will pick it in my next visit.
In place of Kryolan they have another professional makeup brand which is called..err..I forgot the name. But I checked their base makeup and I  must say that there were only 6 shades of foundation were available and I fell into a shade which is a blend of two shades. They didn't have refills and the container costs something around 1200 INR and spending on two of them for some brand which I am not aware of made me stepback.
Apart from these brands, almost all the known brands like Lakme,Revlon,Colorbar,L'Oreal,Faces and many more were there.
The whole makeup collection is on the ground floor left side. When you enter, you get to see all the electronic tools like straighteners,curlers,hair driers and they have perfumes too. They have all the bath and body,skincare stuff on the ground floor itself but on the left side. On the first floor they have everything literally everything related to Hair Care and almost all the Salon/Professional brands were available there. Frankly, I haven't prepared for this so I didn't check it much. But I  may visit the store again and hairspray,hair spa cream and any funky hair color from Schwarzkopf are in my list.
Overall, the store has something for everyone and I really liked the store for their collection of products and the range of discounts.
How To Reach:
The store has so many branches and I have visited the Oshiwara Store located in Andheri East. 
The easiest way is to go by Metro. If you can manage to reach Ghatkopar through local trains, you can board the metro from Ghatkopar and get down at DN Nagar. From there you can take an auto and it's hardly 2mins from the DN Nagar Metro Station.

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  1. thnx for te info.. will visit them soon.. how much discount did u get ?

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